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Apparently, it was pretty interesting attending school today. Other than meeting back your schoolmates after 13 days of physical absence, some "incident" occurred which shock and shook the whole school.

     Explosions happened.

Thinking about terrorists performing suicide bombings? Haha~
   Nah, just some dumb kid who wanted to create havoc played around wif a few fire-crackers. Yeah, three loud explosions happened during recess, before and after school.
The prefects conducted a "spot & freeze-check" after the first explosion. But obviously, no one was stupid enough to get caught and everything was back to normal, at least, for the next few hours.

Upon reaching my class after the spot-check, the Senior Assistant of Students Affairs made innocent students like me write a private and personal report regarding the incident happened earlier. I think every student in the school were made compulsory in reporting the incident about what heard or saw. Being a so-called private report, this was what I wrote:
    Pagi saya datang sekolah lambat. Bila masuk kelas saja, bunyi “BOM” didengari. Saya tak terkejut sebab saya berani. Kawan saya gelak tengok budak-budak lari keluar macam jakun. Saya letak beg dan ketawa bersama. Saya ingat orang main pistol. Sekian, terima kasih. Yang hampir benar, Vincent Pang.
The spotcheck, teachers talking and investigating, students pint-pointing, is like as though people watched too much TV. CSI, maybe? =P


Studied quite alot in school today, which I consider quite an amazing achievement. It's just NOT me to do work or pay attention in class.

And because I miserably slept at 4am this morning after some intensive studies, and woke up 3 hours later to attend school, I had a long satisfying afternoon nap. Damn, I won't be able to do the same tomorrow, because I have Karate training! Aih~

So, school has started and my schedule is in the flow.
In that case, one thing will be slowing down. Which is, what you're currently looking at.
     This calls for a temporary slowdown in blogging for me. I can't spend my time stroking my fingers on the keyboard about nuts and peanuts like that everyday. I can make use of this time in aiding my studies. So, I would like to thank my faithful readers and visitors for all the support throughout my blogging "career". But please do come back and visit once in awhile for surprising updates! Haha~

It's "Physics" in my schedule today, but I'm switching it with Modern Mathematics, which is supposed to scheduled next Monday. Getting pretty stressed up lately with Science subjects. =.="

I met a website yesterday which allows you to upload videos without space limits. So I thought of sharing with you a video created two years ago after the PMR examinations. It was a presentation for a prefect dinner at that time. So, enjoy! =P

^ I recommend you to click PLAY then immediately PAUSE, and wait for it to load finish before playing the whole movie. Loading is about 5 minutes with a 512kbps internet connection.(5MB)

Till the next post.


ryn said…
nice letter lol. yang hampir benar.

so ur taking a hiatus from blogging and being a blogging commentator? ur presence will be missed! =)

yang hampir benar,
vpws said…
haha thank you.. =P

ahaha sort of.. as written, there'll b absence of new entries for a while, but u won't c da last of me in urs comments page.. or should i call it, farting page? XD hahaha!

ish.. apalah u.. =P
ryn said…
thanks for farting so much all over my blog! haha appreciate it. you're a loyal farter =)
vpws said…
ish.. there u go agn making me all speechless.. sheesh~ =.=
aman23 said…
aiyoh hiatus? i also want a hiatus la. :P eh ur letter damn funny! where got wajib to everyone? i didn't write also? mainly because i was at d toilet when she came and asked us to write so i knew nuts about it. lolz.and that presentation! ahaha. that simply rawks wei!
thecw said…
hahahahaha dammmmmmm stooopid! hhahahahahahahah!! goodness..
vpws said…
nothing else matters:
haha den take some holiday also lar~ lolz~ =P
haha YANG HAMPIR WAJIB den.. lolx~
i heard there're more blasts today.. wasted i din go skool~ aih.. hahaha!
ahaha thanks..
later i'll post up LADY 10CENT.. da one dat has u inside~ lolz~

ahaha.. juz like u lar~ lolz~
aman23 said…
haha same i didn't go.. i heard about it too.

alah, i played only a brief scene in there. no nd la :p
Roshan said…
put terminator also... the boobs part quite funny n guess what? disagree member, zahid, msged me last night and complimented me for that movie :P
Roshan said…
ladies, have u ever wondered how will it be if vincent n me r flying u around? copy n paste this link in ur address bar.
Grace said…
ur letter was so trurthful and hilarious!

the video.. was watchign it while talking on the phone and I laughed so much till my friend got so annoyed!
Roshan said…
haha... ill put more video links in the near future, if its ok with u vp...
vpws said…
nothing else matters:
haha.. i'll b going skool tomolo.. n i hope it will happen agn! haha~ summore dis time there's police around.. sure got show! =)

haha.. i'll see whether i have the time to do so.. =P if not, den u're lucky.. =P

serious shit?? that fella had nutin betta to do ar? hahaha! afterall, it was like almost a year ago when he saw dat movie.. =.=" what he said?

haha dat plane's so cute.. if it was me inside, the plane would hav crashed halfway~ lolz~

not a problem.. appreciate it if u do so~ lolz!

haha of coz it has to be truthful~ =P

haha u like it? lolz~ i know u like 2 watch those amateur movies from Think.. hehe~
Roshan said…
yeah! i still have the mgs on my phone :P
vpws said…
haha cool man~ =) one day show me! lolz~
Keith said…
till the next post?!?!!? It's my line..!! grr~
vpws said…
kok keith:
haha~ kk let u win lar! lolz~

but den, i rmb who i took da line from adi.. it was first seen from MELODY's bloggie~ hehe!


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