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New Skin!

As you can see, I've just changed the template of my blog.

I guessed it's tidier compared to the previous one. Agree?

Three reasons I'm writing this entry; ONE, for the sake of updating; TWO, I can't sleep thanks to the Vienna coffee I had earlier; and THREE, the feeling of "once a blogger, always a blogger" is in me.

It's kind of obvious that I've been a little MIA (Missing in Action) for the past few days. Sadly I didn't really have the time to blog. Nor did any event in life inspire me to do so.

Past few days were mostly spent on books and bed rather than the "information box". So far, I'm quite behind schedule. The laziness in me is always putting burden on my eyelids. Therefore I declared 4am as BEDTIME to my "burn the midnight oil" studies.

My brain isn't working at the moment. What a shame.

Will try to continue later.


Anonymous said…
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Anonymous said…
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ryn said…
4 am as bedtime?

unhealthy la!
-KeNt- said…
gila late sleep
vpws said…
it's better than don't sleep at all right? =(

lolx~ thanks for caring btw..

lolx~ =D
-akxj- said…
omg..looks whos talking..aih aih..karyns sleeping time is always 4am since i was with her..sad sial..

lol =) lazy adi ar?go get back your inspiration
vpws said…
huh!? WITH HER!? since when!?

hmmm.. yeah i am still on the line, just that i needed some rest over da past few days.. lolx~
ryn said…

ehhhhh, adrian. people here (which is me la) concerned and telling dear vincent here that sleeping at 4 am is unhealthy. this blog is about him, not about me :D

so dont include me in this!!
vpws said…
haha karyn, it's unhealthy to sleep late ya know!? i'm 17 n you're ONLY 15! haha~ =) *hargz*

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