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27th October 2005


What's the big fuss?
For the first time in my life, I actually know how to tackle the first 5 chapters of dreadful Add Maths!
Not only that, I studied till 8:30AM this morning! What a remarkable feat! Especially when it's Add Maths, the most feared subject of all time! XP

The day was quite solemn. Nothing much happened except for what's supposed on this hectic season of only preparations for the BIG exam! 18 days left and whatever happens after that will determine my future. I'm not so prepared compared to my SPM comrades. But I'll work for the best, that's what I promised myself. =/

Next week is the DeepaRaya holidays. Also marks the ending of most tuition centres' classes for the year. Less stress on my part, I predict and presume.

Gawd, there's alot of work to do. Particularly editorial board assignments. I'm always getting rushed by my Editor, Mr. Peter Ewen Davidson! I still have a few pages on the counter incomplete. Got to sacrifice my study time to work on those tonight since the datedeadline is tomorrow.

Yeah, and not forgetting, I'll be going school tomorrow! Not to study or anything related to studies, but to meet the directors of the printing firm for the school mag.
See what happens when you get yourself involved with multi-responsibilities? Pretty screwed up eh?
Although at this very moment I'm regretting it for screwing up my priorities, but somewhere in me tells me that these experiences will benefit me in my future undertakings. This feeling of nostalgia is overwhelming me for a few months already.

Dear readers, after tonight, do expect frequent hiatus. =(


aman23 said…
addmaths is not horrifying la :p it's quite fun :D
-akxj- said…
ahahah addmaths is fun la =) but i am slacking adi..long time no practice..always fizik,kimia,acc,sej no addmaths =/ ..

lol you going school tom?..

anyway,nice word to use..hiatus =) ..
aman23 said…
on the contrary.. i DON'T practice sejarah.. damn worrying man..
vpws said…
nothing else matters:
haha yeah i agree with ya..
but it's not easy for ppl whom give up easily, juz like me. ;)

haha u lar everyday OTH everyday MOVIE! betta use to study rite? haha!

eh i heard 2molo only got form fives.. =.=" dunno wanna go anot?

wat's so nice abt the word hiatus? :S
sadomasochist said…
ur school end d ah? when last day la? my school over d.. woot, dun study add maths la.. teman me..roflmao
vpws said…
alah, unfair! my last day is 3 days before SPM itself! :( sad rite!?
*bluekz* i don't want to flunk dreadful addmaths! =P

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