Friday, November 16, 2012


Wow, stumbled upon my blog again after 4 years. I was overwhelmed with nostalgia reading back previous posts. This isn't a come-back, just an update necessary to announce to the world(and non-existent readers) I'm very much alive.

Life's a little different than how it used to be. No more care-free days like how it was during school & college(the time when most of my previous posts were written). I guess it's always the cliched process of growing up. I'm feeling the pressure to succeed and be what life wants me to be at my age.

Love-wise, I'm still single for the third year running, but I guess it's mostly because of this super-imposed defence mechanism I created that keeps me from getting hurt. But I'm sure it will change when the right one comes. (Crossing fingers to this crush I've been stalking on youtube videos haha)

It's almost 8 in the morning and I think I should hit the sack. Spent the last few hours glued on Youtube, an addictive non-productive past-time I have as of late.

See you again blog, maybe.

Friday, October 24, 2008

2 Months Later

Just as how you guys have expected, another long hiatus. Well, my sincerest apologies that this misery isn't gonna end as I won't find myself updating in awhile. Thanks for all those daily hits anyway, you know who you stalkers are, and I really do appreciate them.

Nothing much has come by lately. As many of you may know, I've been back in hell-island for a fortnight already. The food sucks, the pounds are losing, the Anniversary was a few days back, so you get the picture of how I feel about home.

At least I have a reliable internet connection now. I couldn't be more parasitic with my roommate's laptop and Celcom 3G. Shame on me.

Not really in an uber good mood to blog anyway. Was updating just for the sake of it. You want real updates about me? Then go there -> (As if you don't know already..)

A moment of truth: Throughout my holiday back in KL for the past 3 months, I gained a jaw-dropping 11 kilos! Good news, only to the girlfriend. Why?

Friday, August 01, 2008

Our Story...

It has been almost 10 months up and down the road in a new relationship. Before it began, little did I know what's upfront when I decided to step myself into this subjective world of what many people would call "love".

I met her 10 years ago when we were in primary school. The day she entered the school in primary four, fate inconceivably brought us together when she was told by the teacher to take the vacant seat next to me in class. As most of us guys have been through at the age, girls were THE enemies. Hence, the solemn act of hate. But truthfully, I had an admiration going on for this stranger whom I only knew her name that time. I still remember that innocent, fair and flawless beauty; when teased, turned cherry red. The admiration encountered soon left me as we all mature and grow up in the same secondary school; even hung-out with the same group of friends.

Just about 10 months ago, fate brought us back together. Then was when I saw her the way I've never seen her before. Weird, isn't it, when you end up together with a person you have never expected to date or even think of sharing an emotional relationship with? Really eccentric, but I'm truly blessed. :)

Our relationship has been like the waves hitting the shore. Cliche-d the high and low tides. Our biggest barrier in this relationship would be the constant physical distance. As many would tell, even proved; that long distance relationships don't work. Although I am so not looking forward to 2009 when she has to further her studies abroad in the-overly-populated-land-with-Asians, Melbourne, but I guess that's something I can't avoid.

The only thing I could do is to prove those sceptics out there that there is always hope at the end of the rainbow for a long distance relationship.

Till then.

Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Surprise: Updates!

I know I should be smacked for the sudden comeback and then the "already expected" disappearance thereafter. But, I should be forgiven because it's not really my fault that the internet access at my campus is totally inefficient.

I just came back to home-sweet-home a few days back. And I won't be going back to Langkawi anytime soon, thanks but no-thanks to my stupid school for the delay. That means I've to be prepared to lose some weight that's unavoidably gonna be gained. :\

A brief update of my pretty dull life since the last post:


^I started my flying course and til this day, I have 41 hours and 55 minutes of flying experience, therefore earning me to Private Pilot License. I have another 158 hours and 5 minutes left to complete my course. Damn, that'll take ages!

^Made a trip down to Penang in the middle of my course to accompany THE girlfriend and her family on her father's business-cum-vacation trip. My journey from my school in Langkawi to Sunway Hotel in Penang consists of public transportations in a sequence of Taxi-Ferry-Taxi-Bus-Ferry-Bus. Took me FIVE bloody hours to reach my destination. Worth the butt-aching sacrifice though.


^THE girlfriend had her hair unforgivably shortened.
Come on, long hair is so much better!!! The only benefit from this is that she's getting paid for it. But still... Compare them for yourself:
^Long versus Short. Pick your side, and I'm sure you'll be on mine! :P

^Came back Subang for a few days for a short break and to join a friend's belated birthday trip in Port Dickson.


^THE girlfriend decided to make a short trip to Langkawi to visit me during her holidays! Weeee~
*Thank you Sayang! I am very grateful you made all the effort and sacrifices to show how much you missed me. :D*

^Made a short trip back home again and spent it with an unintentional summer-movies-spree! Watched Get Smart, Kungfu Panda, The Incredible Hulk, Wanted, and Hancock in a very short period of time. This trip back was also an attempt to catch up with lifelong buddies that made their way back to Malaysia for the summer/winter holidays. I will never forgive them for betraying Malaysia to study abroad.

Well, I guess that's as much I could update at the moment. Couldn't believe I actually posted something again. Worst still, this time with pictures.

So... Till next time. If, there is a next time.

Wednesday, March 12, 2008

The End of an Extremely Long Unexplainable Hiatus

Did a little change on the template. I guess I don't represent the "pink" layout too well anymore. Cause? A change of ego, or probably hormones, I suspect.

So what brought me back here? Nothing really. I had many temporary motivations to start blogging again over the past one year and a half, but, you know, the usual procrastinations which always end up in what-they-call "hangat-hangat tahi ayam". Plus, a hectic course schedule and crippled internet access at my campus add-on to it. So.... You get the picture.

Many life events have passed, and here I am, sitting down infront of my Ye Ol' Faithful computer (add Ice-Age to that) reminiscing about the good ol' days. I'm back here in Subang for a holiday you see, after having spent the past one year in Langkawi with my "Air Taxi Driver" career on track. YES, if some of you may ask, there IS a flying school in that alcohol and tobacco infested island. Lucky me. ;) After 2 months of infinite relaxation and stress-free schedules, the end of this holiday is drawing near. I'm hoping, begging, wishing, and craving for an extension! Sigh~

SPM results will be out tomorrow. Dear sis, best of luck and do us proud!

Hmm.. A good sleep is what I really need now. Gonna catch 10,000BC with my boo tomorrow. Pray it's good and not another rip-off to my already drying wallet.

Till, then.