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Today has been quite an unproductive day. Why?
     Because I spent exactly 70% of my day in bed.

Woke up at 7 to send my brother to school. When I got home, I went back to bed.
I then woke up again at 1pm to buy food back and pick my brother up from school. Right after lunch, I felt a little sleepy and I took a short nap.
     Obviously, I can't resist the temptation to break my napping time limit, which was supposed to be 4pm. Instead, I woke up at 6 and gave myself trouble rushing to Addmaths tuition.
I promised myself to study Chemistry this afternoon, but I didn't succeed.

It's time to make this unproductive day PRODUCTIVE.


aman23 said…
guess our bed is our weakest enemy. i wanted to study after addmaths tuition but i ended up falling asleep -_-;
vpws said…
nothing else matters:
correction! it's more like strongest enemy aiming at our weakest point! hahaha~
afterall, u tengah puasa wat, should b normal lar.. =) ahaha! gudluck if ur studies anyway!
aman23 said…
actually, first time i sleep in the evening during puasa (this year dat is).. haha thx vpws! u too :) now my weakest point is my computer.. damn.
Anonymous said…
lol, dude, putlar some message in ur room , put SPM COMING or put something which will irritate u while sleeping, haha, sure cannot sleep wan
vpws said…
nothing else matters:
really? haha.. nvm, there'll b more in da future! haha~
u're welcome! n thank u 2!
haha.. i got my computer influences sometimes, becoz my study table is juz right beside the comp.. =.=

haha sounds like a good idea.. but it wont work for me.. =/
btw mind of a little introduction of urself?
ryn said…
lol. i study on my bed. even worse. it's very tempting to fall off to sleep. but lucky i'm very self disciplined! :D

oh yeah, vincent, non-related, but i wanna ask. how come u say u're getting fatter? i thought u were very active? on the school bball team last last year or something and u got top 15 for larian jln raya a few times? er, what happened? :PPP
vpws said…
serious? wah.. i'll need that kind of discipline! wat's ur secret? haha!

haha.. yeah i am.. err.. bball team last year and da previous year my dear.. lolz~ yep got 4 larian jalanraya medals with me now.. one for every year except form 1..
what happened? lolz~ kinda long story..
but lets just say, alcoholic drinks did some miracles..(which i'm stopping but adrian's starting) n mayb my body metabolism slowing down a little lately.. not only that, since last 2 years, i spent my meal sessions 80% outside because my parents r working..
now lagi worst, i only eat dinner at home on sunday nights.. other days n times i'll b out at restaurants etc.. dat goes da same for all of my siblings.. =P
i hope i'll get rid of these fats after spm.. =P

btw, wat r u doin still awake at 3:15 in da morning? don't u have PMR in a few hours? lolz!
ryn said…
my secret? lots and lots of years of practice! actually, i study on the bed only because i like lying down while studying. if i sit up straight, nothing gets into my brain. u should try it!

whoa. 4 medals! 2 years on the bball team! impressed. not bad ar u.

after hearing ur story, i think i'll enjoy home-cooked meals a lot more.

pee-em-are smee-em-are. haha. no la, i was taking my well deserved break after my hard work of studying :D
aman23 said…
vpws > alcoholic drinks = bad. :p

ryn > u and my sister really amaze me. can study on the bed. me, i'm kinda picky about my study position. i must be sitting down n my table must be luas. :p but then, i study BESIDE my bed but i don't fall asleep coz i dump my table mess on d bed b4 studying :D
n u, self discipline? HAHAHA :p
vpws said…
haha.. i started my PMR intensive studies like that too.. but then i shifted to the table soon enuff.. =P

haha~ i've got more, but of coz, i wouldnt wanna "show off" =P LOL!!

yeah u betta be! i just had chicken rice packed from Casablanca for lunch.. =(

icic.. KH uh? lolz~ well, i bet it's all over now! it's already M-E-R-D-E-K-A for u, isn't it? =D

n it's now the five formers turn.. =(

nothing else matters:
alcoholic drinks = VERY bad..
dat's y i'm stopping.. :P
aman23 said…
dont remind me about it man.. damn!
seriously vince.. u don't eat home cooked food? how can u tahan eating out everyday?
vpws said…
nothing else matters:
haha sorry man..
yeap, seriously.. dat's y, i kenot tahan.. but no choice ler.. =(
aman23 said…
haha it's okay. i guess i need 2 appreciate home cooked food more now :D
vpws said…
nothing else matters:
for the first time in my life, i hope for a maid who will cook at home.. haha! u betta be! =)
Roshan said…
ive been studying on my bed since s1 :p
vpws said…
tsk tsk tsk roshan, time to change! haha.. u won't wanna study flight n engineering on ur bed rite? hahaha! =)

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