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It's not easy, to be, ME..

It seems like I've already abandoned my blog, but I haven't okay? I was a little too busy over the past 10 days that I couldn't even find time to blog. Looks like I'm currently updating my blog on weekly basis, which is not good; for I think I'm losing all my blogders! :(

The holidays have ended just a few days ago, and as usual, it's back to dragging myself back to college. College couldn't get any worse than having your assignments, homework, exams, and presentations all due in the week right after the holidays! I'm going a little more than crazy already. =S

Anyway, just like the usual blogging style of mine, it's time for updates! =)

Oh my, it has been quite some time already and I'm now scratching my head trying to recall what have happened then.
Oh, now I remember! Let's start with what happened after 12am on Monday!

Monday, September 11, 2006.

Vee Lyn and Penny sorta made me sneaked out of my house at 2am. Yes, those two crazy peeps were trying to make me "make full use of my holidays"! Because Vee was so generous to drive all the way to my place to pick me up, I had no choice but to agree to their persuasion. And just like I expected, they didn't want to send me back home, so once again I had no choice but to sleep over; and pity me that I only had an hour sleep there! Worst, I was brutally "raped" harassed by the both of them! :( Proof?

(Photo courtesy of Vee Lyn)

*Sob* ='(

Tuesday, September 12, 2006.

Met up for breakfast with Aman, Shao Min, and Chia Wei at McDonald's Drive-thru SS15. So it's back to the past with a little emo talk and catching up that morning!

^I was chewing on my all-time favourite Sausage McMuffin burger! Yes, and holding Hash Browns instead. Greedy me! Oh and Aman was giving me that horny smile again. =P
(Photo courtesy of Aman)

Then for lunch I was with Natalia at Wong Kok Chan Char Teng in SS2. It was kind of a last minute thing because all in a sudden she had the appetite for this French Style Fried Rice(?) Oh and we took some multi-shots photos. The outcome?

^Silly us?
(Photo courtesy of Natalia)

Thursday, September 14, 2006.

Once again, I was dragged for a 4 hours straight non-stop shopping session with Nat. I admit it was kinda fun though. =P

Oh, and I would like to apologise to Natalie Fong a.k.a. budderflyx for not being able to recognize her at Asia Club that night. I'm so so so sorry! =
I was looking at her thinking about how familiar she was. She was trying to smile at me and when I sort of saw that coming, I turned away and blushed like I always do. Yeah, I'm actually a super duper shy person. And if you think I was perasan-ing, check this out:

She took this picture of me and posted it in her blog! Oh my, I feel so bad! Sorry again, dear budderflyx.
(Photo courtesy of Natalie)

Saturday, September 16, 2006.

Oh, Vee, Jeff, Kevindra and I attended the play Mousetrap (written by Agatha Christie in the 50's I think) staged by the Society of Performing Arts of Taylor's College. My opinion? It was awesome! I put lotsa interest in all these kinda things; and when I have the chance to, I will always give my undying support especially to the local entertainment industry! Next one is fiftynineminutes by The Oral Stage! =) Go support okay!? =)

^Dinner with Jeff before the play. Vee claimed that I'm busier than the PM. LOL~
(Photo courtesy of Vee Lyn)

^After the play, we met up with Keng Heng and the rest at Asia Club. Nicholas was back from Langkawi over the weekends.
(Photo courtesy of Vee Lyn)

Sunday, September 17, 2006.

At about 1am, Keng Heng, Nicholas, Alvin and I went over to Alvin's place for another session of "Boy's Talk". We chatted and emo-ed about lotsa stuffs until dawn, especially about girls. It wasn't much of my topic that because all three of them are actually attached, while I'm still the single one. For those who don't know, I'm innocently single for 2 years and a half already! That's long, isn't it? =P Anyway, we ought to have these kinda sessions more often; kinda gay, I know! Hehe~

At night, I attended the play Mousetrap for the second time, this time with Nat. I had no choice because I promised her much earlier, and being the man to my words, I don't do FFK (except for REAL valid reasons)! =P

^During the interval. Ish, got disturbance from the back. -.-
(Photo courtesy of Natalia)

After the play, we headed down to Maroon Cafe/Bistro in Aman Suria for dinner! Bloody place, I think they're over-pricing!!! Grrrr~

^At Maroon waiting for our food. =D
(Photo courtesy of Natalia)


I guess that's all for now. I'm feeling really tired and sleepy already. Good night people, and probably good morning, afternoon or evening to those who are reading this. Cheers. =)


ryn said…
eh, how come you can remember every single thing and date?

er, never mind.

wah, innocently single. quite long wei. i'm impressed :D
suzanne said…
hey~ how r u ah vince? where is maroon cafe? look nice leh~

keep in touch o~
aman23 said…
eh don't la blog once a week only :(
vpws said…
This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.
vpws said…
Haha, I did? How would you know? LOL!

Yeah weih. Impressed? Hehehe, why so? =D Thanks anyway~

Hey I'm good! How are you!? It's in Aman Suria, which is in Taman Mayang/Megah. In PJ. =)

Yeah, you too! :D

Haha, hoping not to! =\
Itscheryl said…
ekkeke see so many ppl still read la =P
vpws said…
Haha really meh? I hope so lah.. LOL~ How are you anyway? Just met your sister just now.. Hehe~
Itscheryl said…
just now ? ohhhh ahha okayy.. i think i dropped her at that house

aiya realy mar u see proven
one time post only so many comments
i post 10 times also no comments ehehe
but its ok la i dont care la

i'm alrite..
need to be more busy like u la hehe
Anonymous said…
OMG i spotted a very very very big BS in ur post ...vpws mentioned himself being a man of his word and doesnt FFK ...i think he meant only for GIRLS
vpws said…
Haha oh I see.. :P I was sitting there too! Haha~

Hahahaha, probably the people posting comments here like to SPAM? :P Haha!
Oh, but your blog's good shit! I love all your pictures! Woot!
You know why it's like that? Because blogging works just like socialising, if you don't mingle (in this case, bloghop and leave a comment) around, your existence wouldn't be noticed.. Cruel, I know. :(

Ahahaha, why so? You like to be busy?

Hahahaha, seriously I am! :D Even IF I've FFK-ed you before, there's a story behind its back. Well, I wouldn't deny that it meant MOSTLY for girls also lah! WUAHAHAHAHA! But it goes the same with the opposite gender! Hmph! =P
sweat said…
what is BS? what is BS?? *bugs anonymous and vincent

see u next sat ok! even if i go with my club u must go on sat also ok! must bring nat also ok! (shit i damn stalker lor seriously, a bit ashamed of self)
Itscheryl said…
hhehee wei i know i know
but purposely dowan to do that !
dowan to go blog gatherings dowan to be known
dowan publicity lar..
few close ppl who reads i happy adi
hehehe i'm too aware of that

but glad u like my photos
cincai snap one la haha

busy is good mar.. too free is not good ehhehe
vpws said…
Hehe I also don't know, but I think it's bullshit? =P

Hmmm, I'm not very sure about which day yet, I'll go according to Natalia a.k.a. the busy woman's schedule.. She ah, too happening already.. Need to book in advance 1! Hahaha~ Well, confirm with you soon enough ok? :P

Hahaha, yeah I expected that comeback from you. Hehehe, well, at times I do have the urge to close down this blog and start a new private one.. =P Hehe, more privacy and I have space for my inner thoughts.. Hmmm..

Wahliao, cincai snap but turned out so excellent.. I'm envious! :(

But being too busy will accumulate stress, which is harder to handle compared to boredom.. Hahaha!
vpws said…
This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.
Anonymous said…
in other words every promise he keeps he breaks(ffk) a billion more
vpws said…
LOL, are you sure? Do expose your identity to see if I'm wrong so I can keep my mouth shut. Hahahahaha~
Anonymous said…
busy means u are doing something ma hahaha
well its true la boredom is better
then it makes me feel useless =P
blogspot cannot have private entrees ?
hhehehehe too bad..
i have friends only entree, private and for public
thats a good thing about livejornal

aiya i only pick the nice ones to post ma

cannot log on cacat !
vpws said…
Anonymous a.k.a. itscheryl:
Hahaha, well the conclusion is, follow the flow of life! :D Make it well balanced right? Hehe!
Yeah blogspot can't. Hmm, I know that xanga also can do the same! :D Hehehe, well I can actually make password protected posts using html and javascript, but a little too lazy to do so.. Hehehe!

Hehe, means keng also la! Don't shy shy la pro photog! :D
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