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I woke up at 3 again today. But wait, this time it's not PM but AM. Yeah, just got myself up out from bed God-knows-how. I can't seem to get myself to sleep back so I thought of blogging to minimize my boredom. I might try studying later after this post.

Looks like I've really changed my sleeping lifestyle a hundred eighty degrees upside down. I've accidentally switched my sleep with nap and nap with sleep. I should try to alter it back as soon as possible or else it might affect my SPM too. Try to imagine me falling asleep while doing my papers. =.=

Anyway, I didn't have my chance to congratulate two of my peeps for successfully receiving their HELP scholarships to do A levels. One is Pei Jean and the other didn't want me to make a fuss about it. So his/her identity will not be revealed. =P
I'm so proud of them! =)

Anyway, was bloghopping few moments ago and found this. It's quite a long article, so I'll summarize it for you here.
This special blog was created by a young adult, whom had a bad time coping with our national police corruption. The story went on with him sharing his experience on a police drug bust on a night in one of the clubs in Sri Hartamas and how he was mistakenly tested positive for drug-abuse. Not only him, but there were in total 22 innocents that spent their life in horror being detained, hand cuffed, jailed, degraded, stripped of clothing, extorted and shamed.

It's disgusting and sickening how such corruptions are putting our nation's name to shame without us realising it. In the obvious, we embrace the nation's name with pride and glory. But what is happening at the back of the streets?

That may explain to you guys why I tried to contribute my strength and opinions whenever possible in hoping to see a change. Remember when I appeared in the newspaper not long ago before this year's Independence Day? To sharpen back your memory, the question was, "I'm proud to be a Malaysian, but.." and I answered, "..Human rights could be given more attention amongst the rakyat." Makes sense right?

My effort alone is hard, but in large quantity, we can provide the strength enough to bring corruption down. After my final examinations, I'm getting myself involved with organisations such as WAO(Women Aid Organisations), SUHAKAM(Human Rights Commission of Malaysia), and etc. I hope there are people out there who can see what's becoming to our nation if necessary actions weren't taken. Although I'm just a small nameless guy living just in another small part of Subang, but it takes a single footstep to lead another. Therefore, I appeal to you, yes, my reader, to take my hand and together make a difference for a better tomorrow.


ryn said…
it will affect your spm! trust me. it affected my pmr :( you better adjust your sleeping cycle the right way up again.

btw, in the second half of your post, well, let's just say...

hello to our future politician! a truly patriotic citizen of malaysia. tunku abdul rahman would have been proud! :D
-akxj- said…
i oso got the same problem..infact..if yours is 180 degrees..mine is 360 degree..i sleep from 6am to 2 pm..wth is wrong with me..

ahahah corruption..hmm if your friend wld have some extra cash with him..he might get to run away..i dont know..i never faced such situation before..but people are running away with rm10 bribes?or worst still rm 8...just by creating some story abt breaking up with his gf and he is emotionally down..swt..
-akxj- said…
oh and you got to that place?from your friends blog? ... lol just wondering how you bloghop
vpws said…
oh.. ouch.. did u fell asleep while doing ur papers? haha~ trying to.. soon~ ;) at da moment i'll need this kinda sleeping cycle.. ;)

hahaha.. i haven't think that far yet.. lolx~ awww.. *shucks* thanks :)

haha if it's 360 degrees then u're back to normal rite? lolx!

haha.. but that is juz contribution to more corruption.. =.=
y running away with rm10 bribes? huh? breaking up wif his girlfriend and creating story? i don't understand..

yep from my friend's blog.. told ya i visit most of the links in my blog on weekends.. other days i'll juz visit the blogs i stalk.. btw i got this from a friend's entry in multiply..
-akxj- said…
hmm...i am just brothers friend..was caught speeding at night and he just bribed rm 8 and he got away..get it? ahah..

yea i know i just asking where you get it ma =)
vpws said…
serious shit? when was that? a year ago? because now, there's a new ruling for the police. If there's anyone trying to bribe the traffic police, all the police need to do is report the driver and he'll get RM150 from JPJ.. came out in newspaper months ago what.. so if u wanna bribe, u gotta prepare more than 150 bucks.. lolx!
-akxj- said…
if i'm not wrong ..if you kena saman for speeding its rm 150..and wont it be stupid for the police to actually report..he himself will be in problem right?
aman23 said…
lol i don't think the police will wanna report. :p

vince, better take care of ur sleeping time. become a day person, like me. :)
vpws said…
u got urself wrong adi lar.. lolx~

the police will juz push da bribe away n report da driver that bribed lar.. then the police himself will easily get RM150 from BPR (not JPJ, sorry).. it's the rule for the police lar, wat for he get into trouble?

dat way BPR can reduce the amount of police bribings.. becoz if a driver would wanna bribe the police, he'll surely have to pay more than RM150.. n if so, it's better for the driver himself to juz pay the saman of RM150 straight away right? u understand anot?

nothing else matters:
haha yeah thanks.. day? nah, it's too disturbing.. the day is too influential.. lolx~
jun said…
ooo. i rmrbred seeing u in the newspapers with ur milion-dollar comment about being a malaysian. *hehe* anyway, just bumping in here for the fun of it!
vpws said…
haha u did huh? lolx~ well, i was first told abt it by william ng very early in the morning.. lolx~
yeah thanks for doing so anyway~ =) *cheers*

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