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30th Aug = Merdeka's eve Part I

Feeling : Physically Tired, Mentally Plain, Emotionally Stable

It's the eve of our 48th National Independence Day.
Every year, it proudly reminds us all of the warm sweat and cold blood shed in unity to achieve our independence from the British occupation 48 years ago. We should be proud to be Malaysians because there's no other country in the world withstands our peace and unity amongst multiple races, ethnic and religions.

What the heck am I talking? =S

Anyway, I will be going to celebrate Merdeka countdown at Sunway Pyramid just like last year. Click here for pictures of last year's celebration. =)

I don't know why I can't feel the excitement today although there's still 6 hours left on the clock before countdown.
I'll be attending my Biology tuition until 10 o'clock, then only I'll head to Sunway Pyramid. I hope the congested traffic won't get any worst compared to the previous year.

Trial's just next week and I'm not even ready for it. Per…

I'll be right back..

Feeling : Physically Stressed, Mentally Indecisive, Emotionally Neutral

A typical morning for a secondary school student. School was really boring, because quite alot of my "rakan seperjuangan" were absent.

Went to SS15 after school to DOTA.
What the heck?
I'm supposed to stop going to the cybercafe already. Was persuaded by my friends to go, and the urge of playing was unbearable. =P Hehe~

I don't think I'll be blogging that often anymore. It will be hard to find the time to blog after tomorrow because I'll be pretty busy with school stuffs and studies.

SPM trials is next week and I haven't really touch a DAMN book yet.

Shih Mun & I promised to motivate each other as both of us are having problems with motivation to study. We will frequently visit the library starting September onwards.

I really hope it will work out, or I'll die. Literally.

A day to remember..

Feeling : Physically Sleepy, Mentally Happy, Emotionally Stable

What happens when you attend a seminar with hopes of achieving something worth while, and the seminar's itinerary turned out containing hours-long speeches and promotions not related to school subjects?

You FLY. Yes, FLY, which means ponteng!Haha~

Went to 1-Utama at 9:00am, where many shops weren't opened yet. The whacky 6 of us did many funny things you couldn't ever imagine. Haha~! Here are some pictures to satisfy your curiosity.

^ Us wearing the Ti-RATANA t-shirt, while posing beside the word "Highstreet" which symbols a precinct in 1-Utama Shopping Centre.
L-R: Me, Michael, Densearn, Siau Yen, Mun Hoe & Adrian

^ How often can you take a picture like this without attracting attention? =P Taken infront(or beside?) of the Reebok boutique.

^ Densearn-Rabbit-Michael's hand. Taken infront of Pets Wonderland.

We got lost many times on the way there, just like how we did on the way to KDU for the Ti-RA…

Sister's Birthday..

Feeling : Physically Sleepy, Mentally Worried, Emotionally Uplifted

Decided to just go to Secret Recipe in Taipan for dinner. Happy birthday once again to my sis, Rhae Yaenn.

^ Ordered Mexican Chicken with herb rice and salad. It wasn't that nice anyway. Actually wanted to order my favourite Chicken Cordon Bleu but it wasn't available.

^ After dinner, we walked to Baskin Robbins which is a few stores away to get some dessert. I got myself just a scoop of Rum Raisins because I was well stuffed earlier.

^ There! The birthday girl. And I of course. Haha~

That's all for tonight. Will be attending an SPM seminar organised by Ti-Ratana in another 5 hours. That means I only have 4 hours left to sleep.

*Rushes to bed*

Globalization and Environment Conference..

Feeling : Physically Fresh, Mentally Confused, Emotionally Confused

What happened in the last one hour?
I sent my brother to the hairdresser, bought back putu piring for tea-time, and reloaded my phone credit.

I forgot to mention earlier that I received a confirmation of participation for the upcoming Globalization and the Environment Conference organized by SUHAKAM(Suruhanjaya Hak Asasi Malaysia/Human Rights Commission of Malaysia) in conjunction of Malaysian Human Rights Day 2005. It will be held on the 9th of September 2005, at Le Meridian Hotel, KL Sentral, Kuala Lumpur.

^ The letter.

I'm not sure whether I can attend the conference because it starts at 8am on a schooling day. My dad won't allow me, unless if I beg him.

My mom and sister are still undecided on where to celebrate tonight. Any suggestion?

Morning tuition.. bugger..

Feeling : Physically Tired, Mentally Sleepy, Emotionally Down

Woke up at 4am to answer nature's call. Then I slept back.

Michael's call woke me up at 9am, to remind me that there's Chemistry tuition at 10am. I was supposed to give Michael and Adrian a ride, but I accidentally slept back. So, they went there themselves. Sorry guys. =(
I was 20 minutes late for tuition. Kind of finished the whole form 5 Chemistry syllabus already.

After tuition, Shih Mun, Michael and I went to a nearby restaurant for lunch. The lunch was "on Shih Mun" because he said he wanted to repay me for giving him a ride. Thanks Mun Mun. Lolz~

It's my sister's birthday today. The younger sister, Rhae Yaenn. My mom is still planning on how and where to celebrate it tonight.
I think a short nap will do good for me at the moment.

Prefects Dinner..

Feeling : Physically Headache, Mentally Sleepy, Emotionally Sad

(the continuation of 26th August 2005 entry..)

Attended the 8 Leo Clubs Joint Installation post-mortem meeting. The juniors did pretty well in organising the event. But there were also flaws and weaknesses visible enough in several departments. Because of some certain issues brought up on that meeting, I began doubting the capability of my successor.

After the meeting, I rushed to pick up Seo, Ley Yeem, Carol and Dorothy to an annual prefect's appreciation party in Concorde Hotel, Shah Alam. The start of the programmes were pretty good, but towards the end, the programmes and crowd were getting really messy.

Got home at 1am the next day(27th Aug) and was too tired to blog. So I dozed off immediately after checking my mails.


Feeling : Physically Tired, Mentally Worried, Emotionally Excited

Good morning! Was awakened by my brother at 7 but I was too tired to send him to school. So I mom took over "my job". Thanks mom. =P

I thought I would be able continue my sleep peacefully, until my sister woke me up again, at 10:30am. She's going out with her friends and expected me to send her to her friend's house. At realisation of my responsibilities, I did. *argh*

Now I'm stuck infront of the computer with nothing to do. I'm still quite sleepy, so I might want to try to sleep back again after this entry.

Wish me luck..

Late or Early?

Feeling : Physically Tired, Mentally Jumbled, Emotionally Stable

Wow, look at the time! It's already 3:40 in the morning.

Got to send my brother to school in another 4 hours.

Just finished chatting with a couple of friends. Chatted alot about history and how time flies. Was more concentrated on the love life lah. Well, got to admit that it widened my perspective in a few things I don't really take notice all these while. =)


I'll be heading to bed after answering nature's call. Haha~

The Carpenters - Close To You

Feeling : Physically Neutral, Mentally Messy, Emotionally Upgraded

Why do birds
Suddenly appear?
Everytime you are near
Just like me
They long to be
Close to you

Why do stars
Fall down from the sky?
Everytime you walk by
Just like me
They long to be
Close to you

On the day that you were born
The angels got together and decided
To create a dream come true
So they sprinkled moondust in your hair
Of gold and starlight in your eyes of blue

That is why all the guys in town
Follow you all around
Just like me
They long to be
Close to you

Just like me
They long to be
Close to you

Woo... Close to you...

Woah I love this song alot! Weeeee~


Feeling : Physically Sleepy, Mentally Messy, Emotionally Down

Karate was fun today. Coach was absent but his assistant was there.

Tuition was also fun just now.

Don't really have the mood to blog anyway.
It's just that some stuffs are really bothering me. I just don't know where to start or how to explain it. Please don't ask me why, cause I won't tell. I've not felt like this for quite a long time already.
That may be the reason why I can't concentrate or motivate myself to study.

I'm in dilemma..


Feeling : Physically Sleepy, Mentally Healthy, Emotionally Excited

Wow, woke up at 7 this morning. Played basketball at USJ5 court with Sip Ken after sending my bro to school. Yes, there were ONLY two of us there!

At 9, Sip Ken and I fetched Jacqueline for some "yamcha" session at Di Kayu Taipan. I helped Sip Ken to order Roti Tisu KL Tower because he wanted to try something new. He spent almost 2 hours just to finish it up. Haha~

After sending Jacq home, we went to my school to play some basketball(AGAIN).

Now I'm home.

Will be having Karate training in school later. Then 3 hours of Physics and Chemistry tuition at night. Today will be a busy day for me. I even found out that a friend from Ipoh is here in KL. So I might want to meet up with her later. I'll see how it goes, as I'm still waiting for her reply via sms. =P

Tiring Day..

Feeling : Physically Exhausted, Mentally Sleepy, Emotionally Depressed

Went to Sunway Pyramid at 11am. Fetched Michael & Jenny on the way there.

The day was spent just like how an ordinary teenager would do.

Played a few games of Snooker & "Lucky"(another type of snooker learnt today), had lunch and tea at McDonald's and Ming Tien, watched "The Maid" on the big screen, accompanied a friend shopping for prom clothes, and walked quite endlessly.

Came back home only to realise it was already a quarter to ten. Had pizzas my mom bought back for dinner. After bath, watched CSI:Miami & CSI:New York. I hardly missed those series. =P

I'm really exhausted now. Not forgetting to mention, SLEEPY! I'll be meeting up with Sip Ken and a few others for a game of basketball early tomorrow morning.

Off to bed I go. Good night.

What the heck?!

Feeling : Physically Annoyed, Mentally Blind, Emotionally Missing

Woke up to find it's raining outside. Basketball plan was canceled.
After SMS-ing my friends that it's canceled, I was about to go back to sleep, UNTIL my mom came into the room and made me send my brother to school for some ceramah UPSR. I tried to sleep back but I can't!
>.< *grrrrr* I'm so angry!

Will pick my bro up after his ceramah ends at 11am. After that, I'll be heading for the first outing of this semester holidays! Yay!

I still have another 3 hours. What should I do? Sleep? Play some computer games? Watch TV? Damn, it's gonna be boring, again!
Well, at least I've got this, my blog. But, I just can't spend 3 damn hours stroking my fingers on the keyboard while looking at words appearing at Blogger's compose box right? I'll be writing half a novel by then. Err, maybe a quarter? -.-

Before all that, I think I should get some food to fill my empty stomach first. =P *yum*


Wake up early + Nothing to do = Sheer boredom

Feeling : Physically Sticky, Mentally Excited, Emotionally Thinking

There, it happened again! Why do I wake up so early in the morning? The worst thing is that I couldn't sleep back no matter how hard I tried too!
*Sigh* =.=

Well, I decided not to join Edward to hunt for prom clothes at Sunway Pyramid today. Had responsibilities to fulfill, which was to send and pick my siblings from tuition, buy food back and some other stuffs.

Today was the longest boredom felt so far in this semester holidays. I was too bored to the extent that I decided to wash my car with the help of my sister. (Which I never put effort in washing my car before! =P)

Watched Rexona No-Sweat Dance Challenge on TV3 before I went for tuition.
Next year I will work harder for it!

Oh, found this in my drawer. My group's registration number(and also angka giliran) for the competition.

Heavy schedule tomorrow.
In the morning, will be playing basketball with Sip Ken and friends. Sip Ken will be leaving for Vancouver next …

Ong Bak..

Feeling : Physically Fresh, Mentally Fresh, Emotionally Missing

Oh my goodness, "Ong Bak" was really good!
I like their actions and fighting stunts. Made me felt like as though I was in the movie! Haha~ It's a sad thing that their acting skills were pretty bad.

I wonder how much effort their stuntmen put in the fighting scenes. Much respect given! *salute*

Got to decide whether to join Edward and friends at Sunway Pyramid later in the afternoon. Kind of low in cash and my health hasn't got any better yet. I'll just see how the morning starts.

Good night. Err,morning?

Assault on Precinct 13..

Feeling : Physically Bored, Mentally Pissed, Emotionally Missing

(continue from the previous post)
Had Roti Canai for lunch today. Couldn't really taste the food arigato to my flu's common side-effect.

Then I watched "Assault on Precinct 13" with my brother. I downloaded the movie a couple of weeks ago. Despite the long and boring dialogue, it wasn't such a bad movie afterall.

Went for Add Maths tuition at 7pm. Gosh, I seriously think I'm going to flunk my Add Maths for SPM. *sob*

Borrowed "Ong Bak" on DVD from Michael just now. Was about to watch it until my youngest sis interrupted. She wanted to watch "The Sisters" on TV3. Just because the movie on that programme won't be repeated, I let her took over the remote control.

Is Multiply's server down today? It's so hard to log into the site. Even tried a few minutes ago but it loaded very slow. It's really annoying. *argh*

Will sleep after watching "Ong Bak."
I'm on a


Feeling : Physically Irritated, Mentally Sleepy, Emotionally Missing

Good morning!

Had practice in Aman's house early this morning. It was for this Friday's performance at my school's Prefect Dinner. Some "senior prefects appreciation party" thingy.
I'm still planning on what clothes to wear for the dinner. My dresscode theme is AIR. Something white perhaps.

Just got home and had my medicine. My flu doesn't seem to get better. Mom's back home but she's not cooking nor going out to buy food back. Looks like I have to get lunch for my siblings later. *grumbles*

Based on my schedule, I'll have a pretty busy week ahead, although it's school holidays.
My holidays were never free or relaxed. It was always full of events, functions, classes, and other stuffs. But I never fail to enjoy what I did. I always come home at the end of the day exhausted, but nevertheless feel the contentment in me.


I MUST stop all these "events" already. SPM is…

Oh my Sunday..

Feeling : Physically Tired, Mentally Educated, Emotionally Missing

Woke up early again today. I can use the word "again" everyday. Something is wrong with me lately. I'll wake up early for no reason at all, even without the help of the alarm clock. =.=

Sent my sister to tuition, then my mom to the morning market at SS15.

Bio intensive class was fast today.
When you're doing something you don't favour, time moves pretty slow, and when it's something you like, it's the other way around.

I'm now waiting for dinner to be ready. Mom's still halfway cooking. I'm so hungry! *stomach grumbles*

Might be going for some light shopping later. I'll need some new clothes! Yippee!


Feeling : Physically Fresh, Mentally Joy-ed, Emotionally Upraging

Gosh, I slept my way til 9 since the last post. Missed dinner-time, but luckily mom kept some food for me. Fried rice. Again? Yeah.

Had my drowsy medicine and watched Bruce Almighty. I'm kinda into movies lately, just like how I used to be at early Secondary.

Had to miss another yamcha session thanks to the medicines. I think I wouldn't be capable of driving with those drowsing pills in my weak body. Hope I'll be fine tomorrow. There's class to attend.

I guess I'll tug myself into bed after some online chats. Good night.


Feeling : Physically Uneasy, Mentally Headache, Emotionally Missing

Yeah, I'm sick again after quite a long time being healthy. Realised that I caught a flu with mild sorethroat after watching "Charlie and the Chocolate Factory" at The Summit yesterday. Didn't bother much until it became worst last night.

Was supposed to have tuition at 10 this morning, but the class was too full. So, Michael, Adrian and I left and went for the second class instead, which was at 1:30pm. What did I do during the 3 1/2 hours interval? Had a few good games at a nearby cybercafe. *giggles*

After tuition, I immediately headed to a clinic my family oftenly visit.
The procedures in clinics now-a-days are far easier and convenient compared to a few years back. Now, I can just write my father's and his company's name and I wouldn't have to pay the fees for the consultation and prescription.

There, my medicine. Doctor said I'm experiencing an allergy. *ponders*

Get well soon Vince..…


Feeling : Physically Sick, Mentally Troubled, Emotionally Unstable

Wow, Blogger is far more complicated than Multiply.

I am still wondering why did I thought of creating an account here. But I think I will still concentrate more on Multiply.

Perhaps I wanted a bloggie space that will be kept secret; classified, away from the evil peeps of this evil world. I wonder how many "k'po chi(s)" will eventually find out my poor little hiding space? =S

Well, I might return, or I might even not.