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Haircut and Baskin Robbins

OMG I woke up at 4PM instead of 10AM. So every plan was delayed while some were canceled. SMS-ed Amanullah and then I picked him up for our haircut at a barber in USJ4.

^ Aman looked so happy walking briskly out of his house. He has long awaited for this haircut trip because he wanted to take a neat and clean passport-sized picture of him for his driving license. =D

^ Before..

^ And after! Crap, I know I looked bad after the haircut. >.<

^ Another picture of me after bath when I got home. =P (Why my mata like bengkak 1? =.=)

After the dinner bought from the Pasar Ramadhan in USJ4, I went for my last Addmaths tuition. It's also the last tuition in high school. Time flies.. =(

After tuition, Michael, Eu Jean, Lyncia, Valerie and I went for some ice-creams at Baskin Robbins in Subang Parade. I went there with the intention of disturbing Kent who's also working in Baskin Robbins. =P

^ Eu Jean and Lyncia shared a pint of Pralines and Cream with Strawberry Cheesecake whilst Michael, …

Adore, Paradise Live concert!

30th October 2005

I created a new front page/main entrance/mirror page for my blog! Check it out! I created it to aid problems encountered like :

Me : Visit my new blog! :)
Orang : OK cool what's the address?
Me :
Orang : Huh? We pee W ass? What? Repeat again?
Me : V-P-W-S!
Orang : Huh!? I beg your pardon!? V-P-what ah? *confused*


I slept from 9:30AM till 5:30PM today! A normal 8 hours sleep needed for a healthy lifestyle. But not for me cause I had it the OTHER part of the day. >.<

That means I missed Kathina today! Sorry Jo-Lynn, Valerie, and Chun Jiat, wanted to go, but I was really too tired and sleepy for not being able to sleep before 9:30AM. =(

So after bed, I got myself ready and rushed to Dorothy's house after picking Adrian, Jow Liie, and Ley Yeem up. We waited for Lai Yen and off we headed to Glad Tidings Church in PJ for a concert briefly named "ADORE, Paradise Live" which was also featuring the apperance of Guy Sebastian live here in Mala…

Tutorial Lee's SPM Seminar

29th October 2005

Managed to pull myself out of bed at 8AM with the help of my mom's wake up calls.

Went for an 8 hours SPM seminar at Holiday Villa, Subang Jaya organized by Tutorial Lee Tuition Centre. It was a fun and memorable day with the companionship of whacky, hyper-active, horny, and adorable friends. =)

^ We had our buffet lunch at Palm Terrace in Holiday Villa. The food there didn't really worth the seminar fees. I ate very little for lunch because I lost my appetite from the lack of sleep before the seminar.

^ Shih Mun and I. I'm so jealous, he's so photogenic!

^ What a beauty! Don't you think so? I was talking about the me. =P

^ The girls didn't bring their camera with them, so I had to help them shoot some pictures with the tuition centre's principal, Mr. Robert Lee. What a joker - LOOK at where his fork's poking. ;P

^ After lunch, we had a group photo. Noob photographer made the picture blurry. =(

^ "Beauties" of the jungle. The girls c…

Cellphone Trouble

28th October 2005

My beautiful morning was spent like this:

Had History SPM Seminar in the evening at Tutorial Lee Tuition Centre.

Mom came home late today and told me that she got fined for speaking on the phone while driving. This was her conversation with the police officers.

Police #1 :Ah moi, mana boleh cakap kat telefon bila memandu?
Mom :Oh, sorry la sir saya tengah call emergency ni.
Police #1 :Call emergency? Tak boleh lah! Tak tengok newspaper semalam kah?
Mom :So sorry la sir, saya really tak tahu mar. Macam mana skarang sir?
Police #2 :Hmmm..u mau satu ratus atau tiga ratus?

I was speechless when my mom told me about the incident.
Just want to remind drivers out there, avoid any phone conversation without handsfree while driving especially in this festve season.

Anyway, an hour later, Shih Mun called and invited me for a drink and a few games of snooker with Edmond and Desmond at Asia Cafe.

^ Desmond enjoying his Char Kuey Teow.

^ Shih Mun ordered some grilled fish. He forced me to h…


27th October 2005

Sijil Kelakuan Cemerlang! Direct translation is Certificate Behaviour Excellent! =P

My complete set of certificates for five years in a row!
There's only FOUR! Where's the other one!?
*ashamed*Sadly, I lost the chance to get my final piece in this morning's Hari Anugerah Cemerlang. Bloody idiotic school! Why can't they announce the requirements eligible for the cert early of the year instead of the last minute?
I sense bias! I think the school just wanted to save money by printing fewer papers! Grr..

Anyway, I slept at 5:30AM this morning and woke up at 6:30AM! That's an hour! Gawd, you should see my eyebags when I was in school man. I was so freaking tired and sleepy! At 9AM, a few editorial board directors and I went to Taman Perindustrian OUG to meet the printing firm to settle the quotations and pages. The rooms there were very small and confined! Worst of all, I spent a few hours sitting at the same spot working on page-designs. I…


27th October 2005


What's the big fuss?
For the first time in my life, I actually know how to tackle the first 5 chapters of dreadful Add Maths!
Not only that, I studied till 8:30AM this morning! What a remarkable feat! Especially when it's Add Maths, the most feared subject of all time! XP

The day was quite solemn. Nothing much happened except for what's supposed on this hectic season of only preparations for the BIG exam! 18 days left and whatever happens after that will determine my future. I'm not so prepared compared to my SPM comrades. But I'll work for the best, that's what I promised myself. =/

Next week is the DeepaRaya holidays. Also marks the ending of most tuition centres' classes for the year. Less stress on my part, I predict and presume.

Gawd, there's alot of work to do. Particularly editorial board assignments. I'm always getting rushed by my Editor, Mr. Peter Ewen Davidson! I still have a few pages on the …

Survey = Confessions?

25th October 2005
How's the new blogskin? Yeah I know it's so girlie, but, it's not that bad right? Although familiar, this template can't be found in Blogger's preset templates. Know why? Cause I made it myself! Err, "modified", to be exact.
It took me 45 minutes to transform it from the previous skin. Including working with Photoshop and all. =/

Well, I managed to make myself attend school again today. Secondary life will be gone pretty soon, and I think I should enjoy them while I still can. Well, to think about going to school everyday, laziness is still glueing my butt to the bed every morning. =/

Had my last Biology tuition just now. Sad.

^ Guess what? I'll be meeting Guy Sebastian live this Sunday! Would really want to meet and check him out because I have alot of people commenting that my hair looked like his! >.<

All these while, I never liked taking surveys or questionnaires. But for the first(or maybe second) time, I'll try one out. …

My Darling Kelisa

It has been a while, and now I want to introduce my ride to the world! Yes, my darling Kelisa! Hahahaha~

Sorry, I was bored to death! So, bare with me, okay!? Lolx~ ;)

^ Side and rear view.

^ Front and side view.

^ 8186 kilometres on the Odometer in 5 months.

^ Perodua's "sports" rim.

^ Gearboxstick.

^ CD player. Crap, what's that red mark?

^ Remember to look out for my car's number plate whenever, and wherever you are! XD

^ The logo?

^ Stuffs received from friends. Bottled shells from Valerie and small blue car from Jacqueline.

^ The mini Kelisa in the Kelisa. Haha~ Received this miniature replica on the car's 3 weeks birthday from Kent, Michael and Edward.

^ Don't follow me I'm lost too. Haha~ Managed to make use of the meaning twice! =P

^ To make sure my car smells good. =)

^ Can't wait to get rid of this. =.= That will be in another 18 months.

^ First accident. Not as bad as the damaged I caused on the Toyota Avanza I hit. Sorry! =P

^ Hit mom's car while …