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It's amazing how I was able to motivate my freaking lazy butt to play basketball in the evening today.

Was supposed to have a trip to One Utama with friends to get prom clothes, but it seemed that almost everyone pulled out. Sad.

The day started with "Rise and Shine" at 2pm. Then basketball at 5pm and dinner at 10pm. Had dinner at Burger King with family and because of that, I was forced to say NO to my friend's invitation to watch Skeleton Key at 11pm. Sorry Bav..

At last I managed to watch Final Fantasy VII : Advent Children. It's some Japanese 3D animated movie. Honestly, other than concentrating on their power-packed actions and graphics, my eyes never left the chicks also. Haha~

This time, I've got a few things to complain about.
   Firstly, I'm getting frequent mosquito bites these days. Although it's irritating, I still thank God they're not dengue infected. But, argh~
   Secondly, my toilet's fluorescent light is flickering and blinking non-stop. I can't even see the shampoo nor myself when I bath at night. Sad thing I'm not the kind of what you call Mr-Fix-It.
   Thirdly, a neighbour two doors away has just started renovations to their home. Come on man, less than 40 days to SPM and I have to go through this annoyance. Sheesh~

I know I shouldn't complain, as there're many more unfortunate people out there. =/

Off to my books.


Grace said…
flickering lights? could it be.. *cough* spirits? :P
vpws said…
lolz~ silly girl.. of coz not! haha~
ryn said…
eh, vincent, think about it this way. u don't need to see yourself when u bathe. just touch touch can adi :D
aman23 said…
advent children damn cun :D

ryn getting horny!
thecw said…
AHHAHAHAh! i always like you entries :D
thecw said…
oh yea... if u get 8 bars of choc..
gimme FOUR K???!!
vpws said…
wat da?? haha~ yea, actually quite true also.. lolz~ but, i'll go all over my whole body again and again to make sure i don't miss a spot.. haha~

nothing else matters:
advent children rox my sox! haha~

haha.. is she?
*run and hide in a corner*

haha you do? which part? thanks anyway, at least i know some1 appreciate my entries.. haha! *hugz*

four?! how can?! haha~
if u get straight A1's i'll buy for you 8 bars of chocolates ok? M&Ms also can! lolz~
aman23 said…
vince.. touching yourself? :p
vpws said…
nothing else matters:
it's called "cleaning your own body process"~ haha~
Roshan said…
u must be having fun!lol
vpws said…
eh roshan u betta behave urself ar! hahaha! =P
thecw said…
okay la.. we together gether get 8 As! den we celebrate 2gether gether! wooooT :D
den hafta go fitness 1st together gether aso
vpws said…
haha! 8A's enuff for u meh? lolz! anyway, i've been gaining weight since i started drivin.. how about u? =/
thecw said…
haha more than enuff la.. but i want 9!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
haha.. b4 started driving also horrible enuff adi la me.. hehe
nm la i know regardless of anythin u still sayang ME :D
vpws said…
haha.. okok.. i was aiming for 8.. but i think kinda ridiculous.. mayb i can get 4 or 5 only kua.. =(

ahaha~ i so long din c ur "ahmoi cina" adi!

haha~ how sure r u? :P

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