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4th Road Accident!

I had my 4th official road accident today!

^ As you can see above, a motorcyclist made a sharp turn after vigorously exit a junction and hit my poor car. My fast-moving car was obviously in his sight but he still forced himself to make the turn. I couldn't escape from hitting him so I tried minimizing the casualty. In fact, he got away unhurt, and my car got a 1 meter scratch. @$@#%!@$!! How "fortunate"! Sheesh~

I went to school with a NEW image today, by dressing up in normal school uniform. Although weird, many of my friends said I looked smarter in that. Hehe~ =D

At last I got back my full SPM Trials result. The grades were very bad but I'm still quite contented as there're improvements compared to the grades from Mid-term exams.
  • Bahasa Melayu : 7D
  • Bahasa Inggeris : 1A
  • Matematik Moden : 4B
  • Sejarah : 8E
  • Pendidikan Moral : 8E
  • English for Science & Technology : 1A
  • Matematik Tambahan : 9G
  • Kimia : 9G
  • Biologi : 6C
  • Fizik : 7D
To all form fives: You've now seen my grades, so please stop complaining about how bad yours are. =/

Some of my buddies are having some drinks at the Mamak restaurant now. BUT I'm here. That's a good start to eradicate such influences before SPM is over.

Hmmm, 17 minutes spent blogging.

Biology next.


Jennhuiwen said…
OMG....i'm speechless and my eyes almost pop out after looking at ur result...
one word i can say
study la...
Jennhuiwen said…
This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.
Grace said…
my report card can be a carbon copy of urs next year. ^5..
vpws said…
haha, it's two words.. =)

lolx~ instead, i hope it won't for u.. u'll regret! especially if u wanna apply for scholarships! =) haha~
-akxj- said…
lol =) hui wen so bad =)...eheh
after all vincent now damn rajin adi =) more rajin then me
vpws said…
haha dat's y.. lolz~
aih.. da natural reaction from smart kids lar.. wat do u expect? =.=

where got more rajin? haha..
-akxj- said…
really more rajin..ahjaha wait la..i going to do the same..ahah
ryn said…
nice drawing! haha.

er, ur results, u got an A for english! yay.
aman23 said…
vince, u use tablet to draw ar?

btw, that motorcyclist really sucks man! how unfortunate ><
Roshan said…
4th road accident?
i only know u bang ur moms car and another lady when raining :P
vpws said…
ahaha okok good luck den! =)

haha thanks! =) yeah glad i got an A too.. lolz~ every exams i'll have two A's.. english n est.. lolz~

nothing else matters:
tablet? what's that? :S

yeap.. really unfortunate indeed.. juz now when i passed that place, i gave in extra concentration to other motocyclists there.. trauma adi.. lolz~

dead cat.. =.= check my older posts.. lolz~
aman23 said…
lol dead cat count as accident? :p
but the cat tak semestinya dead yet. lolz.

ala d drawing tablet.. nevermind. come my house n i'll show u one. lol

trauma? yala who won't trauma if their beloved car one big scratch there. lol.
vpws said…
nothing else matters:
haha yeah true also.. i dunno lar.. den counted as third lor~ lolz! =)

oh~ ok i know adi~ hehe nope, i was using my MOUSE to draw.. lolz~ it's so hard, dat's y da pic turned out terrible.. lolz~

hehe true true~ =)
Asyraf Lee said…
I'm a biker and I feel you pain.

Thanks to the mat rempits.

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