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Jin Li's Be-earlied Birthday Surprise Party

Jacqueline and friends decided to give Jin Li a be-earlied birthday surprise party because celebrating it on the real birthday which is exactly a week before SPM is a cut-throat. We had it at Baywatch Restaurant in PJ because we wanted to try the food there.

Just got back home after a good long chat down memory lane with an old friend. Quite tired already so I'll just let the pictures do the talking.

At 6:45PM, I picked Bavany, Denise, and Michael. We then headed over to Adrian's house to wait for Shih Mun.

^ Cute Puvana waiting outside Adrian's house.

^ Adrian and I were figuring out the location of the restaurant on my bookmap because I don't really know the way there.

^ Nice picture of Adrian.

We then dropped by Bee's Bakery in Taipan to buy a birthday cake. Sheesh, last minute people!

^ I was posing in the car while waiting for Bavany and Denise to buy the birthday cake. Wah, I felt like a "Transporter". Haha~

Reached the restaurant without getting lost. Waited for 15 minutes for Jin Li to surprise her.

^ The not-so-shocked birthday (be-earlied) girl, Jin Li.

Then we did some gambar-gambar, main-main, makan-makan and minum-minum.

^ Puvana's Chivas with Coke and Tiger beer. Actually that Tiger's mine. :P

^ Four close-good-best-girlie friends.

^ Bavany with her beer. Not hers actually.

^ Michael and Jacqueline. Tsk tsk tsk.

^ Mike has never seen a real life shark before so he decided to take a picture of it. Jakun!

^ Jacq and Jin, the Hehe-haha girls.

^ DayEveningdreamer. SS kua.

^ Baywatch sauce promoter. -.-"

^ Crap, I was caught off-guard!

^ Not long after, another batch of Jin Li's friends came.

^ Jin and Bav.

^ Shih Mun enjoying his Lamb Chop.

^ 2 delicious plates of Chicken Chop! Yum yum!

^ I helped to finish Jin Li's Carbonara pasta.

^ Jin and her carrot juice.

^ Jin and the SMKSU-ians.

^ There a couple of pool tables and a foosball table there too. Rong Feng challenged me but he lost the game. Hehe!

^ Stylo picture of Shih Mun attempting his miracle-break. Shih Mun challenged me a loser-pay game but ended up losing! :) I was lucky, I think.

^ Time to cut the cake! Yes, you've obviously guessed it right, a Tiramisu cake.

^ What's a birthday without going through some challenge right? Haha!

^ The group picture!

^ Don't know what's wrong with her. All in a sudden so syiokshocked.

^ Ahem ahem!

^ Future bartender! =P

^ Wow I like this shot! =P A very intriguing expression.

^ Having a good laugh looking at Jin and Jacq playing pool. =D

^ Left Baywatch at 11. Certain food there was good while some were bad. The most satisfying thing of the restaurant is the service. =)

Haven't had enough of pool and foosball so we decided to continue our games at Club Seven, SS15, Subang Jaya.

^ Poor Mike was all exhausted. He woke up after this picture was taken. =P

^ Had a few good games of pool at Club Seven. Edmond and Desmond joined in later.

^ The girls. Amazingly they know how to work with the sticks cue. =P

At 1, everyone went back home except for Adrian, Bavany and I. I picked Mun Hoe and we head on to a nearby Mamak restaurant for a drink. Left the place a couple of hours later.

Came back home sleepy and a little exhausted. It was really a great night with the entertaining companion of whacky dumb friends. The next birthday kid with such event will be Michael, which is 20th December! Haha~


Getting pretty tired already. Time to sleep.

*Pictures are courtesy of Michael Goh.


-akxj- said…
ahaha..i'm still the first coment =) so fast..i oso updating..
-KeNt- said…
kakkaa...transporter ar..kaka
Jennhuiwen said…
haha..transporter!..hahaa...u still love to camwhore..hmm...hahaaaaaa
anyway,u are another pink cute guy
vpws said…
i tot u wont b back for a while? haha!

hehe! yeah.. cake transporter.. lolx!

huh> camwhore is when u take a pic of urself leh.. i'm innocent coz i din take dat pic 1.. :P
haha thanks *blush*
Jennhuiwen said…
This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.
Jennhuiwen said…
i mean..u tot i stupid ah..ish......kan got ur own pics in the page?..ish
vpws said…
uh i dont understand leh.. ><
u toking abt which 1?
vpws said…
This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.

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