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All hail Prom King (cheh wah~)

It has been 6 days without a word from me. Well, my absence was not because of a hiatus - instead I was out and away for an after-SPM holiday with my buddies in Genting Highlands. I will post pictures taken from the trip later when I get the final set from Sheela.


My school's prom was held last Tuesday, 8th of December 2005 with the theme La Rosa Negra. I paid a hundred bucks for nuts - not-so-good food and small-congested hall. The criterias making the hundred bucks worth it is the companionship of my fellow 'rakan seperjuangan' and bearing the title Prom King of SMK USJ4 2005 by luck.
I would like to congratulate and thank the organizing committee for organizing the event successfully. I really enjoyed myself there.

Here are some pictures I picked out of hundreds of good ones.

^ Preparing for Prom at Michael's house.

^ First group picture with the Romeos.

^ Looking good.

^ Roshanpal, with his 700 bucks G2000 suit. Rich freak. ><

^ L-R: Botak Michael, Copperhead Mun H…

Cousin's Wedding

Sorry for the lack of updates. Life after SPM has been very hectic with plans all day and night. Last night I attended a distant cousin's wedding at Palace of the Golden Horses. Since picture speaks a thousand words, so...

^ About 600 people attended the wedding function

^ Mom and dad

^ 10 feet cake

^ Appetizer

^ Grandma and grandpa

^ Sisters

^ 'Yam Seng'

^ Slide presentation of the newly-weds

^ Ice sculpture

^ Brother

^ Sisters

^ Grandma with the bride and groom's ride

^ Me.. Hehe~

^ My family

^ Bro with big vase

^ Father and bro

^ Sisters with vase

I have been sleeping at 4AM over the past few days. I'll need a good and early sleep tonight, as I have my school's prom tomorrow night. Lights out!

Hiatus ended..

Wow, this is the longest hiatus period I took since a month ago.
Unfortunately, I was a little too busy with my SPM preparations, considering this as the most suffering and exhausting week, with Biology and Chemistry papers commencing after one another.

Here is a small update for the past 3 days:
28th November 2005Spent the whole day preparing for Chemistry, the subject I hated the most.

29th November 2005Chemistry wasn't really as bad as I thought. I screwed up my first paper by getting 8 out of the first 10 questions wrong. >< Other papers were good.

30th November 2005Biology paper was quite near to perfect. I think I screwed up my experiment in paper 3. But it's the only Science paper I'm confident about.
Spent the night watching two movies, Kungfu Mahjong 2, and Cello. Kungfu Mahjong 2 was hilarious because it's dumb, while Cello should not be classified as a horror movie, as the focus is more on a dramatic storyline.
There's a quote from Kungfu Mahjong 2 I fin…


*Dances and spins around*

I had a good day today! :) Went shopping with my mom in IOI Mall Puchong earlier in the evening. The main intention was to get my suit for school prom. Here is a list of the items bought:

Action Ladfigure Inc T-shirt
Giordano Collared T-shirt
BUM Equipment Underwears
Smart Master Black Blazer
Smart Master Black Bowtie
Smart Master Black Business Slacks
Smart Master White Tuxedo Shirt

At last I've decided on my prom suit with the help of my mom and my sisters. For this shopping trip itself, I've spent a whopping RM708.40, thus breaking the record of the highest spent on a shopping trip. You see, I don't shop often. I do my wardrobe shopping only twice a year or more when needed. I'm thankful that my mom is willing to sponsor all the expenses. Love you lots mom! Muax!

Oh, and not forgetting, my Karate instructor appeared in the newspaper again!

New challenge for fighters Arivalagan

MALAYSIA may not like the idea of the karate team competitions being held ah…

BCA TAK Bersih, TAK Cekap, TAK Amanah

Do you remember the news that hit the mainpages yesterday with the titles:

"Naked woman police abuse clip sparks uproar"
"Naked woman ordered to ear squats"
"Video shocks, disgusts MP"
"Nazri: It's shameful"
"To be shown to PM"
"Video circulated through MMS"
"PM : It's shameful"
"Naked woman incident a blow to country's image"
"Video clip angers the public"

At last, I've found and watched the video with anger and frustration - check it out HERE.

Our country's police authority is losing its rakyats' trust. I'm pretty sure I've lost mine.


I'll be guestblogging over Grace's blog while she's not around for the next two weeks. Do drop by there to show some support okay? Thanks! ;)


Study attempts failed.

Instead, I was out the whole day.

Spent the afternoon with Kent, Puvana, Adrian, and a few others playing pool, foosball, and watched Zathura. Don't put your hopes too high if you are going to watch that, or it'll turn out to be a disastrous Jumanji-wannabe movie. Afterall, it's from the same producers/directors of Jumanji, is it not? I'm not really sure actually.
But overall, it's not really a bad movie if Jumanji is still not in your 'movies-I've-watched-list'.


Here are the pictures from Wilson's birthday gathering in Magical Theatre Restaurant, Sunway Pyramid on the 23rd of November 2005. They were stolen (with permission) from Penny and Laura. Thank you girls! :)

^ Wilson's free birthday finger-bites courtesy of MTR.

^ 'Gluttonous' Wilson and Laura. =P

^ Pictures!

^ A group picture together with the entertaining Magician(2nd from right)! :)

^ My first time trying Shisha.