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Surprise: Updates!

I know I should be smacked for the sudden comeback and then the "already expected" disappearance thereafter. But, I should be forgiven because it's not really my fault that the internet access at my campus is totally inefficient.

I just came back to home-sweet-home a few days back. And I won't be going back to Langkawi anytime soon, thanks but no-thanks to my stupid school for the delay. That means I've to be prepared to lose some weight that's unavoidably gonna be gained. :\

A brief update of my pretty dull life since the last post:

^I started my flying course and til this day, I have 41 hours and 55 minutes of flying experience, therefore earning me to Private Pilot License. I have another 158 hours and 5 minutes left to complete my course. Damn, that'll take ages!

^Made a trip down to Penang in the middle of my course to accompany THE girlfriend and her family on her father's business-cum-vacation trip. My journey from my school in Langkawi to Sun…