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27th October 2005

Sijil Kelakuan Cemerlang! Direct translation is Certificate Behaviour Excellent! =P

My complete set of certificates for five years in a row!
There's only FOUR! Where's the other one!?
Sadly, I lost the chance to get my final piece in this morning's Hari Anugerah Cemerlang. Bloody idiotic school! Why can't they announce the requirements eligible for the cert early of the year instead of the last minute?
I sense bias! I think the school just wanted to save money by printing fewer papers! Grr..

Anyway, I slept at 5:30AM this morning and woke up at 6:30AM! That's an hour! Gawd, you should see my eyebags when I was in school man. I was so freaking tired and sleepy! At 9AM, a few editorial board directors and I went to Taman Perindustrian OUG to meet the printing firm to settle the quotations and pages. The rooms there were very small and confined! Worst of all, I spent a few hours sitting at the same spot working on page-designs. I think I might soon suffer from claustrophobia if I continue to work in such surroundings.
I heard other schools' magazines are out and we're one of the few last ones. Oopsie, that means I gotta rush with my work because most of the work still not finished is from the graphics department. -.-
But dear Fourians, do expect an even better, spectacular and upgraded mag compared to the previous two mags! Haha~

I've just received a very beneficial link from Chun Jiat hours ago. It's the government examinations(UPSR, PMR & SPM) past-years papers with answer scheme! Why didn't I know about this earlier!? =(

Speaking of receiving, Carrere's mom was so kind to add some collections to my source of fats:
^ Carrere's mom got me these because I always send her daughter to tuition as Carrere's attending the same tuition as me. So sweet! Although I'm VERY sure she doesn't come here, I would like to sincerely thank her again for the unexpected gifts! =)

Hmmm.. I wonder, do spammers nowadays spam friend requests apart from advertisements? Take a look at this:
I've been receiving a list-long of friend requests everyday in Ringo. Today alone, I've received 25 already! =.=

Lots of plans coming up for the next few days, considering that on these few days there'll be a massive number of functions to celebrate Halloween, Deepavali, and Hari Raya! Lolx~

I can't wait, but what happens to my studies then? =/


suzanne said…
orea! yum! sweet gift! holiday is coming! give urself some break n continue studies again =p

god bless!
vpws said…
yeah, yum! :) i like the casing! =P
haha SPM is in another 16 more days n i'm not prepared.. :( so gotta sacrifice my holidays also.. sob sob..

haha u have a great holiday ya.. ;)
tinylola said…
arrr... oreo!! haha nice tin!!
yea, my cemerlang cert are in complete too!!!!
Its because of the ATTANDANCE!!!
And after all the restriction of breaking school rules and I was shocked to see 135 points!
Its so incomplete!!! *crys*
thecw said…
i wanttt oReOsss~ :D
aman23 said…
lol go figure.. all the top 3 in the prefect board tak dapat.. :p
Congrates!! hehe

How's ur preparation for SPM??
vpws said…
tinylola:awww, dun cry.. *sayang*
kesian, yalar, stupid attendance rule.. da sku neva tell until last minute.. wat da heck man.. :(

go eat ur M&Ms lar! =P

nothing else matters:
hahaha! u all banyak ponteng lar! teruk betul! contoh yang baik! hehe~

rong feng@nelson:
hehe thanks! but, what for?

hmm.. getting the hang of it.. although slacking these few days.. :(
vpws said…
haha hope i belum makan habis da whole tin da next time i c u lar! lolx~ ;)
-akxj- said…
ahahah that link..i oso just get from carol =) i oni got 2 of the certs i think..and i dunno where i put adi =/ ..reply in next post..
vpws said…
haha i juz gave carol~ :P
2 only!? haha must b VERY notty lar last time? :P hahaha!
Anonymous said…
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Anonymous said…
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