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Dinner at Nando's

Was awaken by the sound of drill machines at 8am but managed to sleep back.
If legal by law, I'll throw a damn hammer to the construction workers! =.=

Really woke up at 2pm when my sister made alot of noise while washing the bathroom. Once the bathroom got cleaned, I made an opening ceremony by doing business there! A really big project I had, I tell you. LOL~

Was convinced by Kent to play basketball again today. I think I'll try to make this a routine, which I believe it's impossible. Haha~ My mom said she'll enroll me to Fitness First after my SPM because she said I'm getting fat. -.-"

Went to Nando's at Subang Parade for dinner.

^ They renovated the place, I think.

^ My camwhore sister.

^ Woohoo~ My dinner, a 1/2 Hot Peri-peri Chicken with two sideliners, Classic Chips and Mediterranean rice.
When I ate it, my eyes turned RED and I started to sweat. Looks like I don't inherit the Chinese Straits' love for super spicy i'm-gonna-burn-your-tongue food. I wouldn't even dare of try the Flaming Hot Peri-peri Chicken.

^ I visited Subang Parade's toilet to answer nature's call and realised they upgraded their toilet service. Look at the cubicle, unique huh? =P

Hmmm.. There's Karate Grading to attend tomorrow. This time I'm not part of the grading. I'll be there only to support my juniors! Haha~

I bet Kent and friends are waiting for my call.
Another yamcha session, here I come!



Anonymous said…
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-akxj- said…
nice toilet =) ..i hated the toilets in subang parade before this..the toilet is super scary and old =)
vpws said…
hahA~ true true.. summore b4 di need to pay 20cents to enter.. but now nonit liaoz~ lolz!
ryn said…
are you getting fat? O:-)

haha, that cubicle is called upgrade adi? lol. then i wonder how it looked like before..
aman23 said…
i never went to subang parade's toilet b4 the upgrade.. according to my parents it's horrific.. lol.. but then even after d upgrade i didn't go bcoz i didn't feel d need to :P
vpws said…
i dunno~ u tell me leh? lolz~

yeah! have u actually seen one b4? =.= ahaha~ u don't expect these kind of toilets in a place like subang parade.. haha~

btw u wouldnt want to imagine how it was b4 dis.. lolz~

nothing else matters:
ur parents weren't far from da truth.. haha~

try visiting it one day.. now they even hav sensor taps.. haha! =P
jO-LynN said…
vincent PUI PUI edi!!!

...and watda..?!?!??! u took a picture of the cubicle?? i am so NOT touching your camera ever again..photoslutting in da toilet pulak! *yuckz*
-akxj- said…
ahahh vincent photoslutting..nice word..yea the toilet before this..omg !
vpws said…
haha at first i didn't understand ur "pui-pui".. den only i realised u're only half a banana n understood wat u were trying 2 say~ hahaha! =P i "pui" adi nicer to hug mar rite anot? XP

ish.. interesting mar.. so i take lar.. i where got photoslutting in da toilet? ahaha.. i retired as a camwhore adi.. =P

cheh~ =.="

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