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Moral Education is demoralizing

Moral Education is pathetic. But it wouldn't be that bad if you work on interesting ways to remember them. Now I kinda like the subject. =)

If you're in a last minute situation, fear not, try my ways of memorizing. They'll work - if you put enough effort in it. ;)

Bidang 1 - Perkembangan Diri

Touch the body to remember

Sky - Kepercayaan kepada Tuhan
Hair - Keadilan
Head - Rasional
Mouth - Amanah, Hemah Tinggi
Heart - Kasih Sayang
Hands - Tanggungjawab
Pockets - Kesederhanaan
Private parts - Harga diri
Balls - Toleransi
Legs - Kerajinan, Berdikari

Bidang 2 - Kekeluargaan

Four closest blood related family members - Father, mother, grandfather and grandmother(Father and mother is the closest so use terhadap)

Father (Responsibilities) - Tanggungjawab terhadap keluarga
Mother (Love) - Kasih sayang terhadap keluarga
Grandfather (Respect) - Hormat dan taat kepada anggota keluarga
Grandmother (Tradition) - Mengekalkan tradisi kekeluargaan

Bidang 3 - Alam Sekitar

Saya suka tengok berita lipan hidup harmoni
(alam sekitar at every end)

Suka (Love) - Menyayangi dan menghargai alam sekitar
Berita (Issues) - Peka terhadap isu-isu alam sekitar
Lipan (Mapan) - Kemapanan alam sekitar
Harmoni (Hormony) - Keharmonian antara manusia dengan alam sekitar

Bidang 4 - Patriotisme

To love and be loyal to the king, I'd rather die for it!
(negara at every end)

To Love (akan cinta) - Cinta akan Negara
Loyal, king - Taat setia kepada Raja dan Negara
Rather die for (sanggup mati/berkorban untuk) - Sanggup berkorban untuk negara

Bidang 5 - Hak Asasi Manusia

Useless workers are raping retarded kids
(start with melindungi hak or menghormati hak(for Raping and Retarded))

Useless (Users-pengguna) - Melindungi hak pengguna
Workers (Pekerja) - Melindungi hak pekerja
Raping (Woman) - Menghormati hak wanita
Retarded (Cacat - kurang berupaya) - Menghormati hak golongan kurang berupaya
Kids (Kanak-kanak) - Melindungi hak kanak-kanak

Bidang 6 - Demokrasi

Mahathir openly spoke about our country's religious law

Openly (terbuka) - Sikap keterbukaan
Spoke (bersuara) - Kebebasan bersuara
Country (negara) - Penglibatan dalam pembangunan negara
Law (Peraturan dan Undang-undang) - Mematuhi peraturan dan undang-undang
Religiously (agama) - Kebebasan beragama

Bidang 7 - Keamanan dan Keharmonian

We must co-operate and help bring peace together in the respected countries

Co-operate and help (kerjasama dan membantu)
- Saling membantu dan bekerjasama
Peace together (aman bersama) - Hidup bersama secara aman
Respected, countries (Hormat, negara) - Saling menghormati antara negara

*All of the above statements and/or names are not intended to inflame anyone, and any relation to any situation or person in real life is just a mere co-incidence.

Bah it's really stressful memorizing the definitions for the moral values. I'm trying to memorize them in exact from every single word to word just to be safe in case if the examiners are going to be strict in their marking this time.

Luckily the paper is at 2PM tomorrow, so I can have a good night sleep without worrying about waking up early.

I shall go back to my Moral books now. Again..


-akxj- said…
lol..i respect you man =)

damn semangat..but for me..i dont really like to use that way to remember =)

i often relate it to real life stuffs..
vpws said…
haha.. that's what happened when you're desperate to ace your moral papers.. :P

oh.. hehe.. well everyone has their own unique way or method of studying.. :)

basically, MORAL is a real life kinda thing already, isnt it? :P
Keith said…
aiyo.. juz remember a few nilai and u put it for all... hahah
vpws said…
Kok Keith:
Haha now the marking scheme and format for Moral changed already lah.. Not as easy as your year.. ><

5:20AM.. I wonder, is that waking up early, or sleeping late? :S
aman23 said…
what does balls have to do with toleransi?
vpws said…
Haha because it sounds like TELUR/TELOR.. so if it goes teloransi = toleransi :)
-KeNt- said…
kaka...respect u man..but for m e..i just memorise the whole damn nilai..i never relate my studies with other things..erm..except the MICHAEL JACKSON KICK HIS BABY IN NEW YORK-rainbow ..
~nGe~ said…
why the hell didnt u post this up EARLIER????!!!!!
vpws said…
hahaha.. it's easier to keep it dis way if u wanna put more concentration on other subjects especially science subjects.. haha.. y NY? dont have NY lar! lolx~ i memorize by alphabets.. simply say this fast MJKHBIU.. :P

lolx~ now it's ur turn to say something short and make me wondering what are you trying to say or laugh about.. haha!

tell lar! :P

Haha i tot it's ridiculous mar.. i just hope it works.. although it's doing really fine for me.. :)
sadomasochist said…
damn funny wanted to adopt the way u memorize but i guess its too late. i memorized it my way already. don't wanna get confused..if not, haunt u down..
bil said…
u damn chun weh..
can come up with ur own study method!!
i salute you!!
ehh..i know is too late but all the best for ur moral paper ya!!
U'll prolly finish d.
sadomasochist said…
did u raba ur body parts when u did ur exam just now??
Liz said…
wah, you could write a moral book edi. =P
-akxj- said…
ya lo =) ..anyway moral was kinda easy oso =)
vpws said…
Haha, don't lah hunt me down for nothing.. :P Afterall, you'll need to read the text book or any close reference book to at least get A.. my method can get you a pass only.. :)

Haha, apparently I did, but only at the start. Cause I immediately write everything down includin the penerangan nilai into a piece of paper.. :)

Haha, yeah.. thanks.. :)

Aih, wish me for Additional Mathematics lah.. the most dreaded topic in the universe! >< hehe! All da best to you! ;P

Haha, not that 'geng' yet. :) From your reply, I can see that you did well in your Moral papers.. :P
vpws said…
haha yeah not that bad lar~ :)
Anonymous said…
try not sleeping.. hahah hv been awake for the pass 24 hours..
Anonymous said…
this is so cool~~

i was laughing all the way when i read it!!

nice one!
vpws said…
Anonymous:Wow, that's terrible.. Not good for health too..

Hahaha, thanks.. :)
-KeNt- said…
kakaa..sorry..its MICHAEL JACKSON KICK HIS BABY IN US...hehe...hmph...bored la..come dota..!!!
vpws said…

Nah I'm broke.. :(

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