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What's next?

Moral paper wasn't really that bad. In fact, it was pretty good.
My hardwork of memorizing every moral values and definitions paid off well. I hope I'll get an A, thus breaking the first record of achieving a grade above C in the past two years.


Tomorrow comes the most dreaded subject,


Getting at least a credit is by far impossible. Highest possibility is failing miserably. I'm doomed.



penjual keranda said…
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vpws said…
penjual keranda:
Haha I don't think I'll be dead yet.. :P
tinylola said…
arghh... lucky u
moral used to be my A subject and now i have doubts about it
i can answer those Akta, Malik guy
(i know my general knowlegde is bad)

and for the essay, I think i used the wrong value, thus the whole 10 marks is gone for me

Im so sad... And I am not confident in my add maths now, used to be so excited but seems to make me fear it now
i onli have like 4 solid hours to study add maths... *crys* I want an A
aman23 said…
good 4 u man! :)

don't fear addmaths too much. be optimistic, as long as u studied and know d concepts, things'll turn out fine :)
vpws said…
Well, no use talking about past papers.. Even bad or good, what matters is the result in the end.. So cheer up!

BTW, you don't have to worry much.. I'm sure you'll do fine, at least an A2 for you.. I'm gone for tomorrow.. *cry together with lola*

Thanks alot.. I don't really need it, coz I don't think I'll finish up the paper also..

Haha, I tried, but nothing goes inside.. :(
I really hope so.. Thanks alot.. All the best to you dude.. :)
Keith said…
wtf??! penjual keranda??!
Asyraf Lee said…
I think I need a keranda lah.
-akxj- said…
dont worry =)...

you can do it!!!
Asyraf Lee said…
Everyone can do it

but getting A1 is another different matter mate

vpws said…
Kok Keith:
Yeah, WTF right? Haha~ Are you sure it's not you? :P

The Eligible Bachelor:There call that number up there! Haha~

I think I failed mine already.. :(

Hehe I hope I can, thanks.. :)
Jennhuiwen said…
aiya,,,the paper is damn easy la k...what so scare about?....
Jennhuiwen said…
btw..add maths is nothing for me...easy!~
dun worry la.. u will pass somehow.. but wont score
yen said…
fatty.. same same lor. moral oso i hafal giler giler. i sempat leave da hall oso. haha
Itscheryl said…
i love add maths ! hehehehe
Keith said…
haha tats like so funny.. how come i dun get funny spam
vpws said…
Jennhuiwen:=.= ...

Rong Feng@Nelson:
To PASS is already a problem for me lah.. Haha~

Hehe, now thinking of it again, why didn't I do it all these while during normal exam? Haha!

Another Addmaths freak.. Hahaha!

Kok Keith:
I don't think it's spam also.. Lolx~
suzanne said…
gambateh!! pass with flying colors~ WEEE!
penjual keranda said…
kok keith
....because the spammer doesnt know u
Keith said…
wokay~ u dun hv 2 noe.. lallalalalal
vpws said…
suzanne:thank you! Weeeeee~ :)

penjual keranda & Kok Keith:
Haha~ :P
-akxj- said…
ahahah penjual keranda..nice one!
vpws said…
Ish.. wasted blogger doesn't provide IP tracking for comments.. ><

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