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All hail Prom King (cheh wah~)

It has been 6 days without a word from me. Well, my absence was not because of a hiatus - instead I was out and away for an after-SPM holiday with my buddies in Genting Highlands. I will post pictures taken from the trip later when I get the final set from Sheela.


My school's prom was held last Tuesday, 8th of December 2005 with the theme La Rosa Negra. I paid a hundred bucks for nuts - not-so-good food and small-congested hall. The criterias making the hundred bucks worth it is the companionship of my fellow 'rakan seperjuangan' and bearing the title Prom King of SMK USJ4 2005 by luck.
I would like to congratulate and thank the organizing committee for organizing the event successfully. I really enjoyed myself there.

Here are some pictures I picked out of hundreds of good ones.

^ Preparing for Prom at Michael's house.

^ First group picture with the Romeos.

^ Looking good.

^ Roshanpal, with his 700 bucks G2000 suit. Rich freak. ><

^ L-R: Botak Michael, Copperhead Mun H…

Cousin's Wedding

Sorry for the lack of updates. Life after SPM has been very hectic with plans all day and night. Last night I attended a distant cousin's wedding at Palace of the Golden Horses. Since picture speaks a thousand words, so...

^ About 600 people attended the wedding function

^ Mom and dad

^ 10 feet cake

^ Appetizer

^ Grandma and grandpa

^ Sisters

^ 'Yam Seng'

^ Slide presentation of the newly-weds

^ Ice sculpture

^ Brother

^ Sisters

^ Grandma with the bride and groom's ride

^ Me.. Hehe~

^ My family

^ Bro with big vase

^ Father and bro

^ Sisters with vase

I have been sleeping at 4AM over the past few days. I'll need a good and early sleep tonight, as I have my school's prom tomorrow night. Lights out!

Hiatus ended..

Wow, this is the longest hiatus period I took since a month ago.
Unfortunately, I was a little too busy with my SPM preparations, considering this as the most suffering and exhausting week, with Biology and Chemistry papers commencing after one another.

Here is a small update for the past 3 days:
28th November 2005Spent the whole day preparing for Chemistry, the subject I hated the most.

29th November 2005Chemistry wasn't really as bad as I thought. I screwed up my first paper by getting 8 out of the first 10 questions wrong. >< Other papers were good.

30th November 2005Biology paper was quite near to perfect. I think I screwed up my experiment in paper 3. But it's the only Science paper I'm confident about.
Spent the night watching two movies, Kungfu Mahjong 2, and Cello. Kungfu Mahjong 2 was hilarious because it's dumb, while Cello should not be classified as a horror movie, as the focus is more on a dramatic storyline.
There's a quote from Kungfu Mahjong 2 I fin…