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Hiatus ended..

Wow, this is the longest hiatus period I took since a month ago.
Unfortunately, I was a little too busy with my SPM preparations, considering this as the most suffering and exhausting week, with Biology and Chemistry papers commencing after one another.

Here is a small update for the past 3 days:

28th November 2005

Spent the whole day preparing for Chemistry, the subject I hated the most.

29th November 2005

Chemistry wasn't really as bad as I thought. I screwed up my first paper by getting 8 out of the first 10 questions wrong. >< Other papers were good.

30th November 2005

Biology paper was quite near to perfect. I think I screwed up my experiment in paper 3. But it's the only Science paper I'm confident about.
Spent the night watching two movies, Kungfu Mahjong 2, and Cello. Kungfu Mahjong 2 was hilarious because it's dumb, while Cello should not be classified as a horror movie, as the focus is more on a dramatic storyline.
There's a quote from Kungfu Mahjong 2 I find really amusing"
"If big tits means beautiful, cows are the most beautiful!"


Anyway, I'm deciding on what hairstyle to go with for my school prom next Tuesday. I have curly and wavy hair, so obviously I can't do much with my hair. (AND NO I don't look good after straightening my hair!)
A few choices to choose from :
  • Option 1 : One more level to BOTAK-LICIN

  • Option 2 : Shave it but not too short, and spike it!

  • Option 3 : Keep the current hairstyle~

  • Option 4 : Go without hair gel and reveal the messy but stylish AFROness! =P

I really still can't decide..


RoShaN said…
option 3 is the best dear.btw, thanks for telling me the bio experiment answers in the exam hall,during the exam.lolx!
Jennhuiwen said…
yeah..roshan u r right..option 3 is the best
RoShaN said…
omg.i can imagine u going for prom with option 4. my gosh, i think ill be having an
Liz said…
option 2 or option 3 ... hehehe

Option 4 is cute too. Stands out. =P
vpws said…
RoShaN:Haha alright cool! You're welcome.. Haha I didn't do much actually.. Lolx!

Thank you for your suggestion.. :)

Haha alright cool..

Thank you for your suggestion.. :)

Wat the!? Hahahaha! Babi la u! :P

* rachie-i love u *:
Thank you.. =D

Hahaha.. But my friends told me not to cause they scared my hair will fly into their soup or something.. Hahaha! :P

Thank you for your suggestion.. :)
ryn said…
i love the whole messy hair thing! the "just got out of bed" look :P

it's cool. pick that pick that!
vpws said…
Haha, but it's really messy.. Hehe! AND I'm sure those malays are going to use that, so it's gonna be common.. Haha! Thank you for your suggestion anyway.. :) Hehehe!
aman23 said…
i think option 1 or 4 is the best :D
-akxj- said…
ahahahaha..go for the 4th option..

~nGe~ said…
u vote 4th.

and bio sucked la...especially the 2d paper
vpws said…
aman23:Hahaha alright thank you for your suggestion! :) How about you? :P

Hahaha, 4th huh? I'm afraid it's not long enough.. :P

Thank you for your suggestion.. :)

I voted 4th? Or you? Haha~

Yeah, stupid paper 2.. but essay was quite okay.. :)
~Jacqueline Ng~ said…
ahah u look cute in all the hair style...
so if u were chose anyone of it..u still look good on it!
vpws said…
~Jacqueline Ng~:Hahaha thanks.. :P

Serious? Awwwww *blush* You pandai bodek lah! Haha~

Haha how are you? Will visit you tomorrow or something okay?
xoxoameliaxoxo said…
hmph..i am thinking about option 2.
sadomasochist said…
eh 4th one nice la.. nxt time u look back at ur prom photos..cunted babi wei..something to remember by..
vpws said…
xoxoameliaxoxo:Haha, okay thanks for your suggestion! :)

Haha really? Thanks.. :P
Yeap true also.. The can show to your childrens and granchildrens etc etc.. :P
~Jacqueline Ng~ said…
eh whut pandai bodek?im just telling the true..
u seriously look cute in all those hair style..=)
dunno why but u juz look good in all of it!
vpws said…
~Jacqueline Ng~:
Wah, I thought you just pandai bodek, BUT now I think that you're a PROFESSIONAL BODEK-er lah! Haha~ :) *Hugs*
thecw said…
AHHAHAH HOWWW did u manage 2 do the saME faces for allllll the pics?
vpws said…
Hahaha same face!? I didn't even realise.. And the time frame of taking the pictures is ONE year.. Not one shot.. Haha! :P
Jefei said…
Yeah.. u look the youngest in option 4.. was taht at like the start of the year or something?
vpws said…
Haha yeah, you're smart.. Lolx~!
k|k4 said…
botak licin.. woohooooo.. skin head the best.. and then draw design on the head... fooyoh..
jeangal said…
eh pls ar..u either take option 1 ,2 or 3 la ok...not becuz u look god..but for hygiene purposes...if u take option 4...u sit on the floor dat ur dandruff won fly into ours...
jeangal said…
sorry i mean our food.....not our dandruff...haha
-akxj- said…
i further explain to you adi :D
~nGe~ said…
sorry, it should be 'i'. :)
thecw said…
wahh den lagi skill rite!
vpws said…
k|k4:Haha I thought of that also, BUT PROM lah! :P Haha~

You wait! You just wait!! Grrrrrrrrr~

Haha yeah.. Wait, what you mean? I'm so blur.. ><

Haha no probs man.. :)

Hahaha, nolah, I'm a papan lah only one pale expression.. Haha~
therese said…
i think option 1 looks hot. hehe. happy holidays btw.=D
Jefei said…
I believe option 3s the best because if you take option one.. just face it man.. only michael looks hot that way..

andd.. option 2.. nah, doesnt suit u bud, and besides too many guys in m'sia has hairstyles like that already.

option 4 ... WTF
honestly, if you're trying to look unique, you might as well shave lines in ur hair and make it look like a soccer ball. DONT GO ANYWHERE NEAR OPTION 4. Its not a prom look
tinylola said…
lol, all those advises up there are so funny...
okay, professional advise =D
Option 3 will definately bring out the tuxedo look in you

in other words.. nature beauty is always the best and being natural stands out
u dont have to go for afro wit tux or spike.. i think u know wat i mean

Current hairstyle certainly *thumbs up*
vpws said…
therese:Haha I see. Thanks for your suggestion! :) And happy holidays to you too! :)

Hahahahahaha.. Okay okay thanks for your advices.. :)

Haha yeah.. :P Hmmm.. so far the most votes is still on option 3.. :P

Yeap that's true, I get what you mean.. Hehe~ :)

Thanks lola for your suggestion! :)
suzanne said…
i prefer the option 2 =p

happy holiday wo!

vpws said…
Haha thanks alot! :) Same to you!
-akxj- said…
eheheh no time to update huh?

i got lots of picture to blog about...but just too much :D
vpws said…
Yalah, damn hectic wei after SPM.. ><

Oh, post them only lah..
Anonymous said…
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