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Haircut and Baskin Robbins

OMG I woke up at 4PM instead of 10AM. So every plan was delayed while some were canceled. SMS-ed Amanullah and then I picked him up for our haircut at a barber in USJ4.

^ Aman looked so happy walking briskly out of his house. He has long awaited for this haircut trip because he wanted to take a neat and clean passport-sized picture of him for his driving license. =D

^ Before..

^ And after! Crap, I know I looked bad after the haircut. >.<

^ Another picture of me after bath when I got home. =P (Why my mata like bengkak 1? =.=)

After the dinner bought from the Pasar Ramadhan in USJ4, I went for my last Addmaths tuition. It's also the last tuition in high school. Time flies.. =(

After tuition, Michael, Eu Jean, Lyncia, Valerie and I went for some ice-creams at Baskin Robbins in Subang Parade. I went there with the intention of disturbing Kent who's also working in Baskin Robbins. =P

^ Eu Jean and Lyncia shared a pint of Pralines and Cream with Strawberry Cheesecake whilst Michael, Valerie, and I shared a quart of, errr, I can't remember what it is called. >.<

^ Horny Michael with his over-exaggerated expression of satisfaction.

^ A candid of Kent working. I think he's trying to steal pack some ice-cream. =P

^ A candid picture of Valerie enjoying her ice-cream with Michael's spoon disturbing the whole candid process.

^ Eu Jean and Lyncia obviously finished their ice-cream first and was looking enviously and enthusiastically at us enjoying our ice-cream. =P

^ RM44 gone into our stomach and some into the manager's pockets.

^ On the way home I was tailing Lyncia's new car, a grey Myvi. It's the first and the last time she's bringing it to tuition. =P

It's Deepavali tomorrow! To all my friends and Blogders (Blog + readers created by Xiaxue) celebrating the festival a VERY VERY HAPPY DEEPAVALI! =)

Oh, I'll be visiting two of my friends' house tomorrow. One for lunch, and one for dinner! Delicious spicy food, here I come! =)


-KeNt- said…
kaka...u look ok in ur new haircut la.hehe..erm..sorry din manage to give u more ice cream...very bz..>.<
vpws said…
haha thanks.. :P
quite yeng ah long hair.. summore only chinese there~ hehe~
it's ok~ ;)
afterall, u said u'll belanja 1 buck, where is it!? :P
-akxj- said…
ahah damn la..i cldnt join..i would like to eat my chocolate chip .. =/
aman23 said…
shit.. i look ugly in those pics.. 0_0
aman23 said…
n i was smiling coz u pointed the camera at me.. lol
vpws said…
ish u don't wanna join only mar.. :P
hehe~ chocolate chip? =S

nothing else matters:
no u don't! :P where!?
u looked cute leh~ hahaha~ ;) bet yen will say the same! haha~
aman23 said…
lol in all 3 pictures! :p

eh don't horny horny yet.. just start puasa ni :p
suzanne said…
lolz..the before n after picture look so cute..XD XD
thecw said…
yes VINcent u look Bad! HMPPH!
vpws said…
nothing else matters:
where got leh? u looked good lar~ ask other ppl n c lar! lolx~

hahaha, lidat u call horny ar? :P

really? haha thank you! :) hehe!

ish mangkuk wanna die ar!? haha! :P
-KeNt- said…
kaka...sure la long wear cap mar..but i think i gonna cut my hair adi..erm..maybe after i got my money.,..hehe..yeah..choc chip quite nice...favourite for most 'children'..kaka..adrian..i'm not saying u..hehe..=P ..

HaPpY dEePvAlI..!!
huiwen said…
haha...still...camwhoring wert..
thecw said…
come laa! see whether u got the guts 2 make me die anot! hehe! :D
so when we GOIN OUTT??!
vpws said…
ish! i hope u kena tangkap wei on skool nex week! hehe~ den i'll laugh!
choc chips for adrian the children? i know that's wat u wanted to say! :P dun deny it~ hahaha~

eh 1 buck!

yeah "thanks"? happy deepavali 2 u 2! XP

hehe where got!? :P that's not camwhoring! ;P

haha i bet ur side kick not kuat adi.. hehe! so unflexible ar u? :P our gang only michael, farrahanie and i left in karate.. :(
haha depending on u wat! alwiz bz ere bz there! :P u fetch me okie? hehe~
sadomasochist said…
yum yum.. i love baskin's pralines..damn nice..ooh baby...
vpws said…
just like what penny likes to say : orgasmic! haha~ ;)
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