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Tutorial Lee's SPM Seminar

29th October 2005

Managed to pull myself out of bed at 8AM with the help of my mom's wake up calls.

Went for an 8 hours SPM seminar at Holiday Villa, Subang Jaya organized by Tutorial Lee Tuition Centre. It was a fun and memorable day with the companionship of whacky, hyper-active, horny, and adorable friends. =)

^ We had our buffet lunch at Palm Terrace in Holiday Villa. The food there didn't really worth the seminar fees. I ate very little for lunch because I lost my appetite from the lack of sleep before the seminar.

^ Shih Mun and I. I'm so jealous, he's so photogenic!

^ What a beauty! Don't you think so? I was talking about the me. =P

^ The girls didn't bring their camera with them, so I had to help them shoot some pictures with the tuition centre's principal, Mr. Robert Lee. What a joker - LOOK at where his fork's poking. ;P

^ After lunch, we had a group photo. Noob photographer made the picture blurry. =(

^ "Beauties" of the jungle. The girls couldn't stop camwhoring. No choice, I'm the only camera owner among the group. =/

^ At last Mr. Photographer was allowed to join in a picture! =P Owh, and that expression was there because I was pinched at the shoulders by Siau Yen! Sheesh~ =P

^ The guys too had their chance of having a group picture together! =P

^ Everyone in the class was giving full concentration through out the seminar.

^ Err, I meant most of them..

Came back home at 5PM and slept till 10PM. I woke up famished with the absence of food AND my family. Then only I remembered that they went back hometown, which was Malacca to attend a funeral service. Then I went out with Kent, Adrian, Shih Mun to have my dinner + supper.

There's Kathina ceremony held in temple tomorrow. I'm still deciding whether to go or not. Might get a haircut later in the evening before I head on to a church concert in PJ. Will be meeting Guy Sebastian - that afro gay guy!


-akxj- said…
one reason why i am not inside is because none of you all told me about it!! =S
vpws said…
huh? told u about what? the seminar? it's for TUTORIAL LEE students only FYI, if that's the explaination u wanted lar.. :P
aman23 said…
eh call me when u going 4 haircut.. like u said u would ;) i need to take pic for my driving license and i want my hair 2 b neat ><
Anonymous said…
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Grace said…
mr. lee lost weight and.. is actually wearing a long sleeved shirt???

the only image i rmbr his that he's.. soft and in a white sleeveless shirt.
tinylola said…
hehehe nice nice!
Can i have the pictures?? hehe
im kinda lazy to update my blog oday.. will do so soon i think.. ;P
vpws said…
nothing else matters:
haha yeah i would, but i couldn't in the end, u'll c why on my next post.. hehe! when r u gonna get ur driving license? btw isn't ur hair neat enuff?

lost weight? Contrasting the actual fact leh.. i think he gained weight.. haha!

btw, it was almost my FIRST time seeing with a long sleeved shirt.. he's always wif his sleeveless showing off his armpit hair around.. haha! :P

haha thanks.. :)
yeah sure go ahead! haha!

ok can't wait for it! hehe~
aman23 said…
one day after spm >< they said i can start my course on the 2nd itself but i got some plans of my own.
vpws said…
nothing else matters:
oh i c.. nice.. so fast.. haha! :P

on da 2nd eh? my plan for the day is SLEEP secukup-cukupnya! :P

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