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Flamin' J, again!?

I'm so dead sleepy now. You know when I said that I'll take a day break from studying till 4am every night(morning) once in awhile? Yeah, tonight's the night. I'll head off to bed right away after this entry.

I was listening to Sunday Morning by Maroon Five about two songs ago. Then only I realised, I didn't have my Sunday morning air to breath today! I woke up at what-the-heck 3pm this afternoon! OMG, this should stop. But how? Alarm clocks are not working well for me. Any suggestion? No iced-water please!

Lazed around the evening and waited for time to pass in sheer boredom. The sound of the hammer knocking its head on the wall beside made it hard for me to even touch my books. Bloody construction workers!

Guess what? My smarty-pants mom decided to bring all of us to Flamin' J restaurant again. She seemed to be addicted to their Flamin' J Firehose there! Not only that, she made friend with the restaurant's supervisor! =.=

This time I brought my camera. Haha~ =)

^ They pasted lots of photos of diners on the wall. Managed to find a few people I know. =P

^ Dearest mummy is a camwhore too.

^ Told ya' their sausages were huge! I mean, long.

^ My dinner, Ice Lemon Tea and Fish & Chips.

^ Looks like shit eh? Lol. It's a Lasagna. Seriously they taste good. Rich, creamy, and aromatic. Hmmmm..

It's back to school tomorrow.

Since there's nothing much to blog about, off to bed I go. Good night.


-akxj- said… the price actually..if its cheap one day i shld go ther when i go library...

........ If i go..
-akxj- said…
omg............ i am sooooooo hungry now...i cant concentrate..
vpws said…
err.. considered normal lar.. around 10-15 bucks lidat.. ;)
haha.. library sucks lar.. :P

go find food to eat lar.. sheesh~
masih kecik for me to tell u ar? haha~ my mom alwiz say that..

nice? err.. it better not be a horny comment.. hahaha!
suzanne said… can see some of the yummy food photo..keke..not familiar with subang area..but will try to go find this restaurant =) thx for the info..cheerS!
vpws said…
haha yeap.. luckily i rmbed 2 bring my camera dis time.. =)

haha alrite.. gudluck in finding.. do ask me on msn if u wanna know da way.. ;)
Jazz said…
It's somewhere in taipan near starbucks right?? Went there after sports day months ago =D
vpws said…
haha yeah sort of.. it's four shops away from coffee bean to b exact.. lol! cool~ ;P i can't afford the food there on my own! hehe~ ;)
Anonymous said…
Enjoyed a lot! »

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