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Wow, stumbled upon my blog again after 4 years. I was overwhelmed with nostalgia reading back previous posts. This isn't a come-back, just an update necessary to announce to the world(and non-existent readers) I'm very much alive.

Life's a little different than how it used to be. No more care-free days like how it was during school & college(the time when most of my previous posts were written). I guess it's always the cliched process of growing up. I'm feeling the pressure to succeed and be what life wants me to be at my age.

Love-wise, I'm still single for the third year running, but I guess it's mostly because of this super-imposed defence mechanism I created that keeps me from getting hurt. But I'm sure it will change when the right one comes. (Crossing fingers to this crush I've been stalking on youtube videos haha)

It's almost 8 in the morning and I think I should hit the sack. Spent the last few hours glued on Youtube, an addictive no…