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Back so fast?

I just realised I'm a blog-addict. Exams can't stop me from blogging.
Don't get what I mean? Check out the last entry.

Yesterday was quite a dull one. Skipped school because I was too tired to jump up from bed. Slept till afternoon and then attended my weekly Karate training.

At class, I was quite happy receiving praises from my Karate instructor. He commented that although my Katha(a set of self-defense patterns) needs some improvement, I performed it the best among all 4 senior brown belts Karate-ka's in the class. All these laurels received will not influence my achievement to slack, as I will continue to train harder in the field, I told myself.
Thus, this contributed to multiple blisters and muscle aches.
Argh, how my butt hurts. =(

Physical exhaustion in a day is more than enough. Mental exhaustion from 3 hours of Physics and Chemistry tuition was a little too much to be added to my burden.
But, I have no choice.
Although feeling a little lethargic, I managed to pull off 3 hours revising Modern Mathematics.

If you do realise the time of this post, it's already 4 in the morning. This means I only have 2 hours of sleep! Won't want to waste anymore minute here.

Bed Sweet Bed.


-akxj- said…
hmm you posts are much longer then mine =/
ryn said…
wow. vincent is determined =) 3 hours of mod maths! good good. keep it up!
vpws said…
haha when i write, i let my fingers lead the way.. sometimes they'll go outta control~ hahaha!
when i have the flow, they can go a mile.. lolz~

haha~ very determined.. mod maths is quite ez to study or revise.. tonite is biology! i might die dis time.. =/
-akxj- said…
ahah swt =)..hmm i gotta make my posts longer too..ehehe
vpws said…
ppl write blogs to express how they feel or as a life journal..

there's these ppl will b divided into two groups >
one : as a platform of information about their life and latest ongoings
two : for the reading pleasure of viewers

lolz~ u gotta know the main objective of making a blog.. choose one..

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