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BM Paper = $%#@~

BM papers were


Sorry for the (censored) cursing.

It was terrible. I didn't have enough time to finish BM paper 2. 8 marks gone. Just like that.

Before I sat my first paper this morning, I was overwhelmed with anxiety. The feeling was almost the same when I had to face this tall scary-looking Indian guy (nothing racism ok) in my Karate tournament a couple of years back. And it affected my first paper - badly. I totally lost concentration on the first question for 30 minutes. Luckily I managed to finish the paper in time.

I'm screwed.


Okay, enough of whining. What's over is over.


Three weeks ago, I checked the meter for "How much is your blog worth?" on Technorati.

   -Entered my blog adress -

      -Clicked submit...

         -Page Loaded...

            -Results returned...

               WORTH : $0.00


Today, I checked it again, and guess what?

My blog is worth $15,807.12.
How much is your blog worth?

Wouldn't it be NICE if someone would want to buy my blog? *grins* XD


Anonymous said…
This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.
aman23 said…
this is scary. anyway, on d bright side, 1 down, 8 more 2 go!
tinylola said…
haha!! u know what is better??
I didnt finish mine too
onli think u beat me this time
9 marks down the drain
however, its not onli nine marks for me
I bet my results for BM isnt good

No worries.. 7 in a half to be exact =D
*hugs* dont worry, the bright side is the paper is hard... no doubt bout that
Which means the changes of us getting more then expected is there =)
vpws said…
scary? haha~ disappointing.. n frustating got lar..
haha~ :)

yeap yeap! :) 19 papers more to go.. :P
vpws said…
haha tinylola, how could that b betta!?

owh, chill lola.. we wont know till the paper comes back right.. so chill! :) hehe! like i mentioned, what's over is over! :)

hahahaha.. yeah true true.. lets pray for the best! :)
thecw said…
i finished my paper 2 half an hour b4 time!!! did i miss any questt?????
ques 1 2a 2b 2c 2d 3a 3b 3c 3d 3e and 4 RITEE????
Asyraf Lee said…
15marks down the drain for sure, coz i hentam the novel section. So, don't feel that bad.

And you can say shit/fuck/mahai/tiu/and other very very very rude words in your blog since it's your teritory dude :P
vpws said…
ish.. which means you finished the whole paper lah! :(
so bad..

The Eligible Bachelor:
15!? wah.. sad.. not that hard right? my school was lucky coz some of our bm teacher spotted latar tempat and peristiwa penting.. haha~

yeah that's true.. but.. hmmm, i'll tell you online~ ;)
Liz said…
I screwed up Bm as well. :( And now, to add to that list, Sejarah ... Soon-to-be mod maths and physics as well. XD
irina said…
i can throw my history books away now!! :D
eujean said…
da fellar who wanna buy ur blog must be blind or without brains..haha...soree...u ask me to leave comments rite?
irina said…
haha it takes guts for a guy to own a PINK blog lah. for that i'll buy his blog.....

..if i had the $, of course
vpws said…
Awww, don't worry. You won't know till you get back your results right? :) Till then, chill! What's over is over. Don't let it affect your other subjects! :)

All the best! (Again :P)

Haha! Same!! :P Wait, sell better lah! :P Oh no, I forgot, I still have another 3 siblings that'll be needing those books. Aih..

Haha, it's not guts. It's the passion and liking for pink. :) Pink is a very nice colour, very peaceful and gentle.
OMG I sounded so gay. ><

Grr! Anyway I'm glad you did though.. Haha~ Wait till the next time I see you, sure mampus 1! Haha~ =P

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