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Like a Match..

10th November 2005

I practically spent the whole day in slumber. When I wasn't, I'll be infront of the television watching National Geographic or helping my brother with his stone-aged PlayStation games.

No mood, no energy, no motivation to study - at all.
If there's any, it's just like a match being lit - a strong flare at first but ended up burned and charred before you can even say "Shlimazl'"(a chronically unlucky person in Yiddish).

*fixing poor twisted tongue*

Hey, I'm not the only one, there're a few others out there who are in the same shoes walking down the same lane as I am at this very minute. Worst, some are bloody "heavy-duty" bloggers and they're still active in the blogosphere. Don't believe? Check them out for yourself : Narcissism of Eliza Lee, Suet Li's Suetlism, Colourful Dreams of Laura Leong, and Asyraf Lee the Eligible Bachelor.

Well, I did try to study a little - Modern Mathematics - which many seventeen-year-olds don't consider it a subject to concentrate on because it's as easy as pie. ><

This afternoon, I received a notification email from Photobucket that I'm almost reaching my maximum bandwidth. Oh No!!! I think it is time to find a new image host. =( Any recommendation?

Hmm.. nothing much to blog here, so I'll mengundur diri terlebih dahulu.<--(Note to SPM students: Best way to end your perbahasan, ucapan, or syarahan. Haha~)


Anonymous said…
This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.
Liz said…
Wah. =P Seems like three of us are on the same boat ... You, me and Laura. :(

My photobucket bandwidth is also almost at its max, i think ... :/ Many people have been using flickr lately, so maybe you can try that? hehe..
vpws said…
Yeah, same boat rushing down a stream with a 100m waterfall ahead of us. Haha~

But in your case, you're probably smart and all ready to face SPM.. :)

Flickr? Hmmm.. Will give it a try, thanks! :) Hehe~ Aren't you supposed to be in bed? Haha~
Asyraf Lee said…
I still play the Playstation. And Dreamcast.
vpws said…
The Eligible Bachelor:
Ooh.. Cool! Haha~
Dreamcast? What's Dreamcast? (sorry, gaming noob here)
Asyraf Lee said…
It's a gaming console. Quite dead in terms of popularity.
vpws said…
The Eligible Bachelor:
Oh, I see. Anything just for entertainment right?

I have a Nintendo 64 in the storeroom. =P
tinylola said…
hmm, you can always sign up another account for photobucket =D
I had 2 already, hehe or you can try flickr like wat liz recommended too

Gee, im not in the mood of studying
vpws said…
yeah I know.. the problem is the bandwidth, not the storage limit.. i have two accounts already~ haha~

Others like Flickr, Blogger image hosting, Shutterfly deteriorate the picture quality, while photobucket doesnt..
thanks for the suggestion anyway~ ;)

haha, almost the same. i'm going off to bed for awhile, and hope that when i wake up in the afternoon, i'll have the mood to study! hehe~ :) goodluck trying to study lola! :)
thecw said…
shutterfly! shutterFLY!
vpws said…
shutterfly very lagging leh.. n it deteriorate the quality also.. hehe~

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