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Great weather today!
Cloudy-drizzling-raining-cloudy-drizzling-raining. A good sleeping atmosphere, don't you think so? =D

Karate training today was quite relaxed, because coach was absent. Haha~ =)

After training, Michael, Taryna, my sister and I dropped by USJ4's Pasar Ramadhan.
I bought Kebab. Yum yum! But I still think SS18's Pasar Ramadhan has a bigger variety and better quality food compared to USJ4's.

Went for tuition today, and my tuition teacher challenged me to get 8A's for SPM. I'll get 8 bars of chocolate if I succeed. LOL~
After tuition Michael and I dropped by Roong Liang's birthday party for awhile. Although he doesn't come here, I would like wish him a happy blessed birthday again! =)

Woohoo~ Downloading process of four different movies finished about the same time today. I'll be watching Final Fantasy VII - Advent Children with my siblings in awhile more. After that I guess I'll be doing some Chemistry revision. =)

I would really need a new phone, a new wallet, a new shoe, a new car, and
      a NEW attitude..


huiwen said…
hmm...8 bars oni ah?
vpws said…
yeap! then my other friends asked why they can't get any, then my teacher said to them, "that is IF he can get 8A's, because I think he can't."
afteral, it's betta than nutin rite? haha!
Roshan said…
if u sleep for 4 hours from now on and study seriously all day, im 100% sure you can get 8 a's :)
Roshan said…
bm:u're quite good in it
english:good enough
maths:surely can
addmaths:will do if u practice
sejarah:all u need to do is read
bio:same as sejarah
fizik:not that bad
kimia:quite hard if u start now
moral:just hafal the nilai!

thats 9 subjects! lol
aman23 said…
can la vince.. everyone can if they work.. but dude.. 4 hours of sleep is a BAD idea.. trust me.. get at least 6 ;)
vpws said…
haha 100% sure? i doubt it though.. hehe!

anyway~ a correction to ur "predictions" :
bm: i'm sucking my nuts..
english: an A in hand..
est: my best subject la my dear..
maths: not a problem now..
addmaths: not juz practise i need, basics!
sejarah: i got tuition?
bio: at least i'm interested in dis..
fizik: learning to love it..
kimia: guess what? i juz started..
moral: yea i know.. dat's wat i'm doin~

haha~ well.. i juz don't know.. thanks for da encouragement! =)

nothing else matters:
yea i know..
haha but now it's all abt the matter of time.. can't juz waste a second.. =(
thanks man for the advice! i might try 5 hours.. =P
Roshan said…
i think ur maths is getting better... sudah bijak mengambil purata
vpws said…
purata?? huh?? *blur*

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