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A thousand mile

My thumb and middle finger are swollen badly "thanks" to the multiple composition and essay papers since yesterday. It seems that my fingers have participated a thousand miles marathon instead of my feet. >< Two days and I've written approximately 7000 words for 5 papers.

History paper was terrible. Although it wasn't really that bad (claimed by many), I didn't put enough effort in studying History except for fifteen minutes before entering the hall. Once again, I'm screwed. I was so 'kiasu' that I wrote all 5 essays when you only have to choose 3. (I'm not alone, okay?)

Well, I'll just leave my results in God's the examiner's hands.

Less stress tomorrow. Just Modern Mathematics. The following day is a dreaded one. Physics.
I need to ace this subject. I really really need to. Oh dear, please let me pass this test!

Once again,

Don't screw up okay? =)


nigel said…
history was a killer la......i finished in 15 minutes (nope i didnt know how to do it ......its due to the cluelessness.........) stared at the ceiling for an hour and then i lift my hand and told the teacher.....can i get out .....and he said ok.....right after i left i noticed a number of ppl following after haha .....guess ppl was waiting for some1 to do the opening XD .....the paper come out weird stuff la !!! anyway lets not bother bout the past .....good luck on the next 1
expectation said…
I love whoever that suggested SPM. and i love that Rahman Talib guy for changing everything to B-#$@%!-M.

Right, I lied. Duh.
tinylola said…
let yell together *screams hysterically*
1. Can't deny it was hard!
2. You beat me now, I did 4 essays *crap*
3. We can CHUCK those BOOKS AWAY!!!!
4. I'm gonna miss sejarah in which u wont
5. I'm not good in it but I miss it

And so, all the best with the other paper
Especially PHYSICS! And dont worry, God will be with you, just ask for help
I did and here I am now feeling AOK!
Btw i believe God will blind those examiners mind

As for me.. I was careful at the beginning for the letter but signed of at the left hand
To used to it and hopefully the examiner feels that way *giggles*

Trust me you'll do fine =D
Liz said…
I only did three essays, cause out of the five given, i only SORT of knew two of 'em ... Wah liao, come to think of it, it's probably the first time I ever totally counted on my crapping skills itself for a paper. -_-
Roshan said…
how did u feel when i left u at the exam hall after 45 mins? lol
aman23 said…
sejarah was crap. bukak paper 2 n i dunno how 2 do number1 n 4. balik rumah, check d book n found out i messed up both of them.

did the quota of 3 essays tho. hopefully can reclaim marks thru there.. arh.. hoping for a drop in graph.. :(
Roshan said…
hoping for a drastic drop in graph
Asyraf Lee said…
Physics, then Add-Maths, then Chem, then Engineering and so on

Hopefully all of us will be still sane after SPM.
vpws said…
Haha~ Come on man you should've joined history tuition with all of us, then sure can do(abit lah) :P

The first person in my school left at 45 minutes. Haha~ and he's the '..::RoShaNPaL::..' down there. Haha! :P

Yeah, History is already a history so lets not bother! :P

Haha you don't have to say you lied. Cause it's really those sarcasrtic obvious remarks are pretty obvious. Ahaha~ :) Chill babe! :)

1. Yeah it was! :P
2. Oh, for the first time I didn't bother about my handwriting so I simply wrote sribble all the way! :P
3. We can SELL those books away! Haha~
4. Hey I do okay?
5. Same here! After the exam, I actually found out how interesting it could be. Hehe~ :P

Hehe I hope so! :P You don't take Physics right?
Afterall, Physics is not like any other subject. This one you must know! and MUST study! :( Which I didn't..

Hehe but thanks anyway for the comforting. I really appreciate it! :) *giggles*

Hahaha! Why didn't you do all five? They'll still pick the top 3 marks right?

Same lah! First time I scribbled so much for History paper. ><

Damn babi lah you! When you said you'll come out early I didn't expect it to be SO EARLY!!! GOSH..

Hehe same here! :P Hope the A1 level is around 40 or 50.. hehehehe! :)

Haha, chill man. What's over is over. Afterall, I don't recommend checking your papers before the whole SPM finishes..

Let's pray for a super DRASTIC DROP in graph.. :P

The Eligible Bachelor:
Haha I have Biology after Chemistry. :( AND Moral.. :(

YEs, *pulls hair* 0.o
Asyraf Lee said…
Shit, my hand boleh cramp plak now :S
vpws said…
The Eligible Bachelor:
Huh!? ape jadi plak?
All da best yeah.. luckily it's only maths today.. :P
aman23 said…
shit shit shit.. i made 2 careless mistakes in modmaths paper 1 :(
irina said…
heh.. i did all 5 too.. they'll mark every question, right? =\
vpws said…
aman23:Shit shit shit.. I didn't have enough time and I bang-ed 2 questions.. :(

Yes they will. It's their duty to do so. :)
Itscheryl said…
ehhehehe why surprise to see me here ?
i come here quite often la

eh do u get notified if there is a comment left here ?

and also i just found out that pictures appear when u mouse over the links at the side..
cool !
vpws said…
Haha, it's more of getting surprised you left a comment! :P
And I just found out you linked me. :P Thanks!

Yeah I do, why?

Haha~ Sorry I can't find pictures of you. So if you're not satisfied with the picture there, please do notify me and send me a better one! :)
Liz said…
Got pics meh? I can't see wor ... T.T;;
vpws said…
Haha I think you're using an outdated browser~ :P
Itscheryl said…
ahah i dunno why is it surprising i leave a comment
that pic will do... haha as long as not ugly and distorted i dont really care =D

oh cause my blogger account.. i dont get notified when i get a comment
vpws said…
Hehe, cause it's your first comment? :P
Okie cool.. :) Lots of people commented and requested me to change better pics of them.. Haha! :)

You do lah. It's in the settings. Except when you comment at other people's blog lah. That's one of the weaknesses of Blogger. =P
Anonymous said…
oh really ? haha ok must recheck the settings

lazy to log in
vpws said…
Anonymous a.k.a. itscheryl:
Okie hope to see you on blogger more often. Haha! :)
Itscheryl said…
ahah blogger or here ?
my blogger account is the food one la
join with my friend
another one i made.. cause layout nice but not pratical for my huge picture posting ehehhee

food blog u can find here
vpws said…
Hehe both? Here lah! :)

I see I see, alright will check it out! Thanks for introducing. Hehe! :)

Yeah, you're a bandwidth sucking machine with all those pictures! Haha~ :)
Itscheryl said…
haha... yea
i already resize the pic small small..
well not really small haha
vpws said…
hehe.. it's okay lar actually.. :) get endorsers or something lah.. or subscribe to Adsense or something! :) then can earn money to pay for your bandwidth~ :)

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