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I was doing my Pure Mathematics homework just moments ago. Running down with calculations and solving Math equations can be very frustrating, especially to low intelligence level people like me. I hate the fact that I'm slow, specifically when it comes to Math, more likely, secondary school Additional Mathematics.

Yes, I admit I went through alot just to pass my SPM Addmaths paper; and honestly I wasn't happy that not only did I passed the paper, I also received a credit in it. Why? It's because till this very moment where I'm sitting here typing this, I still can't believe that I actually achieved a C5, as I'm sure it's nothing else but pure luck. "Double" my luck that Pure Mathematics in college is a repetition of form 4 and form 5's Additional Mathematics in English.

I'm not even sure why I'm having all these trouble and problems on a subject practically almost everyone I know is really good at. I did almost everything I can to brus…

What's Up with College?

Wow, only 2 days of college and I'm feeling all stressed-up already. Lets just say that college isn't how I expected it to be.

Well, other than having a little problem with the change of language (Bahasa to English terms), my brain's also all rusted thanks to the past 7 months on-vacation-mode. It will definitely take time for a lazy slow person like me to catch up with my subjects.

I'm in 0606PE12. Yeap, that's the name of my class. Weird huh? Oh, and my class is actually not that bad (at first I thought it was THAT bad) - apart from the fact that there are only 6 or 7 pairs of bosoms whilst the rest are with balls. I believe I can't expect more from a class on the pre-engineering stream.

Here's a view of my timetable:

^MAT: Mathematics
ECO: Economics
PHY: Physics
TKS: Thinking Skills
LAN: Moral Studies

I'm so glad I didn't take up Chemistry or Further Mathematics - for if I do, I will have to stay in college from 8am to 4pm everyday. That means HELL.

I thin…

Late Update

Just realized I didn't update for a couple of days already. Probably because I was too busy sparing my time for friends, family, and football. Add 2 hours of gym daily to the list too.

Two nights ago I was with the bunch catching 'The Fast and the Furious: Tokyo Drift' at Cathay Cineleisure in Damansara. Ratings? Definitely a MUST-watch! Trust me on this one - for the sake of Japanese chicks and drifts from 350z, Silvia, Evo 9, Mustang, and RX8.

^Kent, Choy Hung, Adrian and I posing for a shot in the Gents. My sister was left out from the photography session for the obvious reason.

Weee~ France won. They've booked their place in Round 16, facing Spain in their first knock-out match this coming Wednesday. If they win, they'll have a clash with the Brazilians before entering the semi-finals. Ain't gonna be a smooth road for the French.

I spent the whole yesterday's afternoon with my family in KL for some back-to-start-of-college shopping. At night, we were loite…

Counting Down

40 more hours before entering college! Excited I may sound, but deep inside I'm still feeling a little nervous. I can't believe it's already time for me to enter college, when it seems that I was still wearing the "white shirt & green pants" a month ago. Life's too short, don't you agree?

Anyway, last night I was working on editing/fixing a set of poor shots for Jin Li's modeling portfolio. An example of my work:

Not bad, eh? =P

Next morning's 3am match between France and Togo will determine France's ability to enter the Round of 16. Je soutiens la Les Bleus!

Why Taylor's College?

Many of my Sunway College friends have asked me this particular question,

"Why did you choose
Taylor's College
instead of
Sunway College?"

My answer/explanation is actually quite simple - ummmmm, perhaps NOT that simple.

Lets run down the road of history, lets say, about 2 months ago.

I was filled with indecisiveness in regard of choosing between two colleges for my Cambridge A Level Programme, Taylor's College and Sunway College. My parents were very fond of sending me to the former, whilst I preferred the latter. Thus, to reach a conclusion, I decided to take a ride down to both colleges one fine morning to personally enquire more about their campus, programme, and offers.

My first stop was Taylor's College Subang Jaya.

TCSJ Lady : Hi there, boy. How can I help you?
Me : (Feeling a little nervous) Err, I want to enquire about your 'A' Level Programme.
TCSJLady : Alright, sit right here and I'll be right back. *Point to a chair while taking a few pieces of b…

Keputusan Semak Semula

Ummm, I've just received the reply letter from Malaysia Examinations Syndicate earlier today.
3 months ago, my father made me appeal for a recheck on my SPM results because he wasn't very satisfied (neither was I, but there was nothing much I can do about it; afterall, I tried my best, no?) - and the results are finally out.

RM250 gone down the drain just like that. I told him already that it was no use, but he didn't want to listen. Oh well..

Je soutiens la France

OMG, why did France draw again!?
Thierry Henry's goal on the early 9th minute was convincing enough to show that the Frenchmen had control of the game. The goal from Park Ji Sung at the last ten minutes was entirely unexpected.

France won't stand a chance in reaching the Finals if they don't win the next match, which is against Togo four days from now. Oh well, all I can do now is to just sit and watch.

After the match, I managed to transport myself to dreamland before waking up 3 hours later to meet up with Julia, Jow Liie, Bennette and Guo Heng at True Fitness. Yeah, I just signed up for the '12-Months Commitment Fitness Gold' membership a few days ago.

After spending 2 hours working out, we headed off to the nearby Old Town Kopitiam for breakfast.

^My breakfast, 2 sets of Roti Bakar, Iced Oldtown White Coffee, and Omega Soft-boiled Eggs.

^This is what I wore today, France's 2006 FIFA World Cup reserve jersey.

^Julia with her Oldtown Curry Mee.


^Guo Heng



After seven months long on holiday-mode since SPM ended in December 2005, I'm continuing my studies in a week time.

Yes, I've finally decided with:

Cambridge 'A' Level


The subjects I've selected are Physics, Mathematics, and Economics, and my classes will commence this coming 27th. Orientation Day will be a sunrise earlier.

My dad and I went to Taylor's College Open Day last morning to register for my intake.

^Before (Registration Form)

^& after (Enrolment Pack)

I'm feeling really excited for college, but I still hope for more time to enjoy myself before all the stress from homework and exams conquer me. Ironic.

Bah, I hate to make decisions. Especially when there're too many options around. Unlike primary or high school, you getHAVE to choose what you want to do and where you want to do it; and that includes not doing anything at all.

I like the good ol' days.

Fête de la Musique

Just helping Seng Ming to promote this:

Fête de la Musique
Day/Date : Saturday, 17th June 2006
Time : 5pm till 12am
Venue : Jalan Telawi, Bangsar. (The Help Matriculation Centre (HMC) stage will be at Ronnie Q, same row as La Bodega)
Admission is FREE!

About Fête de la Musique(excerpted from
Launched in France in 1982, Fête de la Musique or Feast of Music has become an international event. Every year it is celebrated in more than 110 countries worldwide on 21st June, which corresponds to the summer solstice in the Northern Hemisphere.

On this day, from sunset till sunrise, musicians take over the streets and play to their heart's content from sunset till sunrise. Musicians of all genres, be they amateurs or professionals, are invited to perform voluntarily. Musicians do not pay to take part, nor is the public expected to pay to watch.

Fête de la Musique is not just for musicians, it is a festival of music that is enjoyed by people from all walks of life.

It has been …

England VS Trinidad & Tobago

It was havoc when Peter Crouch headed in a last-minute first goal in the 83rd minute. Multiply the havoc twice when Steven Gerrard blasted a superb second into the top corner with his left foot 8 minutes later.

But in my opinion as a non-football-fanatic, the main highlight of the match happened on the 28th minute:

A painful moment for Yorke as he blocked a thundering shot by Steven Gerrard on the edge of the area with his midriff and had to leave the field briefly for treatment.

Get it?

If not, I'll give you a clearer picture (I drew but failed miserably) of the scene if you didn't catch the match:

@#$!%& Ouch! =P


I was scratching my head for plans to fill my extremely boring afternoon, until my sister suggested that we catch a movie since it is Wednesday, and as we all know it, cinemas all around fare their tickets less than normal on this particular day of the week. Since I wanted to try out the new Cathay Cineleisure in Damansara, I gave my sister a pat on the back for suggesting such a great idea. =P

^Cineleisure, view from The Walk of The Curve.

Quite a decent Cineplex they hosted. Although still 80% empty, everything there was cool and classy, but in my honest opinion, they still can't compete with Siam Paragon's Cineplex in Bangkok, which I think is the most highly advanced Cineplex I've ever stepped foot into.

After purchasing tickets to the 6:30pm's Cars, we headed off to Secret Recipe in The Curve to have our tea-time. I had Blueberry Cheese Cake and Iced Chocolate with Whipped Cream while my sister had Marshmallow Chocolate and Fresh Watermelon Juice.

^The syiok-sendiri g…


Argh, it was a screwed up game. The Frenchmen weren't doing their best, we can see that. A goalless draw? Just plain weird. Just like England's game against Paraguay.
OMG, this is coming out from a non-football-fanatic. That's also plain weird. Maybe because I've decided to support France on this year's FIFA World Cup.


Spent the evening at Asia Club foosing. Finally met Yee Leng there. Take a look at this particular reply she posted in her tagboard right after I left my house:

(Her tagboard's time and date were screwed up)

Yeah, fate brought us together and now we're foos buddies. Lol~

Went back home for dinner. After dinner, Jin Li, Bavany and I decided to go out again because we didn't want to spend the night at home. We ended up catching the 9:45pm's Benchwarmers at One Utama. The movie was purely lame and funny.

Oh, and I made a record-breaking time driving from Subang Jaya to One Utama through LDP in exactly15 minutes and 9 seconds. That was speed…

Of Seafood and Cake

Celebrated Fathers' Day in advance last evening at seafood restaurant opposite of Carey Island. It was also a farewell dinner for my dad as he's leaving for Bangkok this coming Wednesday.
His company is sending him there to head the engineering department of a new air cargo company for at least six months.

^View of the sunset from the place I sat.

^I wasn't able to take pictures of the dishes because my fingers were busy with the crabs, but I managed to make a snap after I cleaned up, when everything's gone.

We got back home right before Holland versus Serbia & Montenegro, and we had cake-cutting at half-time.

^Choc Mud Cake from Secret Recipe. Yummy~

Ahhh, I'm gonna miss my dad.

Will be heading down to Breakers in Desa Sri Hartamas for dinner later. According to Puvana, they're giving out free dinner from 8pm onwards in conjunction of the World Cup fever. This promotion started last Friday and ends today.

Yeah, I know it sounds too good to be true. Oh well, we…

The Night is Still Young

Like I mentioned in the previous posts, I've been awkwardly sleeping at the time people wakes up. I slept at 10am this morning, and woke up 6 miserable hours later. My sleeping timing is perfect for World Cup fanatics, but too bad I'm not one. Sigh.

Anyway, the gathering Alvina organized last evening was canceled at the very last minute because many won't be showing up.
So I ended up going on with my own plans. Adrian and I were planning dinner and we agreed on having something not-too-expensive but filling-to-the-stomach. I looked up for food reviews and Big Boy's Cafe in Taipan caught my attention. We rang up a few others but only Kent joined in.

^Big Boy's Cafe.

^Kent with his Vanilla Milkshake.

^Adrian striking a horny smile.

^My Chicken Maryland.

^Adrian's Beef Lasagne.

^Kent's Big Boy's Special Dory Fish.

After dinner, we pulled Jin Li with us to Asia Club for foosball and


By the way, Asia Cafe & Club were packed w…

Prefects Gathering

9th June 2006

^A view of the sunset from the back of my house last evening. Beautiful, isn't it?

Met up with my ex-prefect comrades at 9pm. I was supposed to be one of the organizers for this gathering, but I eventually did nothing because I didn't have the time. We actually expected an attendance of quite a big number. But it ended up with only a few of us having drinks and chit-chat at Tanjong Mamak Bistro in SS14.

Some of those that were there:

^L-R> Shao Min, Amanullah, and Julia.

^L-R> Daphne and Roshanpal.


^Non-prefect Naufal (Right)

^And Seo Densearn.

It feels really good to get together once in awhile (as mentioned in the previous posts). It's like, you get to catch up with people you once know a lot and now you don't anymore. Get what I mean?

It ended about half past 10 and I was then on my way to Asia Club to meet up with Kok Keith and Adrian. Left the place after a few games of foosball to join Kent at Maju USJ4 for Germany versus Costa Rica.

Speaking of …

Shopping with Siau Yen

Siau Yen asked me to accompany her for some short shopping at One Utama yesterday. The plan was for me to get her at 11am, followed by lunch upon arrival at One Utama, and then rest of the day shopping.

We had our lunch at Yoshinoya, a Japanese fast-food restaurant.

^My beef bowl set.

^Siau Yen's salmon thingy.

^Tempura Balls.

^Mini Chicken Wings.

The food there didn't suit my taste bud at all. In fact, I don't favour Japanese food. They taste so weird. ><

Then off we went shopping. Girls are maniac-shoppers and that is a fact we can't deny of. Lol. But it's a good experience shopping with her because I get to learn a lot about girls' multi-taste. I concluded that it is just so hard to understand the opposite gender.

^Standing outside the fitting room waiting for Siau Yen to finish her hour-long-business.

^Lately I'm not the camwhore I used to be anymore. Really.

^After a long walk, we had a drink at Juiceworks. I ordered Mango Sensation (left) while Siau Yen h…