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Wanted to blog about Julia'sbelated birthday dinner gathering, but I'll postpone it first to make way for an entry about today's (31st July 2006)series of unfortunate events.

For the first time since college started, I purposely woke up a little earlier this morning to have breakfast with Puvana, and at the same time revise a little for Math test at Asia Cafe. Thanks to the traffic jam due to the bad weather condition, I reached there quite late and didn't even have time to finish my glass of warm Chinese tea. ><

Physics test was screwed up. That's what I get for playing a fool in class for the past 4 weeks. I'm gonna jump down Taylor's College floor D if I ever pass this test. (Touch wood though)

Got thrashed in foosball by a body containing the XX chromosome. Nat, I want a rematch! Grr~

When I went to fetch my car to head back home, I saw this:

^A bloody 80 bucks parking fine. I forgot to renew the monthly pass.
Stupid me.

You had a bad…

Nicholas' Surprise Farewell Party

Just like I mentioned in the previous post, we had a surprise farewell party for Nicholas at a friend's house in Kota Kemuning. Nick's boo, Yue Mei, was the organizer.

We arrived at the hostess' house at about 7pm and met quite a number of familiar faces there. It was a crowd of about 40, all related to Nick in some way - from own flesh and blood, to childhood friends.

^Michael and Keng Heng. Guess what? I kinda told Wilson my prediction of them wearing the same pants - and they did! Wuahahahaha!

^CW from top: Keng Heng, Michael, Ronny. We were entertained by these jack-asses while waiting for Nick's arrival.

And when he did,... (which was 25 minutes late from schedule><)

^Tears were already running down his cheeks. Awww..

^We also had a cake cutting session. We sang "Goodbye to You by Michelle Branch" for dear Nick. So emo.

Group pictures!!!

^The angels.

^The devils. >:)

Then we had a private photo session amongst ourselves, the group of ex-USJ4 buddies. (If …

Pussycat Dolls World Tour 2006 Live Concert

Yeap, I was there.

The decision to join horny Wilson at Sunway Lagoon for the spectacular live view of the freaking hot idols were made quite at the last minute - and the tickets were purchased the day before the concert.

Since the Pussycat Dolls World Tour 2006 Live Concert stories and reviews are so common in the blogosphere, I'll just entertain you with my set of pictures:

^Our tickets.

^When we arrived, the place was already sardine-packed.

^After shifting a few different areas for better view, we finally stood near Wilson's group of friends.

^Woohooo~ Hawt hawt!

^Nat and I. =)

^A friend just got a new tattoo on her back. Coolhuh!? =P

^Wilson acting macho but it turned out him looking sleepy.

Hmm, I guess that's all for now. I surely didn't regret attending the concert. Worthed every cent.

Had a surprise farewell party last night at Kota Kemuning for a friend, Nicholas a.k.a. Nick, who is leaving for Flight School in Langkawi. Tonight I'll have a belated birthday celebrat…

Wilson's Farewell Part I

Yeah, at last! Sorry for the lack of updates. I was fulfilling on a hectic schedule for the past one week, especially during the weekends. I actually had time to update on Sunday, but dear Natalia delayed the picture transfer from her camera due to some complications. Blame her! =P

Let's start off with Friday night.

Friday night was a farewell gathering for Wilson(Lee Chein Wern), with dinner at Souled Out at 7 and Ruums Club after. Wilson and I spent the first two years of secondary school in the same class. I remember how mischievous and naive we were at that time. =P I'm so gonna miss that horny and corny boy when he leave for Florida next Friday. =(

Ronny,Alvina,Natalia, and Hui Jean hooked my ride that night, and because of them, we were late for dinner. Hehe~

@Souled Out(Million thanks to Nat for the pictures)

^The camshy me. =P

^Wilson boy and I.

^Jean and Nat, the camwhores to the extreme! =P

^The bill. O.o
Initial plan was to head on over to Ruums right after Souled Out, but a…



Just when I wanted to make up to the lack of updates in my blog, Photobucket is undergoing site maintenance.

Just my luck. ><

The Pole Incident

I went through an almost similar incident as Natalia'smini-tiang-embarrassment.
You see, the exit we went through, there was this mini tiang thingy RIGHT at the centre of the exit. Yes, you would think I rammed into that tiang thingy. But how funny would THAT be? Noooo, what I DID was... I was walking and walking then SUDDENLY, that tiang thingy was going THROUGH me! (or rather under me) YES, MY GOOD PEOPLE, it went through my legs! VERY, VERY OBSCENE AND INCREDIBLY EMBARASSING BUT ABSOLUTELY HILARIOUS TO SAY THE LEAST!
-Natalia of

But I was much more UNFORTUNATE.

Yes, you might have guessed it, I didn't go through it, I rammed into it instead. She's lucky because the pole in her college was shorter, while the one I rammed into (near Asia Cafe) was much taller.

A clearer view of the height of the pole a.k.a. tiang thingy?

Yeah, OUCH! =(

I'm so unlucky. Stupid @#$!@$$!% tiang thingy!

Updates Required?

Wow, at last I'm actually able to sit down here in front of my computer and co-incidently having the free time and inspiration to blog. This week has been very hectic, with the tight new schedule of classes and big load of assignments throughout the weekdays; and not forgetting events that commenced after one another on the weekends.

On Friday night I was at the Taylor's Inter-College Dance Competition. Although the programmes didn't go as smooth as desired, the event was still a bomb! Probably because I'm very much into dancing and the 10 teams that participated that night did put up a very good show. *Applause*

^There were also performances by local guest artistes like K-Town Clan (pic), Samir, and Urban Groove in which in my opinion, greatly enhanced the atmosphere of the event.

^Group picture of the winners, with Inferno from KLIUC lifting the 1st place trophy this year.
The dancers from Inferno were good, but they won't have a chance against Dance Mania, the winne…

Man Head of the Match

^The infamous ZIZOU's headbutt.

Zinedine Zidane's agent says the France captain headbutted Marco Materazzi in Sunday's World Cup final because the Italian made a "very serious" comment.

Zidane appeared to react to something that was said and was dismissed for his violent charge into his opponent.

Sources in France say it is believed Materazzi insulted Zidane's family.

Migliaccio, who spoke to Zidane early on Monday morning, added that Zidane did not elaborate on what Materazzi said.

"I don't know. Zinedine didn't want to talk about it but it will all come out in the next week," he said.

"He is a man who normally lets things wash over him but on Sunday night something exploded inside him.

"He was very disappointed and sad. He didn't want it to end this way."

-excerpted from BBC SPORT

He, Zinedine Zidane, is THE MAN.

Of Innocence and WCFinal

terponteng/"t3:.pQn.teN/ verb (Bahasa Melayu)
   1. The show of unintentional absence
   2. Inadvertently skipping classes/appointments etc.
e.g.: For the first time, Vincent unexpectedly terponteng college.

Yeah, it was unintentional; neither did I plan my first absence in college - especially when there's an assessment test for Mathematics and maybe Physics. I just couldn't wake up, even when my alarm clock was on snooze every 9 minutes for 2 hours straight. I guess it's the combination of depression and exhaustion that has made me stuck to my bed whole morning. NO NO NO, don't start calling me a corrupted boy, or even dare to tell me "wanna-change-konon". =P


Went to Bintang Walk last night with Adrian and Kent to join the 5% of the whole Malaysian population (about 1 million - at least?) in watching the World Cup Final match between France and Italy. Almost 70% of the supporters present were on Italy's side. >< So, we as supporters of France w…

France France France!!!

The long awaited WORLD CUP FINAL has come! Who will lift the trophy this time? The French, or the Italians? I predict the latter will do so, although my undying support still goes to France. Afterall, anything is possible this World Cup, especially with all those frequent frustrating-last-minute goals.

I'm 75% certain on where to watch the game tonight (or tomorrow morning). Here:

Yeah, the Germany '06 Grand Finale Carnival at Bintang Walk, KL. For more information, head on to their site : Hotlink - Special Events - Germany '06


Oh, went for lunch and tea with Sue Ann, Yee Leng, and Kay Hong at Sunway Pyramid yesterday. It has been quite some time since I last stepped foot into the once-bloody-famous shopping complex. I'm sure they'll claim back their reign when Sunway Pyramid Phase 2 opens next year.

Spent the night with the usual buds, Adrian and Kent at Asia Cafe & Club for pool, foosball, and Germany versus Portugal. In my opinion, it was quite a satisfying m…

A short update..

I eventually missed the fun of a Friday-night. Thank it all to college. Came home from college about 6 in the evening yesterday, took my bath and then a short nap. It was supposed to be short, but somehow or rather, I slept my way till 9 this morning. Thus, I might have ffk-ed some Friday-night last-minute appointments. My sincerest apologies!

The past two weeks as a college boy has been a window-opening to most of my point-of-views. I'm not certain about what, but I ought to find out real soon to blog about them.

College wouldn't be that stressful if it weren't for their gigantic pile of homework every-freaking-day. So far I managed to complete every single one of them - but I have a feeling I will succumb to it pretty soon.

Oh, I have this lecturer that pronounces words in a very funny way.
A good example: He pronounces the word "position" as "poo-see-shen/pussy-shen". ROFLMAO.

I have lots of plan tonight but can only adhere to one. Top in the list is the …


"Aiyah, once you enter college already, you sure won't have that much time to blog or bloghop 1 lah~"

That was the reply I received from a senior quite some time ago when I complained about her rarely taking the time to update her super-outdated-almost-basi blog.

Now, I couldn't agree more.

Lately when I come back home from college, I felt like spending less time on the computer - and instead I preferred channelling all the free-time to short-naps, gym, and homework. So now you know what's keeping me away from blogging for the past few days. I have a feeling of not able to update as often as before.


The weekends were pretty fine, considering that I was looking forward to it last week in college. I practically almost watched all the four quarter-finals World Cup matches at Asia Cafe. Ole~ France won! =)

Cheer 2006 was fantabulous(combination of fantastic and fabulous =P)! This is my third consecutive year of attending the national inter-school cheerleading competiti…