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Paedophiles, YUCK!

Wow, just had my weekly series of CSI. One of the episodes was related to a Paedophile. How can these people be so disgusting? Eww..

By the way, this morning was cool! It was my FIRST time experience waiting in the car for someone for more than an hour! Haha. Apparently, I didn't got bored waiting. I don't know why but most probably it might be because it was 9 in the morning and my mind was blank with a little touch of sleepiness. Cause of that, the study appointment was a failure. Haha~ But my friend and I managed to plan my study schedule for the next 40 days.
At least something huh?

Watched The Longest Yard with Puvana and Flight Plan with Valerie today.
Yeap, two movies in a day. It's Wednesday and tickets cost not more than RM6 each.

Tuition at night, television after that, and here I am now.

Planned to do some Addmaths questions and study a chapter of every Science subjects. Which I will, after this entry.

^ The picture of my school's Editorial Board team. Something amiss? YES! I'm not in it!
Yeah they took the photo a day before the form fives started their 13 days break. I was absent, obviously. Guess what the Editor asked me?
    "Hey Vince, can you take a picture of yourself, plus three others who were also absent the other day, edit the pictures, and fit yourselves into the picture?"
Haha! Come on man, I won't be given the position Head of Graphics Department for nothing, right? LOL~


jO-LynN said…
oMg...your Editor actually asked you to do that??
wow~ when you do do it, post it up k? i want see! i want see!
hehe...see this gOogoO cLown..*oops* i mean..aiRfRo vincEnt ere skill onot...*giggle*
Grace said…
hahaha, peter peter peter.. tsk tsk!
val said…
Hmm I believe one of the movies was only RM5? Wahaha. Hey RM1 saved is still money okay.
vpws said…
hi jojo!! rarely see u here! =P
yeah he did.. hehehe! errr.. i will try, if it sucks i won't.. afterall, it's stil going into the school mag, so no choice have to do my best.. =( hehehehe!
cheh~ not got airfro pulak.. *swt* =.=" hehehe~

yeah.. peter peter peter.. lolz~

hahaha! that's y i wrote NOT MORE THAN RM6.. hehe~ ish still can get RM5 withouth student ID.. cheat! lolz~ but thx for da company anyway! hehehehehe~
aman23 said…
lol vince, put ur head with a porn star's body there, c wat d editor has 2 say about that.. :D
vpws said…
nothing else matters:
lolz aman! u n ur horny ideas!! hahaha~
Roshan said…
hey... i told vince the same thing.hehe. and the horny ideas thingi, it usually comes from u, vince :)
vpws said…
nothing else matters:
lolz yea u!!! =P

haha no wonder lar! i was wondering y u commented da same thing as aman in msn.. =.=
wat me?? look who's wif da ideas now?!? =P
-ChUi NeE- said…
ouch dats gotta hurt =) i mean not being in da picture wakkakkaa
vpws said…
-ChUi NeE-:
haha.. nah, my fault anyway.. i wasn't supposed 2 b absent.. lolz~ =)
Anonymous said…
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