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An MIA Update

First of all, I would like to thank all those whom comforted me about the loss of my phone. I really (yes, really) appreciate it.

I somehow managed to pester and bargain with my brother to lend me his Samsung X680 until the end of year - which I have about 4 months to save enough money to buy a new phone. I wonder if Sony Ericsson will release a brand new K850i by then.

Secondly, I would like to apologise for the short hiatus - which is about a week already? Dang! How time flies. Oh well, who cares anyway if I update or don't. I just don't feel motivated to blog without pictures, and almost all the images in my previous entries were actually taken on my beloved (and departed) camera-phone, which I lost exactly a week ago. I'm so sorry if I bore the hell out of you with an almost imageless post because photos are scarce without my K750i. =(

Tuesday, August 22, 2006.

At about 7pm, this was the day my phone got out of my sight once and for all. I met up with a few others later th…


My 8 months old Sony Ericsson K750i phone just got stolen last evening.

It was my first time experience of having a phone stolen, worst of all, happened on the first time I brought my phone with me to the basketball court on the first time in months I actually motivated myself to play basketball again. How fucked up can that be?

I wasn't much worried or bothered about the loss in terms of material, but instead the sentimental and emotional value stored in it.

Oh well, I'll just have to make myself learn the lesson, and think positively towards the loss just like how a friend of mine told me at the basketball court after the incident, "It might be a blessing in disguise."

Of Qbar and Petaling Street

Nicholas Lai's belated birthday celebration at Qbar was a little wild. 2 bottles of Black Label all majored to only 6 guys. I didn't get drunk, although I puked like mad. Probably because I forgot I haven't had my dinner and I drank a little too much that night.

^Our drinks. Sorry the place was too dark and my flash sucked.

Slept at 5am tipsy with neck and headaches but woke up at 11:55am in the morning feeling all fresh. Most of all, no hang-over! It's so weird, like WTF right?

Sent my sister to the airport at 2pm. She's going to Bangkok to meet up with my mom and bro who are already there since Friday. So it's only left to my other sister and me home-2lone(two people home-alone?) for the rest of the week.

At night, I met up with Penny at Baywatch. Then we headed down to KL to find a place to sit, chat, drink and eat. We ended up at the freaking filthy Petaling Street for some delicious Hokkien Mee. Can you believe that it was my first time there at night? By the …

Of ONE YEAR and Leo Installation

Today is a very special day for my blog and I.

Because the 19th of August 2006 marks the

1 Year Old Birthday

Can't believe how fast time flies, and it has already been a year since the creation of this blog. It wouldn't have made it this far if it wasn't for YOU, my loyal blogders (blog readers)! Terima kasih banyak-banyak! =)

I was surprised to have myself wakened up before noon today, because I slept around 4am this morning. At 2pm, I attended the Region 5 South and North Leo Club Joint Installation in Sri Sedaya. My sister Victoria was the new incoming President for her club, whilst the other sister Vanessa held the incoming Funding Director. Now, I guess there is no need to use the word "incoming" anymore.

Since I'm in a rush to head on to QBar for a friend's belated birthday celebration, I'll just post a few pictures from the event.

^This is not a camwhore picture, because this was taken just to make sure whether I look proper bef…

Updated! :)

LOL, my blogging-spree ended just after I mentioned it.

Let's see what happened over the past few days.

I was in college just for one class on Thursday. After the first class early in the morning, I went to a clinic nearby to have a check-up on my usual morning sinus. I basically had that problem for almost every morning over the past 4 years. Only yesterday did I realised that it has taken its toll on me because my concentration in class was affected so badly - and that every time it leaked, I felt like pulling my whole nose out from my face! So, then was when I decided to bring my first sinus problem to the clinic.

My visit to the clinic that morning brought me home with an MC letter and bad news - I was diagnosed with Allergic Rhinitis. If I didn't go through treatment now, I would have to suffer from the chronic life-long Sinusitis later on.

Thus, I will have to spray this into both my nostrils twice a day, continuously for the next THREE MONTHS! :

^The thirty-bucks shit-green-…

Joel's Birthday

It looks like I'm on blogging-spree. This normally happen when I'm all stressed up or being pressured over something, which in this case, college.

I met Nizam this afternoon after college. OMG he looked so different already!
^This was taken a year ago.

And this was shot today:
I almost couldn't recognise him when he came by Asia Cafe with Haravinth. This is to conclude that people do mature physically but it depends on time.

Today's Joel's birthday and we went to "celebrate" it at Sunway Pyramid after college. We watched the movie "Click" and had dinner at Hartz Chicken Buffet.

Seriously, I think you should try catching the movie Click featuring Adam Sandler, because the movie's TEH RAWKS.

^The birthday boy at Hartz Chicken Buffet.

**Please proceed with caution. Image contains mild nudity**

^Hooray to Joel for being a good sport in showing us the after-effect from his birthday 'BASH' we gave him after class this evening. I sort of pity him, I…

OMG Earthquake!

Not the real earthquake lah; but Swensen's Giant Earthquake!

I believe in the need to pamper oneself with fattening and mouth-watering treats/desserts at least once a week. =D

^At Swensen's Subang Parade, the lovebirds at background are Michael and Jin Li.

^I think this picture's kinda weird. From the picture it seems that I was acting distortively cute, but honestly I wasn't at all! =P

^Michael working on his gestures that never fails to entertain everyone around him on this adorable little cherry.

I'm feeling a little lazy to write what's on my mind now so I guess this is where it ends. Time for bed. Good night.

Image-less post?

Have you come across the tag/meme/survey shit that goes something like this:

If you comment on this post:

     1. I’ll respond with something random about you.

     2. I’ll challenge you to try something.

     3. I’ll pick a color that I associate with you.

     4. I’ll tell you something I like about you.

     5. I’ll tell you my first/clearest memory of you.

     6. I’ll tell you what animal you remind me of.

     7. I’ll ask you something I’ve always wanted to ask you.

8. If I do this for you, you must re-post this on your blog.

I bumped into it in Penny's blog, and I left a comment.

And this was her reply:
1. You’re such a nice guy.. maybe sometimes too nice? winkwink :P PPP
2. Try to stop smoking and stop dotaing and stop cs-ing and not skip class.. wuahahhaha
3. Black.. cuz u look stylo
4. You’re always so willing to help your friends in need without question.. and you were there for me when i was emoing.. but still.. BASTARD (inside ‘joke’)
5. Shit.. that was like.. 14 years ago.. HAHAHHA …

The END of WeekENDs

How's the new template? I changed the background colour and header picture to resolve the lag in my page load. Kind of plain, but sometimes simple is beauty. I'm still halfway constructing my template though. I might also end up using the old skin again.

Please do comment on the new template alright? Thanks a bunch.


Kel Li and I went to Cathay Cineleisure last night to catch "The Break Up". Just like the how obvious the storyline could be just by simply reading the title of the movie, its typical comedy romance plot has a slow advancement for the first three quarter of the film. I'll give the movie a rating of 6.5 out of 10. Not your looking-forward-to-watch-it-with-your-other-half but more of a watch-it-with-your-other-half-and-knock-them-into-their-senses kind of movie. Go catch it and you'll get what I mean.

After the movies we headed to Jazz Fest in Plaza Mont Kiara to meet up with the others (bloggers).
It was my first time to a Jazz Fest, but honestly Ja…

Of Wing's and Moonshine

At last I managed to get my ass out of the house last night after a week long of being "kwai chai" at home. Natalia accompanied me through-out the night around KL and Damansara.

First stop was Wing's Cafe in Jalan Sultan Ismail, KL. A dear friend of mine, Reuben Kang, was emo-fying a live acoustic performance that night.

I picked Nat at 8 and off we headed to the City of Confusing Roads. Being the noobs of KL roads, we lost our way for about 20 minutes. We somehow managed to find the aforementioned place with both our senses of directions and driving instincts combined.

We arrived just in time for Reuben's performance.

Reubs on the "stage"(?).Awful talented boy. He's got a really nice voice and he writes his own songs! Good stuff :)

^*Nat and I.

After his performance, we headed down to Laundry in The Curve for Moonshine to meet up with Penny and a few other bloggers. Moonshine is sort of a monthly event in Laundry where various local homemade bands jam an…


^I was bored waiting for the traffic light while on my way to college. =P
Woot, the camgolo revolution has started! Camgolo is a new term in the blogosphere for a male camwhore. Not sure where and how it existed, but I first read it from Slinky's blog.

Nothing much to blog about, except that a few of my classmates and I found a dead cockroach in Math class this morning. Being guys, we played around with it, which includes:

^I was supposed to shout, "What's on my hair? Ahhhhhhhhh!" =P

Remember about the warning letter of absenteeism I was expecting earlier mentioned in a previous post?

^Yeah, it has finally arrived.
*Song of doom playing in the background*


Photobucket is giving me problems. Now I'm deciding whether or not to switch to ImageShack. Anyone has any better idea or suggestion of a picture hosting server/site?

Just a few tests on ImageShack's reliability:

^My sister just came back home not long ago with a bouquet of roses. She was out celebrating her one year anniversary with boyfriend. So schweet.

^Oh, and I haven't done this in awhile, have I?
By the way I just had a haircut - so no more Afroboy for the time being. =P

Although accessing Photobucket can be ass-aching, it's still more reliable than ImageShack which takes a much longer time in loading pictures.

The final conclusion? Nothing in this world comes in free and good at the same time. Bloody hell.

Suicidal Attempt(?)

Looks like I'm still suffering from the same "on-holiday-mood-till-the-very-last-minute" syndrome since Secondary school. Honestly, I've been skipping alot of classes since college started about a month ago. Hence I'll be expecting a warning letter in the letterbox really soon.
I need to find an inspiration to repent and change. But how and where? Or probably, who?

Crappy shit, I injured my wrist due to excessive training in foosball this evening. I was trying hard to get my snake shot right but ended up getting hurt. -.-"

^Looks suicidal huh?Noob betul~

Tomorrow comes a new day - and class starts at 9 in the morning. At least I can have a little extra sleep.

Ahhhh! Wait a minute! I just remembered about Kel Li's 5am Bloggers@Dim Sum appointment later! I hope she has forgotten that she called me along, so I can snug myself in bed and not forcefully (and crazily) wake up at 4 in the morning. Slinky said he'll skip because he won't be able to wake up - …


It just came to my realisation that I've neglected the updates on Julia's belated birthday gathering which was celebrated a week ago at Magical Theatre Restaurant. Since picture speaks a thousand words, feast your eyes on these:

^The birthday girl and I. =)

^Julia and friends.

^Cake cutting session!

^Group pic!

Once again, happy blessed belated birthday, Julia! Hope you enjoyed yourself that night. I'll bring you out for dinner one fine day as your birthday treat okay? =)


Last night, I attended a small Tutorial Lee gathering cum Jian Pang's belated birthday celebration at Red Box Karaoke in Sunway Pyramid. Too bad I wasn't in the mood to snap photos around that night, so I'll have to wait for the others to either blog or send their set. Till then, you've got to wait for the pictures.

We left the place at about 1am, and instead of heading back home, Michael, Laura and I decided to make full use of this rare opportunity to hang-out since curfew wasn't in our …

Warning, long update ahead!

Nightlife and college don't mix, that's the lesson I derived from experiences over the past 3 nights. I look like a panda now for the lack of sleep. o.O

First, I would like to thank all those who've shown their concern and condolences over my two days' series of unfortunate events. Fortunately, Wednesday onwards couldn't be any better.


The day started off very early for me on Wednesday although my first class scheduled much later in the morning. The intention was to collect my poor compounded car!

^My receipt of claim. RM134 down the drain like that.

At midday Penny and I went to Sunway Pyramid to buy Wilson's farewell gift. We got him a cranky ninja-icon t-shirt bearing the captions "Don't fuck with a ninja!" Something funny that suits him. =P

After buying all the wrapping materials, she dragged me in Sushi King. Ewwww, I don't favour raw food - what's more when it's sushi! But in the end, I concluded that there are a few nice dishes th…


Looks like the series of unfortunate events hasn't END just yet. It seems that many of my friends' wishes "may tomorrow be a better day" didn't work that well, because today was another screwed up one.
Let's continue the count:

Skipped my first Math class of the day because I overslept - again.

I left my house at 9:50pm to make it for my next class, which was Physics at 11pm. It took me a bloody hour just to find a parking space. I had no choice but to park on a narrow land infront of the housing area between my college and a main road. By then, I was already late for 10 minutes, so I decided to just skip the entire period.

Had a few bad games of Warcraft (DotA) with my classmates. 4 times on random mode, 4 times sucky heroes. (Sorry, gaming language.)

(In relation to #6)
Not long after dismally leaving the cyber cafe, I was terribly shocked when it came to my realisation that my car wasn't where it's supposed to be. Just like you've guess…