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BCA TAK Bersih, TAK Cekap, TAK Amanah

Do you remember the news that hit the mainpages yesterday with the titles:

  • "Naked woman police abuse clip sparks uproar"
  • "Naked woman ordered to ear squats"
  • "Video shocks, disgusts MP"
  • "Nazri: It's shameful"
  • "To be shown to PM"
  • "Video circulated through MMS"
  • "PM : It's shameful"
  • "Naked woman incident a blow to country's image"
  • "Video clip angers the public"

At last, I've found and watched the video with anger and frustration - check it out HERE.

Our country's police authority is losing its rakyats' trust. I'm pretty sure I've lost mine.


I'll be guestblogging over Grace's blog while she's not around for the next two weeks. Do drop by there to show some support okay? Thanks! ;)


aman23 said…
hell yeah it sucks. i think i gonna blog about corruption soon too.
nigel said…
malaysia ROXX la haha
lets see...... achievements known to the world......
no1 largest smuggling and piracy distribution in the world and corruption beyond help
vpws said…
It sucks my nuts man.. ><
vpws said…
Haha~ You forgot about producing a few of the world's most dangerous terrorist bomb-makers.. :) Hahaha~ =P
-akxj- said…
ahahah vinent..dont say that..later we kena bomb oso ..! lol!

yeap i read the news over in the papers oso..will borrow this link for my post =) k?
jiat said…
You sure u saw the video with frustration and anger? hmm..

Based on ur previous post, the panty in ur mind..hmm..i'm doubtful..

Could it be....u watched the video..for..ple*sure?lol...
Asyraf Lee said…
You just realised that most of our policemen/women are corrupted?
nigel said…
haha actually i kinda agree with jiat .....
pang how many times u rewatch the vid?? ~_^.....
aiyo everything in malaysia is corrupted la !!wanna get undang and driving license also must pay duit bawah meja......and buying cars also the tax so damn LOW >.<
jiat said…
Thats right nigel!

We all know bout vince right?afterall, he is not famous for nothing?lol..
Liz said…
hahaha, corruption. :(

We should all become policemens! :P then Msia's police force got hope liao ... ahaha
vpws said…
-akxj-:Haha we won't.. How stupid can bomb-makers get destroying their own country.. Haha!

Sure sure take it! :)

OI! Hahahahahaha! I may be what you call a "hamsup lo" but I'm patriotic okay!? Afterall, what is there to see!? GRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRR! Haha~

The Eligible Bachelor:
Yeap! MOST! I can't say ALL cause I know some that are not. :)

ISH........ Ape nie!? Now all against me pulak.. HAHA!

I can't agree more with you tai lo..

EH! Hahahahahaha~ Babi betul.. Haha~

Hahahahaha, yeap exactly! I'll make myself Chief Police and you the deputy okay? Hahaha~
nigel said…
well the bomb makers can always run to a better country after destroying this bitch yum cha !!
vpws said…
Haha then he'll be suspected right? Haha~ :P Logic lah dear..
Yalah after SPM lah.. Why tak sabar-sabar? Haha~
nigel said…
surela tak sabar sabar ......damn bored la >.<
vpws said…
Haha study lah! SPM belum habis also.. Hehe~ :P Must be disciplined! If boring start a blog lah! :) Wuakakaka!
jiat said…
of coz!you see what ar? see..girls la!!muahahaha!u see nay girl also u horny n shyiok ma!and u c the girl behind without clothes n the skin u hamsap


vpws said…
When I see you, I get turned on got lah! Ish.. you nie.. Haha! Wait till the next time I see you man.. I'll make your hole 20 metres wide.. Haha! :P
jiat said…

20 meters wide?in diameter?omg..i better go thailand do sex-transplant..then that time u can make me

thats what u like right?see!thats why vincent, u'r just horny!dun deny!dun tok bout patriotism, but orgasm!
vpws said…
Ish, babi betoi..

Haha nvm go go.. I still will dig u up even if you're a girl, guy, transplant, animal, or whatsoever.. CAUSE YOU'RE JIAT! GRRRRRR~ Hahahaha~
cass said…
vincent, you riichhhhhhh.
haha =)
vpws said…
I wonder which cass is this.. Hehe~
Nah, I'm not.. as mentioned, I hardly shop.. :P
~nGe~ said…
lost ur trust? i lost mine ages, eons, lightyears ago! :)
vpws said…
Haha, just like many others.. :P

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