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It's not easy, to be, ME..

It seems like I've already abandoned my blog, but I haven't okay? I was a little too busy over the past 10 days that I couldn't even find time to blog. Looks like I'm currently updating my blog on weekly basis, which is not good; for I think I'm losing all my blogders! :(

The holidays have ended just a few days ago, and as usual, it's back to dragging myself back to college. College couldn't get any worse than having your assignments, homework, exams, and presentations all due in the week right after the holidays! I'm going a little more than crazy already. =S

Anyway, just like the usual blogging style of mine, it's time for updates! =)

Oh my, it has been quite some time already and I'm now scratching my head trying to recall what have happened then.
Oh, now I remember! Let's start with what happened after 12am on Monday!

Monday, September 11, 2006.

Vee Lyn and Penny sorta made me sneaked out of my house at 2am. Yes, those two crazy peeps were try…

Moving on..

"I was born... to tell you I love you..."
Haha, I'm going all emo listening to Your Call by Secondhand Serenade. It's like playing on repeat in my Winamp for the past few days and I'm still not sick of it yet. ;)

Alright, enough of emo-ness from the previous post. It's time for updates! Weee~

Tuesday, September 5, 2006.

It was another Merdeka for the A Level students of Taylor's College, because it's the final day before the start of a 12 days mid-semester break.

To celebrate it, my classmates and I had it on at the futsal pitch. Amazingly, I was on form that I actually scored 6 goals(which I don't when I normally play with my ex-highschoolmates)! Call me lucky or whatsoever, but I still scored 6 bloody goals! =P

At night, Shaz generously got us (a bunch of about 29 people consisted of mostly bloggers) complimentary tickets to Nacho Libre in Midvalley. If you're a super duper huge fan of Jack Black and nothing else, that's a movie worth catching…


I was looking through the collection of some of my old photos dated way back into 2003 which was when I first got my digital camera - when I found this:

This photo of a part of my room was taken at the end of 2004. Almost a couple of years has gone by and yet my room still hasn't change; only that it's much messier now.

I kinda like this particular amateur piece of mine, probably because it depicts all kind of feelings just by looking at it.

The atmosphere of this picture is quite serene, yet you can still feel a tinge of gloom inside. The unattended chair and computer portray emptiness. The subdued sunlight through the curtains captures the feeling of the bright and cheerful outdoors, yet darkness still roam inside the room.

I feel just the same.

Merdeka! Merdeka!! Merdeka!!!

Shit, I'm still suffering from my sorethroat and somehow it got even worst after I woke up this morning. Spending the past few days drinking and smoking in intolerable amount surely got my throat felt like it has been forcefully (and successfully) blocked with a bloody huge rock. The medicine the doctor prescribed me during my last visit on Tuesday just ran out this morning. I think I'll need to make another trip to the clinic soon.


Merdeka's eve night was spent in an uber patriotic mood. Proof?

(Photo courtesy of William Ng)
Hahahahahahahahahahaha! Hey! I meant it seriously okay? Mun Hoe, his other half, and his other half's friend were there as witnesses too!
We spent the countdown to our country's 49th Independence Day at Ambang Kemerdekaan which was held in Sunway Lagoon. Definitely not an event to look out for or even stay till the ending for the cool and happening youth, but in my opinion, the event went pretty good. In fact, I bet they still managed to i…