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Please bless it!

Cats have NINE lives.

I hope it is true.

I accidentally knocked a DAMN cat just now.
It was crossing the road at a slope and was only visible to me when I couldn't avoid it. Goddamnit!

I do not have any mood to do anything now.

*I'm so so sorry..*

Where's my bed? =(

I was very much awake before 5 a.m. this morning. And I just woke up an hour ago.
I'm so tired. There's Karate training in 15 minutes. I told myself that I shall not miss this one.

Will continue later.


13 Days School Holiday!


I skipped school today and missed the joyous annoucement of a 13 days break for the form 5 students. So NO school till 11th October. Yay~

Looks like today is gonna be an unproductive day. I'll just sit here and plan something better to do.

Hey check this out!
Porn on Bed
Dumb Sashvinder sent me this. Idiot.

Avianca Flight 052

I studied Moral yesterday.
That's something new isn't it? Memorized most of the values and their descriptions. I do not expect them to stay for long. =.=

Oh I washed my car at last after almost 6 weeks of accumulating dirt and dusts. With my sister's help of course!(Thank you Yaenn)
The MISTAKE was that we washed the car when there wasn't any sunlight. The result of the drops of water not dried up properly created hundreds of "polka-dots" stain all around the side windows, and front and back windshields. Gee, all the effort wasted.

Just finished watching Air Crash Investigations on National Geographic few minutes ago. This week's investigation was on Avianca Flight 052's crash in Cove Neck, New York. Details and story can be found here. It is incredible how just a mistake of ONE SENTENCE tranferred claimed dozens of innocent lives.

^A picture of the crash scene. Shown above is the broken tail and body of the plane just infront the lawn of a residential hou…

Mechanic? No-No!

I so do not want to be a mechanic. Working on a vehicle is just so confusing. I came up with that statement when I sent my car for its second service this afternoon.

After that, I spent RM11.50 at the cybercafe. I think that will be my last trip. I do not want to get addicted to it. A waste of money and also a waste of time. If I wasted them on my studies earlier, I might have already become one of the smartest kids around. =P

47 days left.

That's not very long more. It can just pass by without our realization. Tomorrow is a day that marks my very first footstep to a long and vigorous journey. Yes, I've promised myself to start tomorrow.

I'll need lots of luck too.

Happy Birthday to My Bro!

A very very happy birthday to
Victor Pang Wen Sheen!

It's his birthday today, but we celebrated it a few hours ago which was yesterday at San Francisco Steakhouse in Summit.

^ My brother and I posing for the camera while waiting for dinner to be served. (Yes, I know our looks are quite contrasting. =.=)

^ I wanted to test something new so I ordered San Francisco Grill. It wasn't outstanding enough so I won't recommend it.

^ Birthday boy playing with the mini umbrella that came together with the mango lychee cocktail.

^ A family photo infront of the restaurant before leaving. RM290 off the wallet of my mom's(I think she swiped her card instead). Not bad for a six persons' meal.

^ Cake blowing ceremony at home, just like we always do.

^ A picture almost similar to the above. The difference is that, this was shot last year! See how time flies!?

There's no school tomorrow(today). I think I'll spend the day in the workshop watching my Kelisa getting its second service. …


Feeling : Physically Dull, Mentally Excited, Emotionally Neutral

I was spending the afternoon together with a bunch of my usual kaki lepakers at the Summit having lunch, playing foosball, pool & snooker, and a couple of games at the arcade.

I'm currently getting all emo listening to Jimmy Eat World's album Futures.

Will be going out to the Summitagain but this time for my brother's be-earlied birthday celebration. I think we'll be going to San Francisco Steakhouse.

This year, he's 12. Next he will be 13. Time does fly.

Dad's calling. Bye.

Cinderella Man..

Feeling : Physically Sleepy, Mentally Powerful, Emotionally Touched

Just came home from a yamcha session. Before that I was watching Cinderella Man on the big screens.

^One heck of a movie. Click here for my review.

I'm off to bed. Good night.

Daniel Won Malaysian Idol Season 2!

Feeling : Physically Fresh, Mentally Recovered, Emotionally Plain

I've watched Malaysian Idol Season 2's Result Show on TV on the last one hour. Looks like Daniel grabbed the title "Malaysian Idol" this time. Poor Nita.
I personally know some hardcore fans of Daniel, and I bet they must be jumping in overwhelming joy this very minute. Haha~

^Daniel impressed thousands(or millions) of his fans with his talented vocals.

Had a dull day today. I slept the whole morning till late afternoon and had lunch at 4:30pm. =.=

Well, gotta get ready now. Will be catching a late night movie titled Cinderella Man with friends at the nearby cinema. I hope it will worth my 9 bucks.

Should I or should I not go for my school's Sihathon programme tomorrow morning? Sigh..


Feeling : Physically Exhausted, Mentally Unstable, Emotionally Lost

The old STOICAL Vincent is becoming pretty EXPLOSIVE these days.

I foresee danger..

Thank you..

Feeling : Physically Sleepy, Mentally Pissed, Emotionally Dull

Just had my week's dose of CSI. =P

School today was terrible. It was nothing more than a boring, dull, lame and tiring day. Worst of all, the feeling of tension and stress upon receiving our unsatisfied marks of certain papers.
In contrary, I feel quite happy today for getting a 64 for Modern Mathematics, a subject which I rarely pass over the high school years.

A weird conversation happened after the final school bell rang:

Kent : Vincent, wanna go dota anot later?
Sheela : Eh, don't ask him go lar. Let him study.
Daphne : Yalah! Vincent, don't go out. Stay at home and study addmaths!
Me : Err.. Errr... yea.. Haha! =D

Yeah, how often do you get friends who care about your studies?
I'm so fortunate to have such friends. I just can't express how I appreciate all the help channeled directly or indirectly. Thank you! You know who you are.

My eyelids are dropping. Good night for now.


Feeling : Physically Stressed, Mentally Worried, Emotionally Disregarded

How NICE it feels to work so hard for your exams and end up receiving BEAUTIFUL grades.
NICE and BEAUTIFUL as in sarcastically.

Maybe I didn't work hard enough. Maybe I'm just plain stupid.

Many friends said I'm actually smart but I'm just lazy.
Well, all I can say is "maybe"..

Trials over.. =)

Feeling : Physically Free, Mentally Relaxed, Emotionally Confused

Hmmm.. There's nothing much to blog about today.
Except that SPM trials are over. I feel so free and relaxed now.

The FINAL battle is still yet to come. And it's due not more than 2 months time.

"Jack of all trades, master of none."
It's still running through my head.
I prefer to get 5A's and 5D's rather than 10B's. =.=

I declare this week off from any form of studying.

I need a good night sleep.

Lantern Festival.. 17th & 18th Sept

Feeling : Physically Exhausted, Mentally Lazy, Emotionally Lost

I'm feeling a little lazy to blog even though I have so much to say.
Let's start with what happened yesterday.

Saturday, 17th September 2005

Hmmm, my morning was spent in school. In fact it was one of the most memorable in my history of schooling days.
3 hours of PJ(aka PE, Physical Education) and the rest lazing in class was more than what a student like me would ask for. =P

^ First 1 and 1/2 hour we played basketball and the next we played futsal on the basketball court. Dumb Haravinth's idea, but it was fun though~ =P

^ Names of the lifeless peeps that went to school on that day. I was forced by Michael to write them with a stone on the basketball court grounds. Bugger.

^ Lazing in class. >.<

After school, we went for a couple of games at the cybercafe. Rushed back home and took a nap.

Remember the "clown thingy"? Yea, I did it.
Was it a success or a failure? Only other people can answer that, not me.…

An all-rounder? *scratch head*

Feeling : Physically Aching, Mentally Enlightened, Emotionally Dull

Here I am again sitting infront of the computer with inspiration to blog.
You can't blame me for that, can you?

Anyway, History paper 1 wasn't that bad. I somehow managed to sleep half the time allocated.

Once again, I made a trip to the cybercafe after school. This time together with Edward and Puvana. Had a few surprisingly good games. You should've seen the faces of Edward and Puvana getting pissed over a defeat. The onlysad part was, 9 bucks flew off my wallet again.

Later, I will be dropping over Dennis's place to retrieve the clowncostume. Lets hope the costume is EXTRA funny so I'll just have to spend little energy being PLAIN funny. (Is there such thing? =S )

Earlier today, Sashvinder said a sentence that stroke and left me thinking till this very minute."Jack of all trades, master of none."That's what he said.
I've been trying to be an all-rounder all these while since I stepped…

A mission to accomplish..

Feeling : Physically Sleepy, Mentally Drifted, Emotionally Lost

For the second time in 5 years, I over-stretched my thigh muscles during Karate training. Does anyone out there know how to cure it? =/

Guess what?
During tuition, I received a call from Wei Tsung, a friend who is also a brother to me. He appointed me a "task" I've feared all these while.
The "name" of the job has been labeled as my attitude all these while by numerous Homo-sapiens.

What is it?Be a clown.Yes, I'm not kidding. I'll be dressing up as a clown to entertain 100 over kids including orphans for two hours in SJBA this Saturday in conjunction with the Lantern Day festival.
I bet those "Homo-sapiens" must be laughing upon reading this. XD

At first I was thinking twice about accepting the once-in-a-lifetime opportunity.
The only reason why I was a little indecisive was the worried thoughts of what if I can not perform as good needed or up to their par? I obviously DO NOT want to di…

Add Maths Angel..

Feeling : Physically Tired, Mentally Rushing, Emotionally Dull

Damn that English paper!!! Essays haven't been a problem to me all these while. How could they give 2 and a 1/4 hour for BM paper and 1 and 3/4 hour for English? Racism? =.=

Anyway, something really touching happened today.
Just after the final school bell rang, Daphne passed by and told me she's got something for me.
Guess what she wanted to give me?
An Additional Mathematics revision book.OMG, I received & held it in disbelief. It wasn't any of my expectations at all.
She was one of my peeps I asked to view by my blog last night. And according to her, the post "Add Maths just suck.." caught her attention. Being the best in Add Maths in the class, she made the decision to present me one of her many revision books.
She was reluctant and kinda objected me from posting an entry about it but I still did. I just can't express how much I appreciate it. Thank you Daphne.

Not forgetting to mention that a co…


Feeling : Physically Sleepy, Mentally Careless, Emotionally Blur

Well, I spent the afternoon with a nap. Minus the two trips to send and pick my sister from her tuition in SS18.(which is at least 30mins to and fro per trip)

Had my History tuition from 8 till 9:30pm.
What happened after that?
C'mon, I can't live without my weekly dose of Crime Scene Investigation on TV. "Can't live" as in literally.
I do find an interest in forensic science although I partially dislike Chemistry.
Looks like I'll still stick with flying.

There's English essay paper late tomorrow morning. Looks like I'll spend the night in bed without worries. =)

Trial exams end next Monday. That's 5 more days. Can't wait.
Oh, and there's Mooncake and Lantern Festival this Sunday. An auspicious event for the Chinese.
I have plans lined up this weekend. In fact, I do have some clashing ones too. Will have to make some heavy decisions again. SO much for having fun. =(

By the way peeps, …

At last..

Feeling : Physically Stressed, Mentally Hopeful, Emotionally Neutral

Goddamned History paper was pretty TOUGH. Of course with consideration of me not revising at all a night before.

Instead, I was actually working on the my blog to prepare it for publicity.
Slept no earlier than 2am. =.= (Yes please whack me)
I think it's about time to let the world know about my little secret hideout for my rants. (is there any?)
Don't ask me why I've decided to do so. I just don't know.

Mercedes-Benz SLR McLaren is just one "chun-ted" car I can't get over with. I really hope I'll be able to own one.

^Click here for my reviews.

I have 5 hours of nothing-to-do until my tuition at 8pm.
Should I go out for a drink and some fresh air, or should I take a nap and have some rest?


Realization 1..

Feeling : Physically Irritated, Mentally Worried, Emotionally Blur

Damn Moral papers weren't as easy as I thought. I screwed that paper up badly. At least Physics and EST weren't that bad.

Came home at had nothing to do, so I tried playing DOTA on my bloody lagging computer. I succeeded at the first game but not at the second.
Then I ended up sleeping next.

Just as I was lying in bed, many realizations passed my mind.
Although I'm relaxing on a comfortable bed feeling the evening breeze blown from the nearby window, I was sure I wasn't really that comfortable after all.
It's funny how STRESS can manipulate your feelings and thoughts at a particular moment. I am going through lots of stress this whole week and the previous. I'm sure it won't subside until I write the finalfull-stop on the last SPM exam paper.The stress ended up resulting me with a growth of ulcer in my mouth, irritating sickness and multiple headaches. =(

^ Anyway, I received a pair of cool t-shi…

Add Maths just suck..

Feeling : Physically Lazy, Mentally Disgusted, Emotionally Lined

I finally came up with a conclusion.
Most people who can't drive tend to take advantage on people who can.Not sure how true it is, but being taken advantage on is really pissing me off. Especially when these people aren't close to you at all.
*This hypothesis is not related to any of my peeps. Want to know if you are? Ask me then.

*It's really painful!*
What is it?
The growth of my wisdom tooth!
It's creating a strong impact amongst the teeth in my mouth and it hurts. =(
Not so wise afterall.

Anyway, I'm getting distracted from studying during Additional Mathematics tuition every week. I just can't seem to pay more attention or revision on the subject.
I don't like Add Maths. I don't think I ever will.

I need to start studying now or I'll have to expect a RED grade in my record book for Moral. Won't be sleeping early tonight I think. Good night.

*Ouch! Bloody mosquitoes*

3 Doors Down - Here By Me

Feeling : Physically Sleepy, Mentally Soft, Emotionally Soothing

I hope you’re doing fine out there without me
‘Cause I’m not doing so good without you
The things I thought you’d never know about me
Were the things I guess you always understood

So how could I have been so blind for all these years?
Guess I only see the truth through all this fear,
And living without you…

And everything I had in this world
And all that I’ll ever be
It could all fall down around me.
Just as long as I have you,
Right here by me.

I can’t take another day without you
‘Cause baby, I could never make it on my own
I’ve been waiting so long, just to hold you
And to be back in your arms where I belong

Sorry I can’t always find the words to say
But everything I’ve ever known gets swept away
Inside of your love…

And everything I had in this world
And all that I’ll ever be
It could all fall down around me.
Just as long as I have you,
Right here by me.

As the days grow long I see
That time is standing still for me
When you’re not here

Sorry I…

I don't like paper 3's..

Feeling : Physically Terrible, Mentally Lame, Emotionally Lost

I don't like paper 3's.
Paper 3 for Biology was a disaster, but luckily Chemistry wasn't.

I can't take my head off the urge to go to the cybercafe. But I'll stay strong to my promise and tell myself to STAY AT HOME!

Physics paper 3 will be predictable, EST 2 will be "sap sap sui" and Moral will be GODAMNIT!

That's all for now. Had lots of trouble coping with my diluted flu during exams this morning. So I'll obviously have a nap or sleep after this.


Feeling : Physically Sick, Mentally Irritated, Emotionally Unstable

I slept through my Sunday afternoon.

When I woke up, I managed to convince myself to play basketball.
Fats go away please. =P

McDonald's 1300-13-1300 special deliverysucks. I can't reach them even though I tried calling non-stop for almost half an hour.
I ended up driving there to "take-away" my dinner.

Biology and Chemistry paper 3 tomorrow. I'm so going to die already.
I MUST try to study after this.

Oh! I just remembered there's CSI on television later! Won't want to miss it this time!


September 11 a.k.a. 9-11

Feeling : Physically Sick, Mentally Stale, Emotionally Stable

Good morning! Started with a good sleep but ended with a bad wake.
Flu plus sorethroat.Oh no! I'm getting sick again! =(

Woke up in the morning to find 6 missed calls and 2 messages.
Oh well, the early bird gets the worm.

Was reading blogs earlier like I always do. I envy bloggers that have never-ending interesting articles to post. Their life is like, so cool, so challenging, so entertaining, so weird, so unpredictable(and the list goes on).

Stole a couple of pictures from Penny. Taken on Penny's camera yesterday night at the Lantern Day Party. Check out her entry.

^ They piled up a few long woods to form a big star. Then everyone will light up their very own candle and place them on the "star". Something to do with peace I think.

^ Penny and I. Haha~ That's a song title, isn't it?(Isn't it Penny and Me?) I like this picture. Anyway, for your information, Penny was my classmate in Kindergarten.


Mooncake Festival Party..

Feeling : Physically Awake, Mentally Urging, Emotionally Plain

Just came home from the Mooncake Festival Partya.k.a. Lantern Day Party. It's the one organized by BRATS and Hommies. Somehow, I also found out that the Editor of STAR Metro was partly involved in organizing it too.

Before I went there, I had Adrian keeping me company while I was having my dinner at Maju USJ4. He even paid for my food. Thanks dude.

Wasn't expecting to meet a lot of friends there. And I meant A LOT. =P School friends, temple friends, Leo friends, etc etc.

Some interesting stuffs that happened :
Penny was horny.
Met Datuk Lee Hwa Beng there.
Met Li Jen at last.
Made quite a number of new friends.
Found out that Kok Keith likes kids.Haha~
It was fun despite the mess. Congratulations to Guo Heng in successfully organizing the memorable event.

It's getting late already. For the first time in many months, I have the whole Sunday MORNING to sleep myself through.

That's all for now. I'll post some pics onc…

I'm Addicted..

Feeling : Physically Sleepy, Mentally Excited, Emotionally Pale

DAMN the BM 2 paper! It drove me nuts. I wasn't prepared for it either. =.=

After school, Michael, Edward, Adrian, Kent, Puvana, Gautam and I went to Global SS15 for a few rounds of DOTA. An online game I started at home but then got addicted and started playing at cybercafes.

That explains why my wallet is always empty huh?
Anyway, we played 3 rounds and my team didn't win a round at all. =.=
Bad day.

At 6, I picked my mom's workers at her company to send them home. Was doing my mom a favour as she's attending a wedding dinner in Malacca with my siblings and father now.
I decided not to join them because I wanted to go for a Lantern Day party organized by BRATS and Hommies. But now I'm feeling a little too tired to even move a muscle.

I got lost in Shah Alam after sending my mom's workers back home. In total, I traveled an almost 45 whopping kilometers just in that district itself. Not forgetting to me…

Epi bdae kong kong!

Feeling : Physically Restless, Mentally Lazy, Emotionally Jumbled

OMG, I accidentally slept until 11pm since 7pm when I got home from dinner.
I gotta study my BM literature now before it is too late!

There's school tomorrow! Not forgetting to mention, school on Saturday with 2 SPM trial papers. BM 2 and EST 1. That only mean one thing, it's gonna be a superbly tiring day tomorrow.

There are plenty of great plans tomorrow night. But why do all good things have to clash?? There'll be a Lantern Day Party at the USJ5 field jointly organized by BRATS and Hommies, my mom's company wedding dinner at Malacca, and another basketball game with fellow Sri KL-ians at Kota Kemuning.

Before the day ends, I would like to wish Adrian Kong aHappy Blessed Birthday!
Woohoo~ Have a great year of sweet 16! =)

OK, enough said, back to my books! =)


Feeling : Physically Blur, Mentally Lettered, Emotionally Stable

Hmmm.. Just finished visiting other people's blog. I do that at least thrice a week to keep up with my peeps.

Just as I was browsing from one site to another, I saw an entry that impressed me. It was Gerard's. It's about him thinking of transferring his scholarship to a girl whom he thought deserves it better. Check the page out here.
Yes, I was pretty much impressed with his nobility.

Many people use their blog as a medium of expressing how they feel about stuffs. Some just journalize their life.
I'd rather stay with journaling. It seems much peaceful that way.

Don't you think so?


Feeling : Physically Relaxed, Mentally Annoyed, Emotionally Smooth

Modern Mathematics papers weren't that bad today. Should at least get a D I think. =.= At least I don't fail right?

A week full of stress ends today, but a week full of effort starts tomorrow.
Come on, there's school on SATURDAY?! Worst, it goes on every week until October!

Bah~ I need a rest.


Feeling : Physically Sleepy, Mentally Lazy, Emotionally Ignored

Physics papers weren’t as disastrous as how I expected it to be.

Will be facing Modern Mathematics tomorrow.
Although to many it may be an easy A, I have to strive hard just for a PASS.

I’m really tired now. Thanks a bunch to my karate training right after school.
And after karate, I joined a group of friends at the cybercafé.
Not forgetting, after that I had 3hours of Physics plus Chemistry tuition.

I want to study Math, but I’m too lazy and tired to do so.

2 hours of Physics!

Feeling : Physically Sleepy, Mentally Satisfied, Emotionally Plain

OMG, I studied Physics for the last 2 hours NON-STOP.
My brain feels like bursting.

This is a new record. Never in this year have I actually spent more than an hour working my brains at my study-desk.

A sleep would really do some help now. Good night.


Feeling : Physically Sleepy, Mentally Awake, Emotionally Neutralizing

Was asked by Penny to visit her blog to see how one of her fans worshipped her blog.

Check it out here. Kinda cool huh? Or does it seem ridiculous?
What if I have a female fan doing that for me? =P


Hahahaha~ Just came back from Physics class, and History class is next in the list. I'm so sleepy but there's not enough time to take a nap. =(


Feeling : Physically Itchy, Mentally Stressed, Emotionally Plain

Chemistry was a total bullshit! I think i mightflunk this one too.

Physics papers tomorrow.
And after tomorrow, the stress level will be reduced to half.

Tuition in another hour. Got to go get ready.

Cybercafe addiction

Feeling : Physically Sleepy, Mentally Pissed, Emotionally Down

Went to the cybercafe this afternoon with Kent and Puvana instead of taking a good rest at home. #%$@ed up games.

Biology tuition was replaced with Chemistry tuition in aid for tomorrow's SPM trials papers. Couldn't concentrate in class.

Everything seems so moody now. I should cool down a little.

Don McLean - Vincent(Starry Starry Night)

Feeling : Physically Sleepy, Mentally Forced, Emotionally Sad

Have you ever heard the song that goes "starry starry night.."?
I just found out that the song's original title is Vincent. That's my name! =)

Actually the song "Vincent" was written in 1971 by Don McLean after reading a book about the life of artist Vincent Van Gogh.
Click here for more information.

I simply just love the song.

Starry, starry night
Paint your palette blue and grey
Look out on a summer's day
With eyes that know the darkness in my soul
Shadows on the hills
Sketch the trees and daffodils
Catch the breeze and the winter chills
In colours on the snowy linen land

Now I understand
What you tried to say to me
And how you suffered for your sanity
And how you tried to set them free
They would not listen
They did not know how
Perhaps they'll listen now

Starry, starry night
Flaming flowers that brightly blaze
Swirling clouds and violet haze
Reflect in Vincent's eyes of china blue
Colours changing hue

Biology Paper 1 & 2

Feeling : Physically Sleepy, Mentally Stuffed, Emotionally Down

Biology papers weren't that bad at all. Finished paper 1 and 2 today, and there's paper 3 next week. How dumb.

Tomorrow, I will be facing the toughest subject of all time, ADD MATHS! =(

Oh my God! Guess what!? Guo Heng just called me up a minute ago, and invited me to join him in a conference for teenagers organized by the Editor of STAR METRO. I immediately accepted his invitation! Thanks mate! =) *excited*

Oh no, 3 hours of tuition tonight. =(

Library sucks..

Feeling : Physically Sleepy, Mentally Sleepy, Emotionally Sad

Just finished watching CSI: Miami & CSI: New York. My only few favourite programmes over the television.

Managed to go to the library this afternoon but unfortunately, we left the place because it was too packed. The few of us ended up lazing while studying over my house.

After 3 hours of studies, we headed to the nearest newly-opened cybercafe. Had a few games before we went back home.
What the heck? Why were we still playing games at the cybercafe when there're Biology SPM trial papers the following morning? =.=

Time for bed. But I think it will do some good if I revise a little of Biology before I sleep.

Good luck and all the best to those sitting for the SPM trials examination.

Sunday Morning Sun is Shining~

Feeling : Physically Fresh, Mentally Bored, Emotionally Drowned

Good morning!

Had a good sleep last night. Experienced lots of dreamless nights these few days.
I wonder why..

Got myself to study some important Biology subtopics. Will be working more on it at the library with Shih Mun later. I guess he's the one motivating me to stop lagging and start moving.
Thanks a bunch dude.

What should I do at the moment?
I do feel a little sleepy though. =P


Feeling : Physically Bored, Mentally Bored, Emotionally Drowned

It's so boring.
The sad part is that I can't sleep no matter how hard I tried. Might be because of this afternoon's nap.
Worst is that I don't even feel like going out.

Wait a minute..

That is supposed to be something good, isn't it? Should reduce outings and spend more time at home. Save money, save time, save petrol.

I'm unmotivated. Move, Vincent, Move! Will try my luck at the library tomorrow.

Midnight Basketball =P

Feeling : Physically Sleepy, Mentally Lazy, Emotionally Drowned

Was supposed to study with Shih Mun at Hypermedia Library yesterday but it didn't happen. Was sleeping throughout the whole afternoon like nobody's business.

Went to Kota Kemuning to play basketball at 10:30pm with schoolmates and friends from Sri KL. We played till 1am and went back to Subang Jaya to yamcha. Slept at about 4am.

Woke up early this morning to attend Biology and Physics extra tuition classes. It was specially planned to cope with the upcoming SPM trials which will take place in TWO days time.

Oh no, I'm so unprepared!

I'm so sleepy. I think I'll take a short nap after eating my lunch.

Merdeka's Eve Pics..

Feeling : Physically Restless, Mentally Plain, Emotionally Happy

Skipped school today. Needed some extra sleep, but I woke up early to send my siblings to school anyway. Studied Biology this morning too.

SPM trials is next week. I hope I'll attain lots of LUCK this time!

Here are some pictures courtesy of Michael Goh on the celebration of Merdeka's eve 30th August 2005:

^ On the way to Sunway Pyramid. 4 of us had Biology tuition earlier. *giggles*

^ Horny Mike. L-R: Shih Mun, Sam, Sam's Girlfriend, Michael, & I.

^ Met Chun Jiat along the way.

^ The more the merrier. Clockwise from top left: Me, Edward, Michael, Shih Mun, Julia, & Carrere.

^ Shih Mun has fat lips! Wait, isn't that his tongue? *confused*

^ Mun Mun and I.

That's all for now.

31st August = Baskin Robbins!

Feeling : Physically Hungry, Mentally Uneasy, Emotionally Missing

Journal entry of 31st August 2005.

Slept for 2 hours before was wakened up by Valerie's phone call. Fetch Valerie and headed to temple for Exams Blessing. We then had breakfast with Chung Wei and Chung Lern at Sri Melur SS19.

Went back home at lunch-time and slept my way till 6:30pm. I went to Baskin Robbins with Valerie after my family dinner. It was the 31st of the month, so BR all around the world(is it?) were having promotions. We had 31% off on BR icecreams!

^ A sephia image of the icecream we shared. A pint of Splish Splash and Pistachio Nuts.

^ Weeeeee~

Oh, I cut my hair too. Not bald this time. =P

30th Aug = Merdeka's eve Part II

Feeling : Physically Aching, Mentally Uneasy, Emotionally Missing

Journal Entry of 30th August 2005.

We headed to Sunway Pyramid after Biology tuition. Michael, Shih Mun, Carrere and I.

I thought the traffic congestion will be very bad, but I was wrong. Amazingly, the road was quite clear.

Reached there an hour before Merdeka. Went to McDonald's because Michael and I haven't had our dinner yet.

We had our countdown just behind the mainstage. After viewing the spectacular firework performance, we spent the rest of the night(morning) at Qbar Garden.
Didn't really drink because I will be driving, Only had a couple glasses of Carlsberg. We left the place at 3am on Merdeka Day.

Dropped by Bavany's house for a couple of hours before heading back home.

Pictures will be up soon!

How enjoyable was the celebration? To me, not really. It's dull this year, the environment, the programme, the crowd, me. ("Me"? Refer to the previous post.)