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Birthday Party & Bad News

Here I am again sitting infront of the computer getting my fingers stroking the keys of the keyboard.

Just came back home from my niece's 2 years old birthday party. My cousin's daughter, to be exact. It was in OUG so we had to wake up at 9am to help out there. =.=

Went there and came back with bad news.

Another cousin of mine has just divorced his wife not long ago. He had an affair with a Malay woman for a few years already and is now married to her.

Gosh, it's just like some curse is happening along the blood-line. Mostly everyone related in this blood-stream had affairs going on. Not forgetting to mention, my father. Let's not go there.
By the way, my generation, which is my cousins and I, are inspired and urged to stop this so-called "curse".
But one thing for sure, we can't predict the future.

You see, this cousin's grandfather is the first husband to our grandmother, while my grandfather is the second. His grandfather ran away from our grandmother and married a Malay woman. Sad case huh?

Do you know that my grandfather had a few wives and several affairs going on at the same time?
Too bad I wasn't able to meet this magnificent fellow because when I was born, he's already six feet under.

Confusing, isn't it?

Bah, I need a nap.


Anonymous said…
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Anonymous said…
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-akxj- said…
...i hope you can stop the curse..i know you can =)
ryn said…
go vincent! u can do it! =)
vpws said…
haha thanks.. i hope so.. but i've got a little feeling i might follow my dad's footsteps.. i hope i wont.. hehe! =)

haha thanks! what r u doin here!? arent u supposed 2 b studying? lolz~

ahaha! there might b some truth of ur comment.. who knows? =P
-akxj- said…
vincent> lol...aih..i dunt know..i just went to a wedding dinner..and i somehow feel that getting attached isnt the best thing now..
ryn said…
marriage is all about commitment. kinda scary being tied down to one person for the rest of ur life :\

vincent, i was.. uh, taking a mini break, coz i deserve one after all d studying :D
vpws said…
haha.. i can c dat u're thinking sumtin like me already.. haha~ after spm, i'm going job hunting n girlfriend hunting! wuakakaka!

yea dat's true.. but it seems that teenagers nowadays can't stay up wif their commitments..

mini break huh? lolz~ yea u may deserve one after all those hardwork..
but, ur dis reply is at 5:12am?? wat r u doin awake so early?! haha~
jean said…
haha...vincent, u better stop da curse ok...i don't wanna end up seeing u wif different woman every year next time..or there's another AIDS patient out take care ok...ehehe
-akxj- said…
vincent>same here la..job wanna work at the same place or something?i wanna work at a clothes that i can buy clothes oso =)

ryn>why did you wake up so early?how was bm?my cousin said it was kinda okay..
vpws said…
ish, u wait! grrrrrr~ =P
vpws said…
haha.. i don't know, maybe.. i might want to work at home.. something like, an entry clerk.. haha~ more freedom n betta pay~ =) nonit to stress urself up also.. hehe!
ryn said…
haha. i woke up so early coz it started raining and i didnt close my window and i felt the rain and then i woke up. there you have it.

adrian > bm? i dunno nuts about recycling! and it came out. dang.
vpws said…
haha icic... explanation excepted.. lolz~ off i go to tuition now.. gud luck for da rest of ur papers! =)
suzanne said…
stop the curse! keke! its a sad case right...anyway,dun think abt it n concentrate on ur exam 1st =) cheerS!
-akxj- said…
vincent>hmm..entry clerk? such thing?

ryn>were you on9?
vpws said…
haha thank you! yea i will try! i appreciate ur advice! =)

of coz there is! u need exposure man! haha~
Anonymous said…
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