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Adore, Paradise Live concert!

30th October 2005

I created a new front page/main entrance/mirror page for my blog! Check it out! I created it to aid problems encountered like :

Me : Visit my new blog! :)
Orang : OK cool what's the address?
Me :
Orang : Huh? We pee W ass? What? Repeat again?
Me : V-P-W-S!
Orang : Huh!? I beg your pardon!? V-P-what ah? *confused*


I slept from 9:30AM till 5:30PM today! A normal 8 hours sleep needed for a healthy lifestyle. But not for me cause I had it the OTHER part of the day. >.<

That means I missed Kathina today! Sorry Jo-Lynn, Valerie, and Chun Jiat, wanted to go, but I was really too tired and sleepy for not being able to sleep before 9:30AM. =(

So after bed, I got myself ready and rushed to Dorothy's house after picking Adrian, Jow Liie, and Ley Yeem up. We waited for Lai Yen and off we headed to Glad Tidings Church in PJ for a concert briefly named "ADORE, Paradise Live" which was also featuring the apperance of Guy Sebastian live here in Malaysia.

^ To get into the auditorium took some time because of the huge and long queue.

^ Awesome atmosphere and lightings.

^ The stage.

^ Vocals and band a.k.a. the Paradise Creative Ministries from Paradise Church, Adelaide, South Australia.

^ There! The Sebastian guy, Guy Sebastian! =) Shaky hands. =/

^ Group picture! Jow Liie was taking the picture, so..

^ I helped to take a picture of her with the rest of the girls next. ^^

After the event, Adrian, Jow Liie, Ley Yeem, Carrere and I left for supper (and dinner) at Asia Cafe.

^ These weren't mine! The girls ordered them! And I helped them to eat the food! =)

^ Here, mine! Quite obsessed with this Japanese dish! AND I still don't know what it is called. >.<

^ Jow Liie was a little "jakun" with a sausage found in the dish she blindly ordered. I wonder why..

^ I was busy taking picture with Carrere's phone and Ley Yeem took this.

^ There, the mischievous Ley Yeem!

^ Pink boy Adrian posing with Carrere. =P

Reached back home when the clock struck 12.
Tomorrow will be a hectic one. My plans for the day :
  • Get a haircut with Amanullah.
  • Follow mom to Giant Hypermarket to buy stationeries for the upcoming SPM.
  • Have Baskin Robbins ice-creams with Valerie as planned.
  • Addmaths tuition(final tuition class in high school) at night.
  • Try to visit Karyn in her witch costume at Manhattan Fish Market in Subang Parade.
  • Pump petrol for my car.
To fulfill every one of above, I'll need to sleep now. So, good night!


Anonymous said…
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Anonymous said…
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Jennhuiwen said…
hahaaaa...adrian is so cute in pink!
Anonymous said…
Hi there, my name is Lee and I'm from Queensland in Australia. I am a huge Guy Sebastian fan and found this blog whilst searching for photos of Guy performing in Malaysia with Paradise Church. Did you take any more pics of Guy? Would love to see them if you did. Take care and God Bless, Lee xx
vpws said…
nothing else matters:
haha~ macam gay~ :P

haha! yes he is~ :P

anonymous a.k.a. Lee:
Hi Lee thanks for commenting. Yeah I do have a few pictures of Guy Sebastian hbut unfortunately they are blurry. I'm not sure about the pictures in my friend's camera but I will help to check it out for you.
What's your email address? I can send them over to you by email if you want to.
ryn said…
haha adrian does look good in pink. vincent, when's ur turn?

and you're going to GIANT?! hahahaha. i dunno. i cant imagine u shopping there :\

and hope your haircut with aman... turns out well :P

last thing, i feel like killing u! LOL. you published my work place there! the exact details. crazy! grrrr. bah. it's not really a secret anymore. btw, it's my off day today! so dunno if you dropped by or not ;p
Kirstin Wong said…
hey vincent, kirstin here. i know wad the japanese dish is called. its called Tako Pachi in S'pore but im not quite sure wad its called here.
-akxj- said…
ahah you really go and find karyn ar?with your family? damn ..make sure you take a pic of her =) i will post it in my blog as well..ahahah
Anonymous said…
Hi, it's Lee again :)
Hey thanks so much for replying - oh yes please if you could email any pics (blurry is OK) that would be fantastic.

My email address is:

You would be most welcome to come over to Guy's official forum and say "Hi" we would love to meet you.

Thank you for your assistance.

vpws said…
This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.
vpws said…
he does? lolx~ :P tell that to him la.. he sure bangga 1.. hehe~

what's wrong wif me shopping in giant!? ish.. haha i bet ur egoness wont let u go shopping in places like that.. hahaha!

well, wasn't so good afterall.. i looked, weird.. >.<

oh yah hor~ hahaha sorry sorry! well, i'm sure ppl who wants to find out wont come to my site! ehhe sorry sorry! :P ish, i went there juz now.. for BR.. hehe! off but din tell earlier.. now i'm sure i wont b able to c u in ur costumes adi.. :(

unidentified inside:
oh, thanks kirstin for da info.. we'll call it takopachi for now! =)

haha i'm sure ur "questions" here has been "replied" earlier in tuition.. haha~ sad lar..

anonymous a.k.a. Lee:
My pleasure. The email is on its way now. ;)

Since it's impossible to contact my friend now, you'll have to wait for the pictures in her camera. Hope you won't find much problem with the shaky hands. :P

While you wait, I would like you to visit Pennypupz, who is also another friend of mine who has pics of Guy. She attended the concert too! =)

Enjoy! =) GBU!
Lee said…
Thank you Vincent so very much, I've received your email and love the photos.

I have popped in to penny's but the pics aren't working atm. Thanks for the heads up anyway, I check back later.

Lee xx
vpws said…
You're welcome Lee. :)
Glad you liked them!

Alright please go cause she has good photos of him! Especially up close ones!

I've dropped by the Forum you mentioned. It's quite packed and I don't know where to start posting. Thanks for introducing though. Haha~

See you around.
Lee said…
aww thanks for dropping by the forum. If you get the chance try this link:

or just post anywhere you like (but you will need to register first!) don't be bashful ;)

and yep I'll check back on the other site again. Thanks again *mwah*

Lee xx
vpws said…
My pleasure. OK I will, thanks.

I heard that you left a reply on Penny's blog, just met her just now. =)
No problemo. =x
Anonymous said…
Keep up the good work » » »

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