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The Official Last Day of School

^ This is part of the examination hall where I'll be doing my SPM papers. See the red desk? AHHHHHH! The worst place a candidate could ask for!
Yes, unfortunately, that's where I'll be sitting. *sob sob*

The location has very little light source, quite hot, and worst of all, pressure from the presence of pengawas peperiksaan. >.< I'm doomed! *runs in circle*


Today was the official last day of secondary school. Although I can't wait to leave, I believe I'll miss the school once I do so. Lots of memories gained throughout these five years of green pants and white shoes (Err, except for 3 years of being a prefect, which was white pants and black shoes - haha) and these were the years that have put me standing in the shoes I am now.

I forgot to charge my camera, so I didn't take any pictures this morning. Lets captivate this morning's atmosphere with pictures courtesy of Jacqueline Ng.

^ A weird group photo. Wanted to do the post just like the "Girl from Ipoh" advert but.. nevermind. =P

^ Wanted to camwhore but accidentally added a few others inside. Jin Li and Mun Hoe was looking at me, Sheela's already posing, and Denise tried to get inside the picture. Haha~

^ The four hyper-active over-emotional girls that has made great changes in my life.

^ Standing here is one of the most respected teacher of all time, Puan Vijaya.

^ R-L> Cheryl, Jacqueline, Lyncia, Siau Yen, and a ghost.

^ Group photo with Puan Lim, the teacher whom claimed with her old-fashion Chinese style of living will bring you to greater heights. Yes we know teacher, we know..

^ Took another group picture before leaving the school gates. Crap, I look like I'm punching my face. ><

^ All of us had lunch together after school. These were my lunch, two pieces of Roti Susu.

^ Yummy~


The next batch of pictures will come in on the 2nd of December. That's the end of SPM for most candidates especially Science stream students. I just can't wait to get over with SPM. I kept having flashbacks of the early schooling days lately. Sigh.

a moment lasts all of a second, but the memory lives on forever..
- anonymous


Roshan said…
my place is the worst front of the ketua pemeriksa.urs a little further
Roshan said…
ketua pengawas i mean.ur distance from the ketua pengawas=punca (distance from me to the ketua pemeriksa+distance from me to u) :P hehe
vpws said…
ish u're confusing me.. haha~ but whatever it is, i dun wanna sit there!!! sob sob~ ='(

but u lucky get fan!!! >=(
Anonymous said…
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Anonymous said…
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Anonymous said…
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Anonymous said…
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aman23 said…
mine is at d 2nd row.. but mine isn't at the ketua pengawas' hall :D
vpws said…
This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.
vpws said…
omg.. spamming spree.. ><

ish.. damn unfair wei! grrrr~

bro, stop waking up at 8 to study lar.. u're scaring me..
tinylola said…
haha poor you
im right exactly in the middle
not so bad i guess but so freaky to think about it now!!!
I can feel my nervers system breaking down imagining where I sit!!

I hate the first day laaa
Y must they put BM first =(
Its my worst subject

Anyway, keep it up
Wake up at 7.30 to study!! hehe
vpws said…
yeap yeap poor me..

hahaha almost da same here! but i think ur WHOLE body will break down if u're sitting my place! hahaha~
well, i don't think it's dat bad rite? ;)

YALOR.. mine too! my BM sucks badly! *sob sob*

hehe i hope.. 7:30? isn't that too early? hahaa~ but i will try anyway~ thanks dear! =) study smart ok? *hugz*
tinylola said…
hahaha okies im taking a 40 minutes break
watching The OC
haha aint i bad ;P
study hard... hope i can help if u need it just text me =D cheers
vpws said…
ooh.. hey a break is good! :) keep the stress level at par.. ;)

alrite thanks.. i really can't tell how much i appreciate it! :)
aman23 said…
i don't wake up at 8 to study.. i wake up at 8 to eat ><
Liz said…
WAAH ... I'm sitting in almost the same place as you for my SPM in my hall too. Talk about bad luck! In front of examiner + cannot really glance around to check out the conditions of the other SPM-ers ... T.T
nigel said…
haha lots of memories from your skewl eh
haha my seat is directly opposite from yours on the exact same row........meaning all the way back >.< but thats not good.......that means there will be a teacher behind me all the time T_____T
as for skewl memories?haha im not gonna miss my skewl much......not much worth remembering in my crappy skewl ...aigh haha anyways good luck in your exams......

p.s. u wanna join mass suicide??i didnt prepare at all for exams u're welcomed to join haha >.<

yea yea just kidding haha i wont kill myself......but yea the unchanged fact that im still dead
vpws said…
aman23:ooh.. haha puasa dah habis rite? hehe~ yen told me abt u waking up so early to study.. -.- u frightened me.. terribly.. haha~ nvm go full force! u're the hope for STRAIGHT A1's! weeeeee~ gudluck!

*sob sob* well, it couldn't get any worst than that.. haha~ well, same bad fate, wad 2 do.. all da best to ya.. a handful of days left.. ><

yeap.. on how a nerdy innocent boy like me has changed.. haha~
opposite? WOW.. but urs not as bad as mine, coz da examiners will b looking back at us infronts.. while urs will b looking front.. ><
hahaha sure there's at least sumtin that's still playing in ur memories.. rite?

mass suicide? haha! :P no thanks.. i think i'll accept wateva grades i'll b getting back~ not putting high hopes anyway.. hehe~

dead? y? ahaha~ dead meat?

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