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Back to school!

It's Tuesday, the 11th of October. Today marks the end of PMR, and closing ceremony of the 13 days holiday given to all five formers of my school.

Studied Chemistry till 4am this morning. I'm adapting my life into the dark hours, because I believe that's the best time to study. Less influences and disturbances compared to bright hours.

Just as I woke up at 1pm(again), my mom brought in a letter for me.

^ It's a prospectus from Malaysian Flying Academy containing information on PPL(Private Pilot License) and CPL/IR(Commercial Pilot License/Instrument Ratings) courses.
   I thought it would never come, as tomorrow is the due date promised by MFA the prospectus would arrive on my doorstep when I applied for it a fortnight ago. I'm so excited, but there's SPM to go through at the moment.

Lazing around the afternoon, nap in the evening, and attended Biology tuition at night.

It's still "Chemistry" written on today's schedule. I need to maintain the flow, since I had a good start last night.
   Tonight's study session won't be long, there's school tomorrow.


-akxj- said…
good good =) glad that you are sticking to your time table =)...i might need one oso..
Roshan said…
i got the mfa thingi 2 days ago... the paper is damn good quality!btw, u must study till atpl with ir :)
Roshan said…
btw...mine is colour printed...haha
vpws said…
haha yea.. u gotta b organized to succeed! =)

really? damn u man! hahaha~ btw how did u get it? u applied on their website also? =P

yeah i know.. atpl/ir.. total is RM19272.. =.="
Roshan said…
my friend at mfa personally got it for me :P total for everything is rm144k+
ryn said…
end of pmr!!! haha, have fun back in school :D and whoa, chemistry till 4 am? good! i see you're getting into the studying spirit. and i agree, those odd hours are definitely the best times to study. at least for me.
vpws said…
oh.. icic.. i applied for it on the web.. that's y i waited for almost two weeks already~
yeah.. but don't u need to go through PPL 1st? =S
vpws said…
ish.. unfair.. =.=

haha yeah till 4am.. crazy right? =P
i've the spirit.. but not at full force yet.. the heat is still not fully there yet..

odd for u, n me.. =P haha.. i slept 3 hours a day almost everyday for 21 days b4 PMR.. so i'm quite used to it.. =P
-akxj- said…
vpws n ryn>
swt..i need the heat man..i guess i will get it when i see my trials results =/
vpws said…
haha gudluck den~ lolz!
Grace said…
*cough* maybe people might not dare to take planes XD
aman23 said…
i can't study d odd hours.. i'm a daytime guy. :)

sick la u vpws. give me stress only reading ur post. lol. nvm it's 4 d better i guess. oh, and are planes gonna be safe in the future? :p
vpws said…
eh!! grrrrr~!
vpws said…
nothing else matters:
haha i still rmb when i came to ur hse in s6 to ajak u go play pokemon.. but u were studying..

y sick? haha n y stress? u mean abt SPM izzit? lolz~
planes? hehe~ wif latest techonology, planes r getting far more safer n stabil over time..
unless if wat u meant "safe" is abt terrorists issue lar.. dat 1 i dunno.. =P
aman23 said…
haha vpws those were the days.. after SPM u can come over la and we play burnout revenge! mwahaha :D

stress about spm la.. what else?

and not talking about technology or what crap.. talking about one future pilot here :p
-akxj- said…
hmm turns out my results actually not bad..=)
ryn said…
hahahaha. vincent! why are you so blur! aman said, are our planes going to be safe in the future. he meant, are our planes gonna be safe with you as a pilot :P
Roshan said…
i'll be flying with u in the near future, dude... better watch out!
vpws said…
nothing else matters:
haha yeah those were the days.. my bro now inherit all my cards.. haha~

oh.. haha i tot other kinds of stress.. how would i know, rite?

oh crap, now only i understand~ hahahaha! sorry sorry was REALLY blur~ =P
anyway, dun let me whack u in sku.. hahaha~ kdkd..

ish.. action la now.. =.=

haha yeah, i juz found out.. =.= i was so blur~ hahahaha! eh, karyn u quiet ar.. u ungle people~ grrrrrr~

if we're really gonna fly together~ ahaha~ =) all da best in achieving in anyway! hahaha~ watch wat out? =S
ryn said…
im still laughing everytime i read how u reply with the..

"wif latest techonology, planes r getting far more safer n stabil over time..
unless if wat u meant "safe" is abt terrorists issue lar.. dat 1 i dunno.. =P"

hahahahaha. damn funny. i dunno y. but it is! going on bout terrorists n technology when it was about u. ooh yeah just realised u spelt stable as stabil!
vpws said…
ish, told ya i was blur~ hahahaha!
i'm innocent lar..


"stabil"? ahaha it was on purpose lar.. =P

u betta watch out da next time i c u!! hmph! =/ hehe~

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