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And that's the way Uh-Huh-Uh-Huh I like it!

Gosh, I've just so much to say. But as usual, I'm kinda lazy to do so. Aih..

Okay, let's start off with yesterday.

Woke up freaking early(again) to send my sister to school. This time, I used back the same road I bumped over the poor cat the previous night.
Good news is, I couldn't find any traces of the cat's body, not on the road, neither nearby the skirts of the road. If the body was removed, who would do so between 12am till 7am where the sun wasn't even visible on the upper half of the horizon? =S
I just hope it was the small bump at the same spot on the road was the one that made me thought I rolled over the cat. How I wished I would've turned back to check the cat out right after the accident.
But thank goodness I sort of got over it already.

By 12, I was already at school getting ready to co-ordinate 44 school peeps to an Exams Blessing Ceremony is SJBA. It went on pretty well and I hope it gave strong confidence in every one of them towards preparing and facing their important examination. To me, it didn't.

Late evening, I picked up Michael, Shih Mun and Adrian, and headed straight to an event named Glitz, a Star Search competition at LimKokWing University in Cyberjaya. Its theme was "Black and Bling, a Night Celebrating All Genres of Dance and Music". I can't deny it was pretty impressive and I was caught in the awe-inspiring night with its amazing atmosphere. The main reason why I attended the event was to support my friend Reuben Kang, who performed that night.
Here are some pictures for your viewing pleasure. =)

^ Just upon picking Michael up from his house, he couldn't hold his "camwhoreness" anymore.

^ The other two passengers at the back. Adrian and Shih Mun.

^ Limkokwing's Futuristic Globe.

^ The animated backdrop of the event. It is so creative.

^ Little Reuben performing! So cute! =P

^ A group pic before leaving! L-R Michael, Adrian, Yue Mei, Shih Mun and I. Eww I looked so gay.

^ On the way back, with Michael trying to distract my concentration by flashing his camera all over me. Dumb ass. =P

^ My ticket. 0146, not a lucky draw number.

The result was out, and he won second place with a RM400 voucher. Congratulations mate, you deserved it well! =)
*Pictures are courtesy of Michael Goh. Visit his Multiply for more pictures.

After the event, Yue Mei joined us and we headed straight down to Kota Kemuning to meet up with some old friends. We played basketball at a public post-lighted basketball court. Although getting thrashed, it was quite a good fight. We played from 11:30pm till 3am the next day. After that, Mun Hoe, Adrian and I went to a Mamak's restaurant to have my DIINER. I was dead exhausted, dead hungry, and dead suffered from a mild headache.
We're a bunch of stupidly crazy people, don't you agree?

Here I am, at 6:30pm, just woke up not more than an hour and a half ago.
I'm still a little physically tired, added with muscle aches all around my hands and legs. I got to get ready now. Will be having dinner at Burger King with mom soon.

To those who posted "wake me up when September ends" anywhere, WAKE UP, September has ended!


Anonymous said…
This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.
-akxj- said…
aahah september ended..thats funny!
vpws said…
haha wat is so funny? :P
Anonymous said…
This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.
Slinky said…
OH.. So Reuben's your friend? I must say that his performance seriously kicked some serious ass. A job well done indeed!
vpws said…
Haha yeah.. It pretty much did! =)
lolz~ Thanks for the comment anyway.. Bet he will be happy to read this. Lolz~

U reub's friend also? Or a LUCT student? =)
-akxj- said… dont get me..swt..=)..great day on saturday man =)
-akxj- said…
i really wanna watch flightplan..we watch it on wednesday?when the tickets are cheaper?wednesday no skool rite?or you got tuition?
vpws said…
haha yea.. =)

ok no problem.. u plan ar den tell wat's da plan.. i got tuition at nite.. =(
-akxj- said…
at night oni ma..nvm lah..i try to call more ppl this time =) but i think alot watch adi dont mind watching the lastest movie?
vpws said…
not a problem! =) juz tell me when, n where.. =)
Slinky said…
Hahahaha neh... just a student of LUCT..
vpws said…
haha alrite then.. cool college u got there..

n thanks for dropping by.. =)

i hope u don't mind me linking ur blog, i find it pretty impressive n interesting! =)
Slinky said…
Hehehehe sorry about this late reply ... but thanks! Am glad that you enjoy reading my blog. Hehehe! Will get ya linked to my blog as soon as possible.
vpws said…
haha it's alrite..
thanks.. appreciate it! =)
Timothy Lim said…
you know, limkokwing is setting up a professional sound production studio in the plaza, and i hear the winners of the the Glitz event, will be invited to be a part of the Glitz album. I'll keep you guys updated if anything comes along. Glad you all liked the event!
vpws said…
timothy lim:
i see i see.. yeah i heard the same from my friend.. but if i'm not mistaken, it's only for the first place winner of every category.. btw i walked around the new underground studio a few months back.. i was awesome! lolz~
yeah, glad i attended it too.. thanks for ur comment.. =)

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