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Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire

I was out the whole day - right in the middle of SPM.
As mentioned in the last post, I went to watch 'Harry Potter : The Goblet of Fire' in Summit USJ with 9 others. It has been quite some time since I last went out with my friends to catch a movie.
It was a marvelous movie! I think it's Harry Potter's best yet (also claimed by critics). Compared to the previous Harry Potter movies, this fourth part of Harry Potter's 7 sagas has the most chicks - and they are HAWT! Haha! :P

Watching it today in the cinema turned out disastrous. I can't understand why a freaking man would want to bring his superbly young restless son to the cinema. That kid was kicking my chair throughout the whole movie. Worst, some 'zaman purba' kid that was sitting right behind me was talking non-stop to his so beloved daddy about every Harry Potter scene. I kept on saying "shhhh" and Mun Hoe resorted with a "Shut the **** up!"
Guess what's their response? They didn't bother and continued their selfish act ALL THE WAY till the end of the movie. >< OMG can you imagine how bloody irritated we were!? Especially in a movie I looked forward to watch so much.


After the movies, we played foosball, pool, and a few games at the arcade.
Not long later, only four of us were left, Adrian, Kent, my sister, and I. Partly famished, we thought of eating something economical because we're quite tight in budget for dinner. We ended up spending RM94.23 at the San Francisco Pizza Restaurant in Taipan USJ. Damn! Now I'm broke! :(

Damn thing I didn't bring my camera today. Earlier today before leaving home, I thought of bringing the camera. When I switched the camera ON, the battery life bar indicated only 2 minutes left. Darn! My sisters forgot to charge the camera after using it in Genting Highlands a few days ago.

But I managed to steal some pictures from Jacqueline's camera :

^ Jacq and Kent. The girls claimed that Kent is a Ron Weasley look-a-like. Agree?

^ Botak Michael going for his final solid shot.

^ Some of the girls, Jacqueline, Bavany, and Jin Li.

And speaking of taking the camera to Genting Highlands, my family (except my dad) took quite alot of pictures there. Here are some of them.

^ I missed out all the fun because I have to sit for the DAMNED SPM!

I'm getting quite sleepy already. I promised myself to do Additional Mathematics workbooks tomorrow once I get up from bed. I have a feeling it won't happen.


~nGe~ said…
i think its only slightly better than the 3rd, which was the one i considered best before this. the 3rd was more stylo, had better music, stronger direction and a great scene between lupin, sirius and pettigrew. snape also had more time there. main peeve with GoF is dumbledore is so un-dumbledore-ish. and newell is rather bland after cuaron's great vision. its also slightly too long
~nGe~ said…
and i'm not too sure about ur statements about the critics opinions too. to be more precise, it seems split between GoF and PoA. time will tell which is the one which can hold more repeat viewings. =)
Liz said…
You watched HP! I'm jealous! :P

Well, wanted to watch it today, but last minute change of plans. *sigh* Maybe I'll watch on Sunday or something, though I'm supposed to be studying heh.

Wow, you have mood to study. *salute*
vpws said…
What's GoF and PoA? I read the critics it on Yahoo and IMDB.

Awww, don't be! :P

Well, I do have mood once in awhile and I'll promise myself to study to that. But in the end, it'll always end up with empty promises. =P
vpws said…
Oh, Goblet of Fire and Prisoner of Azkaban. Haha sorry I was blur, just woke up! :P
tinylola said…
ohh wow!! hehe heard it was great
anyway... dont worry your not the only one having fun!!
My uncle just came back yesterday
and my whole weeks itinerary has been set

thats right, let the party begin!! hehe
and i aso wanne go to genting!!! the pictures look so fun!! lets go after SPM!!!!
~nGe~ said…
vince, try they average the score out from all the major reviewers in the US, be it on the net or in print, with links to the original reviews too. =)
~nGe~ said…
imdb is quite rubbish, and has rather inaccurate info
vpws said…
tinylola:Hehe, thanks for making me feel better, and worried! for you!
Don't forget to study okie? :)

Haha I just can't wait for SPM to be over! :(

Ooh, okie cool, thanks for the info! :)
PeNNyPupZ said…
LOLOL.. u went there and eat.. wuahahha ;p ahem.. what u all eat until so expensive la? food there not exp aso ;p
Asyraf Lee said…
i like 2nd pic on the right. the family pics i meant :P
vpws said…
Ermm.. We ordered one large Hawaiian pizza, one regular Fosillipo pizza, one Carbonara Spaghetti, another two dishes of pasta, two iced chocolate, one watermelon punch, one ice lemon tea, and one fruit juice. 90 freaking bucks wei.. :(

The Eligible Bachelor:
Oh you mean my sister and bro posing with those bright hotel decos is it? Hehe, still can't fight your photography works lar.. :P
Keith said…
"OMG can you imagine how bloody irritatingwere we!?"

I noe u r irritating but u dun hv 2 tell every1 rite? hahhaahahahahahahhahaha
ryn said…
lol i was gonna point out the irritating thing too :P it made me laugh.

and how come it seems that EVERYONE has already watched hp4?!?

i wanna watch also no teman now ><
-akxj- said…
hmm the boy was sitting right behind me la! wacking my chair..keep on touching my hair summore!


eh how you make the pics like that 1?i oso wanna do that in times when i got too much pics..
-KeNt- said… forgot about i teasing the malay girl in san fransisco..kakaka...
vpws said…
Kok Keith:Oops, error. Malu nya.. Haha! :P

Hehehe damn bad lah you! :( Hehe~

You lah outdated! Go go go go watch! Ask your workmates lah! :P I'm sure just like you, they're working and they can't watch it too right? :P

Read properly lah, it's another kid lah. Sheesh~ Problems with 'read-throughs'..

Just don't break them up..

Tiu that one you lah, nothing to do with me also! Horny M***********! >:P
You go write in your blog lah!
-akxj- said…
...i read properly la...just miss a few can anot? =) ..ahahah...oo icic..thanks for the info
aman23 said…
havent watch harry potty yet.. :( i wanna watch in particular emma watson and katin leung.. ahaha :p

fr previous post
yea i read that site.. those ppl too free man to care about that *****.
aman23 said…
oops i meant katie leung
-akxj- said…
no reply yet =) where are you dude?sleeping?
vpws said…
i was out.. updating tomorrow morning..

Haha, okay go watch.. It's quite good :) Owh, you shoud look out for Clemence Poesy (as Fleur Delacour).. :P

Haha chill man.. :P
-akxj- said…
=) yeap..reply there =)
vpws said…
okie dokie.. :)

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