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Stressed and pressured..

It's uncommon for me to blog at 1:47pm in the afternoon. But all in a sudden I have inspiration to write.

Let's talk about study pressure.

     Not long ago, I came to realise that I have so many people around me putting high hopes on me passing my SPM examination with flying colours. Even though how I much I tell them I might not do well this time compared to PMR, they'll go, "Aiyah, what can Vincent Pang can't do? He'll show us miracles, just like how he did for PMR"

     This, of course, turned its energy form of verbal compliment to mental pressure. Those I know currently having high hopes on me are none other than my parents, my siblings who took me as their example, close buddies, friends, temple peeps, Interact and Leo comrades, relatives especially elder cousins, close aunties and uncles, my only grandmother, neighbours(yeah, what the heck?), and etc.

     Their blessings which I should appreciate weren't doing any good. Instead, it made me feel that I should push myself harder, thus creating more pressure than usual. In my current situation, I might not be able to create miracles afterall. Straight A1's? Quite impossible, unless miracles do exist.

     Worst of all, my parents are a little too confident with me. They will freely let me go anywhere even now because they think I'll achieve the results they wanted.

     Honestly, I'm really scared. I'm nervous. I'm now feeling the lack of confidence to the extend I just hope I'll get straight credits instead of A's. What if my results turned out to be a disappointment for everyone whom had high hopes on me?

These few days of staying up to study till late 4am is not doing any good to my body, as we know that sleep can never be accumulated. Just because I can't waste a single minute till showtime in 29 days, I'll let my body suffer for the sake of not failing miserably.

I just can't wait for this stress to be over. It won't be till 48 days later.

"REST" is in my schedule today, but I canceled it this morning. For now, Biology is more important than getting some rest.

After this, for the first time in 8 months, I'll shut down my computer for today.


Anonymous said…
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Anonymous said…
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Anonymous said…
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Roshan said…
omg... u really freak me out... i'm shutting my com off for today also
aman23 said…
damn wei vince.. but then.. what u said is true. some things that they say, although they don't mean it badly, turns into mental pressure for us. i'm experiencing it too, sigh.
Grace said…
Hey, all the best in studying Bio and the rest of your subjects. Don't sacrifice your health too much for studies.

I sound like a granma here.

Eat your veges everyday and take care :P
ryn said…
hey dude, take care of your health okay! and believe me, continuing that sleeping habit isn't good. even for studying. when pmr time came, my brain blanked out on me because of the lack of sleep from all the days combined.

anyway, ll the best to you, and have faith in yourself! :)
vpws said…
haha sorry man.. lolx~ gud luck!

nothing else matters:
haha yeah, damn! lolx~ yep, i can c dat from ur post.. haha~
buat spm dulu baru citer..

*sigh together*

haha thanks.. would need it at da moment.. =) well, gotta reduce the sacrifice but won't end it.. aih.. once agn, thanks~

don't worry, u don't.. n too bad i don't eat my greens.. =P

yep i understand wat u mean.. thanks alot for da advice..

i really appreciate it!
thecw said…
argh! i sO SO Agree.
but.. i'm still now working hard enough!
vpws said…
haha gudluck wif ur studies.. n dun stress urself too much like how i did.. *winkz*
-akxj- said…
i only got one thing to say,find your balance...other people's opinion doesnt what your heart tells you to..straight A1? me..not that easy..just do ur best..

good luck! =)
vpws said…
if it's as easy as u said, i won't have remonstrated here earlier lar.. lolx~
thanks anyway~ =)
jiat said…
alah vince..just try ur best man..i guess everyone has high hopes for every1, especially ur family..just study hard and do ur best. coz even IF you disapoint them, at least you can say I'VE TRIED MY BEST. But if u disappoint them by not putting enough effort, then you are to be blame. Study hard, 1 month is all you need then we can all party. Take care. Dun study till so late la, not good for your body. Sleep early and wake up early is the best. Good luck.
vpws said…
hey jet! didn't expected 2 u b here! lolx~
yeah dat's true.. thanks man.. party wif u? later i kena rape lar! haha! gud luck 2 u 2~ =)
val said…
well you know la the usual "prepare for the worst and hope for the best". remember to chill also! is the fella who said 31 oct can still eat BR gone already? x)
vpws said…
haha yeah true, i agree..
yeap i will try thanks!
31st? lolx~ it's the only EMPTY day in my schedule~ lolx~ afterall, i'll need some guidance from u 2 in certain areas, if u wouldn't mind.. =D
suzanne said…
dun give urself unnecessary stress =) jus do ur best n dun give urself too much pressure on studies...give urself sometime to relax too...n btw, do sleep early =) health is important too as i always mentioned it =) all the best n be blessed always..hugz
vpws said…
yes maam! *salute*

appreciate ur advice, thanks! =)

but, there's no time to lose.. =( gotta suffer for da next 25 days..

Anonymous said…
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