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The END of WeekENDs

How's the new template? I changed the background colour and header picture to resolve the lag in my page load. Kind of plain, but sometimes simple is beauty. I'm still halfway constructing my template though. I might also end up using the old skin again.

Please do comment on the new template alright? Thanks a bunch.


Kel Li and I went to Cathay Cineleisure last night to catch "The Break Up". Just like the how obvious the storyline could be just by simply reading the title of the movie, its typical comedy romance plot has a slow advancement for the first three quarter of the film. I'll give the movie a rating of 6.5 out of 10. Not your looking-forward-to-watch-it-with-your-other-half but more of a watch-it-with-your-other-half-and-knock-them-into-their-senses kind of movie. Go catch it and you'll get what I mean.

After the movies we headed to Jazz Fest in Plaza Mont Kiara to meet up with the others (bloggers).
It was my first time to a Jazz Fest, but honestly Jazz is not my cup of tea.

^The view of the stage from my seat.

Here comes another week of college to live through. Time passes by so fast that without my our realisation, it's already the end of the craved weekends.

Happy back to school/college/university/work to you.


aman23 said…
"the break up" on cinema censored the jennifer aniston nude scene!

yeah, time passes by so fast..

btw, your template looks pretty decent, but to me pink doesn't go well with white as the background.. just my 2 cents. :)
vpws said…
REALLY!? Time to go and download the DVDRip! Shhhh, act like you didn't hear/read that! Hahaha!

Thanks a bunch for your 2 cents. I kind of agree with you. I want and need to somehow blend in a pink element. Hmmm..
ryn said…
nice new template. i like the words, "life of a multi-faceted" good choice of fonts.

i'm just wondering why on earth you would take a pic like that? haha, it looks like you're in a bedroom, and some female murderer comes to attack/seduce you. think angelina jolie in mr and mrs smith.

i think the pink looks okay, but maybe add a line break between your posts, and the sidebar?
vpws said…
Thanks dear! Hehe, it took me quite some time to choose the fonts from my gallery of a couple thousands of fonts. ><

Haha I have no idea, I had my sister taking the pictures of by continuing clicking the button whilst I pose from one pose to another. LOL~ Angelina Jolie!? WOOOT! I like! Hahahaha!

Yeah, I there are breaks in between. Isn't it like visible enough?
Hmmm, the sidebar.. That I know I have to work on a little. Thanks for your comments and suggestions again! Really appreciate it! :)
Victoria said…
omg i am force to view dis blog n leave a comment of his new updated blog..actually is ok la but i think pink look nicer.. ^^
stupid fella! somemore dowan help me redesign my blog.. hmm >.<
s!mp|e chery| said…
Rocking the new template, as long as you keep a dash of p!nk, that'll be great..i like it..simple and clean..

about shit !! she's studying the same course as me ? no wonder..i've been dude where did i see her from !?
Liz said…
your new header is HOT!
Itscheryl said…
fuyuh cool leh
how come i dont see pink ?
except the word la

eh u like james bond kekekeke
vpws said…
This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.
vpws said…
Ish bising la you! Hey, there're pink elements too can't you see!?
I told you I would like to help but you yourself said don't want. Now blaming me? Grrr! >:(

s!mp|e chery|:
Really? Thanks alot! Really appreciate it! ;)

Hahaha, the world is so small (again)! Hahaha! If you see her again, go up to her and say, "I think I saw you on Vincent's blog!" Let her appreciate me promoting her blog here abit! Hahahahaha!

BTW, when's the next DimSum? =P

Awww, shucks! Thanks Liz! =D

Haha, a little reduction on pink elements at the moment. Feeling a little too girlish lately. =P

Haha I think I'll take that as a compliment, thanks! :) LOL.
Ah. The classic. Very nice feel to it. Always gives a sense of class. Nice suit btw. Prob change the pink colour fonts too? I missed the jazz fest! Damn. I think Jennifer Aniston's really hot, watched Along Came Polly? Salsa dancing ;)
ShAuN said…
your template iz nice..very pozerish like yourz u followed 1 of my pozes izzit?? hahaha...
brendan said…
i like the pic. but not the pink.. but why is it when ur page opens i'm bombarded by a ton of pop ups!??!/
vpws said…
This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.
vpws said…
This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.
adecrazy said…
I think you're really photogenic. Nice shot of you in the header. ;]

So no need to be so camera shy laa.

Anyways, the new template is looking really good. And yeap, the fonts are really nice.

The pink to me is fine. Adds abit more colour to the whole page. I say you keep it. :]

Other than that, awesome new look!
vpws said…
Miss Indispensable:
Haha thanks alot for your comment! Will take your suggestion into consideration! ;) LOL *winkz*
Yeah, she's hot, including this movie itself! Woot! Salsa dancing! Do you dance Salsa/Latin?

Hahahaha, you posed like that before? I didn't know. This picture was taken by random movements/positions on continous shots by my sister. BTW thanks a bunch on the compliment. =D

Pink RAWKS wei. Is it too gay? =P
Seriously? OMG I have to check on that one soon! Thanks anyway! :)

Haha how can I be photogenic when more than half of my face was covered? =P

Still and always camera shy. =P Hahaha!

Oh cool, thanks for your suggestions, thought the same thing too! ;)

Thank you for the compliment! Really appreciate it~ :D
ShAuN said…
ooooooooooooo ok ok lolx...n yes ive posed like dat before..
vpws said…
Oh I see, thinking of it, I've posed like that long time ago too! Haha, so, probably it's just pure co-incidence, and more of like "great minds think alike". Err, I meant "great camgolos pose alike". LOL!
Anonymous said…
jazz is groovy la
Nigel said…
btw that was me. :P
vpws said…
Anonymous a.k.a. Nigel:
I didn't say it's not groovy, it's great music but just not my cup of tea. =)
ShAuN said…
hahaha camgolo again lolx!! yeah great mindz think alike =)
vpws said…
Couldn't agree more! ;)

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