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Heartwork? =/

Crap. I'm currently writing this on Microsoft Word. Blogger is down for maintenance. =.=

Life today was quite a boring one. Nothing much happened. Only thrice I was out of the house, first in the morning to pick my sister after her first PMR papers, second to send her to her study group in McDonald's, and third to my AddMaths tuition.

Guess what? My tuition teacher, for the first time, gave me a special extra lecture today. He was advising me to push harder, and put my heart into my work. Although I heard him saying that many times already during other classes, but today it really struck me in the head. *Ouch*

He even commented to my friends saying, "Look at his face, I know he very smart one. It's just that he doesn't have the heart only."
I was so touched. Eu Jean, whom sat beside me asked me, "We paid the same amount fees, but why you get extra attention one? Unfair!"

*giggles* XD

It's going to be twelve soon. After this, I'll do some additional mathematics revision. All in a sudden I have the drive to do so. =P

Good luck and all the best to all kiddos sitting English and Science PMR papers tomorrow. Especially to my sister. =P

Argh, I got to pee, again! Have been making frequent visits to the toilet since evening. It is like nature's playing miss calls. =/

Good night everyone.


Anonymous said…
This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.
-akxj- said…
hmm study harder k?..if you really have problems i dont mind helping =) just ask me anything i will try my best..
nice one on the nature's playing miss call
vpws said…
haha thanks man.. i really appreciate it! =) same goes here if u need help in anything outside of da "study" topic.. lolz~

haha yeah thanks.. =P i juz went to da toilet, again!
-akxj- said…
yea i might need advise on outside studies..i am currently talking to ryn about it
vpws said…
karyn? now? isn't she supposed 2 b asleep? lolz~
-akxj- said…
that is why..she dont sleep before exams..she said she slept in the afternoon =)
vpws said…
that's crazy..
btw, this page is supposed made for COMMENTS only lar.. wanna chat den chat at tagboard lar! haha~
ryn said…
hahaha =P

eh, i look at ur face. i know u very smart one. and *cough*horny*cough*

adrian n vincent. chattin in msn. commenting here. then chattin in d tagboard also. is there something going on? =D
vpws said…
eh!! haha! apa horny ah? grrrrr! lolz~ thanks for da "smart" comment..
n "horny"(sarcastically) also.. XP *bluekz*

NOTHING!! hahahaha!

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