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ARGH! I can't content my "sien-ness!" Someone please save me!!!

I'm just plain bored. Was supposed to be out studying with Valerie or something, but the plan was canceled. I forgot I promised to bring my mom around for our monthly bill-paying session today. Gosh, how forgetful can I be?
Sorry Val.

The current hot topic in Malaysia:

Yeah, so watch out people out there! Take good care of yourselves.

Read about the upcoming horror movie, The Exorcism of Emily Rose.
Based on a true story? What the heck!? A MUST watch for me then. LOL~

^ A article for you Bloggers out there. Read all about it in today's The STAR In-Tech, Page 5. =P

My, my, look at the time. It's time to get ready for Biology tuition. At least Biology classes are more interesting, compared to Addmaths and Chemistry.

By the way, I need a new phone.. =/


Anonymous said…
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