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Please bless it!

Cats have NINE lives.

I hope it is true.

I accidentally knocked a DAMN cat just now.
It was crossing the road at a slope and was only visible to me when I couldn't avoid it. Goddamnit!

I do not have any mood to do anything now.

*I'm so so sorry..*


yen said…
This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.
Anonymous said…
This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.
aman23 said…
omg vpws. biar betul? was it a black one? touch wood la u. lolz. :p
Roshan said…
ppl say that if u hit a black cat, it membawa malang
aman23 said…
dats y i asked whether was it black..
vpws said…
haha it's not a black one.. it's beige .. so sedih lar.. =(
Anonymous said…
ohh , shud have picked it up and bury it..kesian that cat mati kat jalan...
Grace said…
Hey, like your blog - been dropping by frequently, hehe.

all the best for your SPM :)

hope you get over that cat incident. my cousin ran over a pigeon once and was so scared to do anything for a few days incase it's ghosts haunts him.

have a nice day :D
aman23 said…
go n c whether got bangkai or not today..
vpws said…
haha i was too scared to turn back n do so.. =( btw may i know who is dis?

oh hi there! =) thanks! i'll link you!

aww thanks alot! i really appreciate it! same 2 u for ur finals.. =) it's coming rite?

nothing else matters:
haha i checked when i sent my siblings to skool early in the morning.. apparently there's no dead body nor nutin nearby.. weird.. became zombie adi kua..
xoxoameliaxoxo said…
ding dong bell...PUSSY in the well..doesn't it reminds you of the cat?? ahaha..don't be so sad la..
aman23 said…
vpws> or maybe it become squished beyond recognition :P
Roshan said…
meow meow... why always got deleted comment wan?
Grace said…
thanks too :P shit, yea it's coming. the only thing i can do now i mentally prepare myself for failure. but oh well :)
szchuah said…
may it be blessed and gain happier future life and u too, dun worry too much =)
vpws said…
:+:amelia:+:da missing soul:+::
haha nola i got over it already! =)

nothing else matters:
hahahaha! gotta b logical once in awhile to keep urself out of worries~ lolz~

one was spam.. the other one was deleted by it's author, not me.. =.=

u're welcome.. prepare urself for failure? don't crap here pls.. haha! i bet u'll do well! =)

i should radiate some pattidana although it's not part of my relatives or loved ones..
jean said…
vincent, it's me la the anonymous....hahaha
vpws said…
ish.. next time write ur name lar! wuakakakkaa~
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