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Study attempts failed.

Instead, I was out the whole day.

Spent the afternoon with Kent, Puvana, Adrian, and a few others playing pool, foosball, and watched Zathura. Don't put your hopes too high if you are going to watch that, or it'll turn out to be a disastrous Jumanji-wannabe movie. Afterall, it's from the same producers/directors of Jumanji, is it not? I'm not really sure actually.
But overall, it's not really a bad movie if Jumanji is still not in your 'movies-I've-watched-list'.


Here are the pictures from Wilson's birthday gathering in Magical Theatre Restaurant, Sunway Pyramid on the 23rd of November 2005. They were stolen (with permission) from Penny and Laura. Thank you girls! :)

^ Wilson's free birthday finger-bites courtesy of MTR.

^ 'Gluttonous' Wilson and Laura. =P

^ Pictures!

^ A group picture together with the entertaining Magician(2nd from right)! :)

^ My first time trying Shisha.


-KeNt- said…
kakaka...wah...u try that liquid thingy was it..?
nigel said…
weh nice ar shisha??haha dont watch stupid shows la >.< wasting time
weh go lepak tak ajak lar ...........~__~
well anyways screw SPM play hard XD
-akxj- said…
ahhaha..same coment..

i also wanna try sisha..

u took coke?
vpws said…
Haha yeah.. It's not bad.. :)

Haha quite good.. :) Yeah not only wasting time, wasting money also.. ><

Haha~ :P Haha should work hard lah for SPM!~ :)

Haha~ Yeap..
Jefei said…
Shisha is damn nice man! You gotta be 18 here to smoke it but i just use my handy fake id hehe!

i love the apple flavours..
aman23 said…
u look like some fella that tengah high in the last pic :P ahahaha
vpws said…
18, really!? Cause we don't have age restrictions here, I think.. :P

Haha I tried the coke one.. :P

Haha, well, Shisha's supposed to make you high.. But it gave me a headache instead.. ><
-KeNt- said…
hmph...whats the smoke?
vpws said…
It's flavoured.. Partially sweet, and mostly bitter. There's like a burning incense smell.
aman23 said…
blergh, i don't understand why ppl love shisha.
walked down thru the streets of london last year and almost all shops have arabs smoking shisha.
vpws said…
Haha maybe there's no TAK NAK sign/warning? :P
-akxj- said…
i oso wanna try! =) ..

wait for my cough to get away first :D
vpws said…
Haha don't worry when you smoke that you'll surely cough 1.. Haha~ :P
Jefei said…
unless u smoke a lot haha
vpws said…
Hahahaha yeah true true! :P I forgot about that too.. Hehe, but as long you can make the person laugh when he's smoking, than that fella will cough.. :P Hahahaha!

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