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There was tuition at 2pm this afternoon. And because I woke up late, I had to skip my lunch.
My lunch was a whole big piece of chicken wing with rice at 4:30pm.
Worst of all, my mom brought my siblings and I to Hartz Chicken Buffet Restaurant in Sunway Pyramid for dinner at 7pm. It was my first time there, and all I can say about it is that IT SUCKED. It didn't worth RM16.90 at all.
While I was so-not-enjoying my food, a small notice on the wall caught my eyes.
^ "PLEASE TAKE ALL YOU WANT BUT EAT ALL YOU TAKE. Excessive waste will be charged according to our menu."
Haha! A good place for those who have a habit of wasting food.

After dinner, I watched Sky High. Not really a bad movie afterall.


I am so freaking sleepy.
And I expected myself to stay awake and study till 6am tomorrow morning.

Can't do so this time. =/


-akxj- said…
lol..never head about this place in pyramid oso =)
vpws said…
juz beside sushi king i think.. lolz~ don't go.. not worth it.. lolz!
-akxj- said…
..hmm ok ok =) monte..behind kim italian rest..not bad =)
suzanne said…
haha..the chicken buffet is it so bad? >< i jus went there once but i hope to go one more time high cool~~

good luck in ur studies.cheers!
vpws said…
haha.. alrite.. thanks for ur suggestion..

hehe, i dunno.. it's like da food didnt worth it.. lolx~ i think i ate no more than 10 bucks also.. =/

yeap, sky high is cool! ^^

thank u! cheers~
Anonymous said…
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Anonymous said…
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~nGe~ said…
here's a tip about those 'pay for food not eaten' restaurants. throw all your food not eaten into the soup. it usually goes unnoticed. lol
vpws said…
hahaha! dat's one good idea!! BUT, there's no soup in that restaurant..
i think..

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