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22nd October 2005

I started the day with a shock!
I woke up, looked at the time, and found out that it was already 4:30pm!
OMG, how did that happened?

Nobody was home at that time. Yaenn was at Midvalley, Naa and Sheen were at Summit, mom at work, and dad hells-know-where.

Yeap, you've guessed it right, I skipped my lunch.

I called mom to make a dinner appointment. At first, the plan was to have dinner at 8 at Coffee Bean, Subang Parade, but then my mom changed it to Tanjung Mamak Bistro in USJ 9. But because my mom suddenly recalled she has a "yamcha" session with her friends at Coffee Bean in Taipan, our location changed to Flamin' J Restaurant in Taipan.

Two months ago, Michael introduced the restaurant to me commenting that the foods there are in American-size. Hell yeah they were!

It was both of our first visits there so we didn't know what to order. She ordered a Flamin' J's Firehose and a Flamin' Fish and Chips set while I went on with just Big Bertha. When our orders finally arrived, we were shocked to our heads.

The Firehose was a 10-inches long sausage, and Big Bertha was a double-sized beef burger. The burger was really twice the size of a Quarter Pounder in McDonald's. With strong determination, we finally managed to lick our plates solid clean, literally. It was really a funny and satisfying dining experience! Afterall, it's all about me and my mom. =D

Now it's my turn to introduce and recommend the restaurant to other people! So, TRY IT, and I guarantee you no regrets in your account! =)

After dinner, I dropped by Summit to find my brother and sisters. Played foosball and pool a couple of rounds for free after being persuaded by a friend I met there. Got back home at 10:30pm and got hooked on the television with "The Day After Tomorrow" screening on HBO.

Here I am getting a little rusted with this not-so-productive day. I have Moral Education next on the line. Mom advised me to study in the afternoon and not at this time. Heck I'll TRY to follow her advice.

Just minutes ago, I was filled with dismay after reaching a dead end to my FIRST about-to-be victory in the expert level of Minesweeper.
^ The next move will be a gamble.
Well, that's life, isn't it?


ryn said…
omg u bloody rule in minesweepers!
vpws said…
haha but i lost also in the end.. :(

wanna learn? one day i teach u lar! hehe~
aman23 said…
u didn't know vince damn cun in minesweeper?
suzanne said…
sound yummy..where is the restaurant location again? =p perhaps i should pay a visit one day~
tinylola said…
haha I love minesweeper!!
hehe now u made me wanne play it ;P
-KeNt- said…
wohoo..ish..i think i gonna visit the restaurant
vpws said…
nothing else matters:
awww.. shucks..

it is yummy! hehe.. it's about four shops away from coffee bean in Taipan USJ, Subang Jaya.. ;)

haha yeah.. i rarely find ppl who knows how to play minesweeper! lolx~ =) u finished ur expert lvl b4? hehehe~

haha okay.. tell me ur opinion later ok? hahaha! :)
-akxj- said…
bav wanted to work in flamin J =) ...hey i woke up at 3.16..worst of all ..i never study..swtswt..okay back to my books..bye
tinylola said…
haha yea yea i did... will show u when im done.. lol
vpws said…
wow.. dat's late.. haha! i woke up at 3 too! =/
haha ok have fune! =)

ish~ unfair! hahaha~ ;P thx..
-akxj- said…
hmm..2day okay la..2molo sej..NOOO
vpws said…
haha.. chill lar.. history only mar.. ;)
Anonymous said…
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